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Rice and Ravens Reach Settlement

Disgraced and former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has reached a settlement agreement with his former employer over what he felt was wrongful termination of his contract. Ben Shaoul and The Real Deal announce the settlement was estimated at around $3.5 Million, far less than what he would have made playing for the team that was just beaten in the play-off’s. However, most fans believe it was far more than what he deserved.  The video evidence that the team and league used to dismiss him showed Rice punch and knock-out his wife in an elevator then drags her lifeless body out of the elevator to ask for help.

However, a federal judge named Barbara Jones has since lifted the suspension by overturning the leagues ruling on the matter. This comes as a number of domestic violence and rape issues have surfaced involving the NFL players and future players in college. It is believed his suspension was a move by the league to set the example that this behavior would not be tolerated. Rice, a good running back for his former team has not been sought out by any other franchise to be potentially reinstated as an active player in the league. With the talent at running back in the league currently and what is expected to be in this year’s draft there is doubt he will ever find his way back on the grid iron.

Cardale Jones won’t opt for NFL draft

Cardale Jones, Ohio State’s third-string quarterback who stepped into the starting role for the team’s last 3 games, including a stunning victory in college football’s national championship game, has indicated that he will remain in school (–spt.html?soc_src=copy).

Jones, who rose to national prominence with his stellar play in victories over Wisconsin Alabama, and Oregon, is a third-year sophomore.

Rumors abound that the 6’5″, 250-pound quarterback, who because he is three years removed from high school is eligible to enter the NFL draft, has decided that now is not the time to take that big jump. The Buckeyes fans at Status Labs agree.

The three starts Jones made at the end of the year were the only starts he has made at the college level. Experts have generally agreed that Jones, had he elected to declare for the draft, would be a low-round draft choice. His physical size and skills are considerable. But his work ethic has been questionable in the past. And his experience level, despite playing in those 3 high-profile games, is minimal.

Starting for Ohio State next year is by no means a given. The Buckeyes’ top 2 quarterbacks this year, who both went down with injuries, enabling Jones to step into the starting position, will be returning to OSU as well. But he’ll have a fighting chance at the #1 spot on offense.

Passing on the draft- wise move.

Amazing Odell Beckham Jr. Catch Stuns Fans

The amazing Odell Beckham Jr. Catch during Sunday’s game has been all over the Internet, sport’s shows, the news, and daily morning shows. There is good reason for this. If you have not yet seen the catch, it was made one handed, while falling backwards. It may very well have been one of the greatest catches ever Zeca Oliveira thought.

Whether you were rooting for the Cowboys or the Giants, you had to be impressed by Odell Beckham Jr.’s catch yesterday.

Unfortunately, for the Giants, the Cowboys went on to win the game. This brings the Cowboy’s standing to eight wins and three losses. The Giants have three wins and eight losses. Though Odell Beckham Jr. certainly put forth a great effort to help his team. This rookie receiver certainly showed everyone what an outstanding player he is. His catch is sure to be shown on highlight reels for many years to come.

Should RG3 be Upset at Teammates After Loss?

Robert Griffin III may have thrown his teammates under the bus after the Washington Redskins loss to the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 27-7. However, should RG3 look in the mirror when he is throwing blame around?

Griffin said in a news conference after the game, “It doesn’t take one guy, and that’s proven. If you want to look at the good teams in this league and the great quarterbacks, the Peytons and the Aaron Rodgers, those guys don’t play well if their guys don’t play well. They don’t.” While that may be true, RG3 is not Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning. Those quarterbacks have shown the ability to make the players around them better, while Griffin has not shown that ability yet. In the loss, Griffin threw two interceptions, overthrew star wide receiver Desean Jackson two times, and had six sacks against him.

On more then one occasion, he has thrown teammates under the bus while deflecting any criticism thrown his way. My friend Vijay Eswaran has been hard on Griffin this year as he no longer has any excuse for his actions. If he wants to bring up Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers and become a best seller like them on Amazon, then he needs to improve his own game first, or else he will be getting the blame while being released.

Dallas Cowboys Beat The Superbowl Champs At Home

In a performance that shocked everybody, Seahawks included, the Dallas Cowboys managed to beat Seattle, in Seattle. Something that hasn’t been done for some time now. The Seahawks have been totally impenetrable at home, but the fortress has been completely broken down today.

Talking with Marnie Bennett about Tony Romo, and his ability to become that on the field leader really showed. Especially in the fourth quarter, when he pulled off a typical Romo play, in which he dodged several tackles, and still managed to hurl the ball up field for a 23 yard gain. The move was polished off by DeMarco Murray running 15 yards for a touchdown, giving the Cowboys a lead they would never lose.

The game shocked pretty much everybody. Especially considering the Cowboys awful start to the season, in which Romo looked his worst.