Through his years in the field of investment and healthcare, Ara Chackerian has established a reputation as a highly successful investor, businessman, and philanthropist. By making investments in healthcare-specific solutions that present out of the box solutions to those who need them the most, Chackerian has supported some of the most subversive yet highly rated healthcare services.

One such solution is transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which focuses on treating depressive disorder through a treatment option deployed via magnetic devices. The FDA approved the approach only in 2008, which means that there aren’t many medical health professionals who specialize in it. But through his and his partner’s dedication to bringing this solution to the masses, Ara Chackerian has been able to find the right professionals who could practice this modality with ease.

These efforts by Ara Chackerian have included contacting one of the groundbreaking professionals Dr. Richard Bermudas who has been practicing the modality ever since its approval by the FDA. Through Dr. Bermudas’ expertise, Ara Chackerian was able to identify the significant hurdles in deploying the treatment method and focused on working around them to bring about TMS solutions to the masses.

Today, Ara Chackerian and his partner’s collaboration provides TMS therapy through targeted diagnostic and treatment centers that are spread across the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. Through these facilities, many patients who had once been going through the difficulties of depression and other mental illnesses have been able to benefit from the new treatment method. As the adoption grows, Chackerian hopes that TMS will be adopted by mainstream medical solutions to help more people.

In addition to working in this unconventional medium, Ara Chackerian also takes time out to write about topics that are just as subversive. Recently, he took to blogging platform Medium to share his two cents on the subject of the growing mental health issues in the startup industry. Given that it is an epidemic that almost everyone in the industry is aware of, but no one talks about, Chackerian’s decision to tackle it is based on a notion to encourage its sufferers to seek help before it’s too late.