Headquartered in Los Angeles the lifestyle company ViSalus is in its second decade of operation. The ViSalus or “Vi” product line consists of nutritional and meal substitute shakes that promote fitness. Other products in the ViSalus line includes energy drinks, a memory-boosting energy drink, nutritional supplements, healthy snacks, and a drink to counter the effects of aging. The company also sales meal kits to be used as part of the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge. View More Information Here.

Vitality 2019

Described as a “Three-day celebration of Life, Health & Prosperity” Vitality 2019 was held in Pesaro, Italy. ViSalus is experiencing rapid growth in Italy where the company maintains a second headquarters. The purpose of the gathering was to honor Vi distributors, customers, and 90-Day Challenge winners. During the event that drew 5,000 attendees, new products and a new training program were unveiled.

The 90-Day Challenge

To date, 3 million people have successfully completed the “Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge”. The object of the challenge is to win cash and prizes by meeting self-chosen health and fitness goals. So far, $100 million in cash and prizes have been given out to challenge winners. The Vi Challenge is an example of challenge marketing.


ViSalus supports a variety of charitable causes through Vi-Cares. In its efforts to fight hunger the company created what it calls Vi-Meals. In order to increase the number of people who benefit from Vi-Meals ViSalus has pledged to match its customers’ contributions meal for meal. Up to this point, ViSalus and its customers have provided meals to 5 million-plus underprivileged children and families. Vi-Cares supports a variety of charitable causes including disaster relief and children’s charities like the Boys and Girls Club. See Related Link for additional information.

Core Values

ViSalus was founded on six core principles:

  • Inspire and be inspiring
  • Use collaboration to build trust
  • Be a good teacher and better student
  • Be Resourceful
  • Seek simplicity
  • Challenge yourself and others

These values are intended to foster authenticity, integrity, and transparency in the way ViSalus does business.


Visit them on https://www.it.vi-store.com/