Riot Games is the game developer of the prolific game, League of Legends. Scott Gelb is the Chief Operations Officer, or COO of this company. Riot Games is responsible for several other successful games as well as many e-sports competitions. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. Recently, Scott Gelb was interviewed about his tips for productivity and what inspired the company. Read more at Digital Mode.

Scott Gelb was always enthralled with video games, ever since he was a young child. This inspired him to get two degrees in computer science, as this would help him create his own games. Thus, the idea for the company came relatively naturally, as he was determined to have his own game development company. Read more about Scott Gelb at

To make his day productive, Scott Gelb focuses on goals and themes. This is also how he structures meetings, as it will allow him and his team to stay focused on a single top. He also structures his time with divided focuses – half of his time is spent on long-term goals, whereas the other half is focused on short-term goals. This is key as his office needs to maintain output, but also work towards bigger projects. By color-coding his important work, he can visually stay organized to reach these goals.