The USHEALTH Group is a firm that has specialized in the provision of health insurance solution. It provides its products and services by using its units, which are Freedom Life Insurance Company, Enterprise Life Insurance Company, and National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The main offices of the firm are based in Fort Worth, Texas. It has been working hard to be regarded as a reliable healthcare provider to the people America. The USHEALTH Group has devoted its divisions to provide a broad array of solutions, and they include advanced life insurance, family, small businesses, specific diseases insurance, and accident cover for the self-employed. The company has been trusted by more than 15 million people who have purchased its products through its insurance subsidiaries. It has been in the business for more than five decades, and the solutions that it offers are customized to suit the needs of the clients.


The company’s subsidiaries have been providing services based on two major policies. The first one is to acknowledge that every client is different, and it also believes in using the method of “one size fits all.” It has been offering a broad variety of solutions that are pocket-friendly and can satisfy the demands of the clients. The USHEALTH Group supports customers to select ideal plans, and it betters their choice by using its excellent customer service. Its claim processing program is well established. It has a robust customer service that enabled it to be listed as one of the Top 50 American Call Centers. The payment plans and claim processing of the firm are balanced, and this is the wish of all insurance businesses. The stability enables it to serve its clients well and, it got an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau. It is a highly reliable healthcare provider for the Americans.


The USHEALTH Group and its units have been selling insurance products through the USHEALTH Advisors, which is a distribution agency that it fully owns. Offering health insurance services is complicated, but the firm has been ensuring that its agency provides an exceptional buying experience to the clients. It hires highly trained and certified representatives to offer its solutions to the clients. The USHEALTH Advisors has dedicated itself to take close care of the customers, and it has gained international recognitions for its business development and creativity. The good reputation of the enterprise has facilitated it always to attract more clients to purchase its insurance covers. The USHEALTH Group appreciates the varying needs of its customers and has developed a wide array of solutions for people to select ones that suit their needs. The products are creative, flexible, pocket-friendly, and dependable in a way that they can address all needs of the clients.