The USHEALTH Group has some companies that work hand in hand to give health plans that the client proposes to fit their needs. They have been in business for over 50 years giving out health plans for people in the USA. Their ideas are loved because the client will view them as flexible, affordable and secure.


USHEALTH Group. The group gives quality life and health insurance for specified diseases and accidents, a critical ailment, life coverage, dental insurance, vision and short-term accident covers. They are well organized and ready to affect people’s lives positively to prevent things from going further south during emergencies.


As a group offering insurance, the subsidiaries underwrite and sell individual health insurance. The people who are self-employed and those in temporary contracts are catered for; they are provided with income protection. Agents are the ones that look for clients who will buy the covers. It was formerly known as Ascent Assurance Incorporation.


They boast of various things that come with their covers. USHEALTH is relatively affordable and can be relied on by subscribers. Their products are clearly defined, and no confusion is incurred as the people settle their hospital bills in health facilities. It prevents people from stressing up and gives them a peace of mind as they will be prepared in case of a severe medical case that was not expected.


As a group with vast experience in handling clients, they give a full range of services with innovative approaches that favor the customers. They have many customers, more than 15 million who are loyal and like the way the company serves them.


Clients with limited budgets are well taken care of, and covers are well tailored to suit their needs. The advisors give info and recommendation on the supplemental products that can be bought. The customers will be assured of good offers based on the guidance of their trusted agent advisors who are all over the continent. They meet the specific requirements and are certified then authorized to represent the company. They pay keen attention to customer care to ensure business growth for small business owners and families.


USHEALTH Group has two principles that they undertake to ensure customer satisfaction, to them customers are unique and are flexible so that the customers’ needs are met. They give affordable solutions in covers that meet individual needs.


The insurance company has been named first in the 2013 Top 50 North American Call Centres. It is an elite company in customer care. Other insurance companies envy them in the services that they provide and always borrow a leaf from them. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.