Evolution of Smooth is one of the best selling lip balm companies in the industry today, which they did within a relatively short period of time. FastCompany did an interview with the company to get some insight on their methods and business ideas, and how they became such a success in the market so quickly. The reality is, at the very start things were slow and no one wanted to support them, but they caught a break and now they are worth more than $250 million, selling millions of their products each week.

The founders of EOs stated their ideas and inspiration behind the company actually started when they saw there wasn’t much competition and the industry had been largely ignored or abandoned. With the staleness of the industry and nothing changing with lip balms for a century, it was time for something a little new. This is the big reason behind the tube change as well, since all of EOS lip balms come in smooth spheres. This new design was not only to shake things up from the typical clinical tubes, but to stimulate the senses. There are different scents, colors, and flavors, and different varieties of smooth spheres for different purposes. This turned out to be an amazing change, as their product has become popular around the world today.

EvolutionOfSmooth.com also decided to take a look into the target audience for their new lip balms, since the typical ones on the market had no specific audience, but are generally unisex. Evolution of Smooth found out that millennial women put the biggest demand on their lip balms, which is exactly who they are tailored for today, though anyone can use and enjoy them.

Although they weren’t really noticed at first, once Walgreen’s decided to pick up their product, they began to spread like wildfire, so much so that there product can be found all over the world at major retailers today and even online for just a couple bucks each.