Getting the right professionals to work in healthcare is not always easy. The number of medical facilities in the global community is increasing. Each patient who visits the center has to access medical care from a qualified individual. There are many opportunities for people who are in the medical industry. Getting a chance is, however, still challenging for most graduates. Brian Torchin wants to change the story of medical professionals who have to struggle before they can land a good job in the market. The story of the top investor started when he joined medical school many years ago.

When Brian Torchin was growing up, he loved to venture into medicine. After watching many patients struggle with various illnesses, the young Torchin wanted to get into a career where he could offer a helping him. Fortunately, the young man got admission into one of the top medical schools in the United States. In a few years, Brian Torchin graduated with the best grades, and he managed to practice in various facilities in the country. When the young man was looking for work, however, he realized that the American market was in need of more professionals so that patients could get excellent services. It was shocking for the medical expert to note that many graduates from medical school were not aware of the opportunities available. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin.

After helping patients for a few years, Torchin resigned so that he could start a company in the staffing department. His company, however, would use a different approach to handle the complex problems in healthcare staffing. The unique thing about his company is the use of the latest technology to match healthcare professionals with the facilities they need. Torchin is content about the path he took many years ago. Apart from helping people to get employment, the executive has ensured that patients get the right care from reliable professionals.

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