Most people are in one of two boats when it comes to productivity. The first boat is full of people who can’t seem to organize their tasks. The other, is full of people who can’t seem to get around to actually accomplishing those tasks. Upwork, a website providing a platform for businesses to gain easy access to freelancers in an array of fields, recently published an article explaining how to power through your to-do list. Those tips are listed for you below:

  1. Write down everything. Error on the side of writing everything down and removing tasks, rather than trying to remember tasks and forgetting.
  2. Proactively create your to-do list. Compile your to-do list leading up to the beginning of the week. This ensures that you can start each day by taking action, rather than writing down which actions you will eventually get around to.
  3. Condense your list to one central area. Organization is key to a sound to-do list. Throw out the jungle of notes hanging around your work space and get all your tasks in one location.
  4. Time block the tasks on your to-do list.
  5. Prioritize the tasks on your to-do list.
  6. Continuously reflect on your to-do list from week to week.
  7. Ask for HELP! We are not super hero’s, there is nothing wrong with delegating tasks to other people from time to time.
  8. One step at a time. At times our to-do lists can cause information paralysis, be sure to clarify your list into small, easily digestible tasks.
  9. Bundle similar tasks together. Remember to evaluate your list after completing it and check for tasks that you can lump together. You’ll save time and energy by knocking out similar tasks in one sitting, before moving on to something different.
  10. Categorize your tasks into energy requirements. Just like your muscles tire after exercise, our brains need to refuel after accomplishing tasks. Be sure to make note of the energy each task on your list is going to require, so you can plan when in your day to accomplish them.