Public charter schools are often given a bad reputation. Is it true that charter schools have faced their fair share of successes and failures? Yes, in some ways they have. However, there are many benefits to sending your child to a public charter school like Rocketship Education. Schools like these are not as horrifying and nasty as some claim they are.

1) Not all neighborhood schools are equipped for every student. Some of them are either too ambitious or not ambitious enough. Not every public school is beneficial to kids. This is what makes a place like Rocketship Education so advantageous.

It provides more flexible options for kids who need more special treatment.

2) Competition has been considered proven method to helping kids learn more. As long as competition is given a healthy connotation, students do seem to thrive more. Some schools offer a more “take it or leave it” behavior. Those who do not like it can choose to go elsewhere. A place like Rocketship Education gives a student more options with this. Positive competition is encouraged more under these rooves.

3) Schools like these foster student innovations, more so than some of the more traditional learning centers. The reason is that these schools are not bound done by unions or the typical bureaucratic nonsense.

Make no mistake, charter schools do have their fair share of bureaucratic nonsense, it is just happening on a different level. Public schools are not the same as they were 20 years ago. Schools like this are not given much of a chance to encourage student’s growth. The growth has to happen within the umbrella and the red tape. This does not help a lot of students.

4) Public schools reach out to everyone. Some find this endearing. Others do not. They want to have more control over who is let into their school family and who is not. Some find this very limiting and judgemental. There are those who speak otherwise.

Other families find a common bond with those specific families who are let in. When you let anyone in, then it can prove to have more of a disastrous effect. A charter school may cut down on some of the negative interactions your child has with other kids.