Ted Bauman is currently an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, his three blogs – The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert have garnered quite the following. He’s had a career that is nothing short of impressive but his beginnings were extremely humble.

Ted Bauman started off his career working in menial jobs like being a gas station attendant and working with fast food giants like Burger King and McDonald’s. His experiences in those roles prepared him for his life as a financial advisor as he was given an unadulterated look into the life lead by the people that are in the lowest rung in the economy. He believes that people that form the lowest tier of the economy are the ones that will decide how far an economy or society goes as far as growth and sustained development is concerned. It is here that he claims his experience as being one of them has helped him understand their perspective and realize what needs to be done to help them empower themselves.

He shares his excitement about the general public starting to take a keen interest in the economy, not just of the US but of the entire world as well. They’re starting to question strategies that have been used over the years and are starting to wonder if it is the right strategy, not just for economic growth, but for the growth of the entire society. Read more at The Sovereign Investor about Ted Bauman.

He prides himself on being a writer first and foremost and believes in providing content at Banyan Hill Publishing to keep his readers interested and make sure they return to him, Ted Bauman achieves this by using his narrative writing skills to turn even mundane topics like investment, finances, and market trends to be something the ordinary reader would enjoy reading during their day.

Attributing his ability to work at a higher level to his time management skills, not his expertise as a manager of time but his self-awareness when it comes to knowing when he is most productive, he believes sets himself apart from some of the other writers in the field. Read this article at Medium.com.

With advice that resonates with ordinary people as well as financial enthusiasts like sharing how to guard liquid wealth against calamities that can be anything from natural disasters, home invasions to even fires have made Ted Bauman a veritable source for financial advise at Banyan Hill Publishing.

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