Academy of Art University: Where Creative Dreams Come True

Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco, California, is a well known and accredited private University.

It offers intriguing fields of studies: fashion,jewelry and metal ,landscape architecture, acting,photography,graphic design, motion picture,advertising,game development,television,and animation.

The personal decision one makes, in choosing where to experience their higher education and skills training is highly important.

Recently,the Academy of Art University has produced an enlightening segment for curious and prospective students. It is called, “Day in the Life.”

You can follow along with students who attend classes or study flexible online courses at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

One of the best ways to learn and discover answers to pondering questions is observe others living it– day by day coverage. It’s interesting to see the student’s struggles and victories,as they reach towards their goals and aspirations. First hand, the “Day in a Life” students explain their plans and strategies. For instance, television student, Sam Bear, is videotaped and appears on Utube. He attends Academy of Art, and is expressive about his personal decisions, activities, and feelings, during his life at Academy of Art. He felt that Academy of Art was a “Community ” and a place he felt “comfortable fitting in.”

Being an Art major may be an intimidating choice. Bear comments that his “professors helped find viable career options.” Bear also states that “the courses are challenging.”

Some of the inviting and named features found at Academy of Art were state-of-the-art production equipment, numerous libraries, comfortable lounges and restaurants,and collaborating student sessions—to bring out the best and unique ideas from all students.

Finally, the ultimate gem of being a student at AAU, according to Sam Bear, are the “friendships” formed. He likes knowing he has been challenged in his field and has formed colleagues to collaborate with in the future.

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NFL Team Signs 9-year-old and Makes his Dream Come True

Dylan Sutcliffe is a 9-year-old who was recently signed to a one-day contract with the NFL team the Cleveland Browns. Their newest, and youngest, linebacker suffers from ataxia-telangiectasia, which is a genetic condition that leaves Dylan unable to coordinate his movements well. The Make-a-Wish foundation contacted Dylan and asked him what his big wish was. Sam Tabar knows that he chose to meet his favorite football team, the Cleveland Browns. However, the Cleveland Browns did more than just a meet-and-greet with their young fan.

According to the story on The Good News Network, Mike Pettine, the team’s Head Coach, signed Dylan up on the team for a day and sent him out on the field to practice with the rest of the players. There, Dylan participated in huddles, some plays, and even a touchdown. Dylan was given a locker next to the team’s quarterback Joe Haden. There he found a team jersey with his name on it and his own number, as well as a team hat. During a huddle, lineman Phil Taylor lifted the boy out of his wheelchair and held him up in the air while in the middle of the huddle.

When Dylan was asked how he felt being signed up to the Browns, he said that he felt awesome being a part of the team.

Pats Face Suspensions but Focus on Signing Rookies

It would appear the New England Patriots can stay focused on the business at hand even when the entire league is calling them cheaters after the Wells Investigation Report was released last week. In it the league has determined that yes the team did knowingly deflate the balls to give their team an advantage in the cold weather during the AFC Championship game. The advantage came because in cold or wet weather the ball is easier to grip, throw, and catch when it is not fully inflated. Hence the name Deflate-gate….but since most of the United States knows there are no limits to the length Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft will go to in order to win a football game.

So with possible suspensions coming up next season there is only one thing the team can do and that is start preparing for next season. In their effort to focus on work the Patriots have signed all but one of their draft picks and seven rookie free agents. The biggest name that has yet to sign was the team’s first round pick Malcom Brown defensive tackle from the University of Texas. At 6 foot 2 inches and 319 pounds he has the quickness of a cat and can penetrate the offensive line on a regular basis according to Marcio Alaor BMG. He is expected to be a huge presence in the Pats run defense and since the team is looking at possible suspensions of Brady and Belichick their defense has to be as strong as possible.

Free Agent Wes Welker and Others Running Out of Time

It is coming down to the end of the road for many free agents in the NFL who are finding it slim pickings to find a team that is willing to pay them what they feel they are worth. This is especially true with the draft right around the corner. This is their last ditch effort to negotiate that their production and experience are better than whatever teams are looking at to come out of this year’s college class. Otherwise they will become really desperate as teams begin planning their OTAs and preseason rosters shortly after draft weekend. This is the time when agents are really earning their money as players tell them what they want, teams tell them what they can afford, and the agent is often forced to make aging players face the reality that the NFL is a place for younger and cheaper players.

Take for instance Wes Welker…after years of production in Denver and New England he is still on the outside looking inward for a place to call home next season. He has visited Miami near Boraie Development, but there hasn’t been an offer made or accepted as of yet. Another case is Zack Bowman, who did just sign with the Dolphins despite his lack of production over the course of his seven seasons in the league. Teams do want the experienced players; they do make a team better. However, when they cannot afford them or do not see a long term future with them it becomes a situation to avoid for the teams.

City Approves New NFL Stadium In LA

The city has approved the stadium that is going in LA, and now they are waiting on the NFL to see who is going to move to LA. This stadium deal is being led by the owner of the Rams, and most people think that he will be able to get the Rams back to LA. However, there are rumblings about the Chargers or Raiders moving to the stadium. If there is a move and a shared stadium, there could be some conflicts because of the divisions these teams play in.

Putting the Chargers and Raiders in the same stadium is a bad idea said longtime fan Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Putting the Raiders and the Rams in this stadium returns the NFL to a stasis that it has not had for a long time. This is the way children of the 80s remember the NFL, and we want to see the NFL go back to what we remember.

This stadium deal is going to change the face of the NFL when they move the teams. The approvals have to come from all the owners, but the teams and league will make much more money when they get back into the number two media market in America.

Bears Need a Defense Not a Quarterback

While most people consider the biggest need for the Chicago Bears to be finding a new quarterback, in reality they need a defense much worse than trying to get past the ghosts of Soldier Field. Honestly, Jay Cutler is not a great QB and probably will never be in the Hall of Fame. But he can still lead this team to victory if it was not all left on his shoulders. He is what Bill Parcels would call a bus driver; he can take directions and get the bus where it needs to go. He is not the engine, nor the break, and certainly not the tow truck, he is just a driver. It will take the other 52 players on the team to push and pull that bus to victory.

The problem is for John Fox that he is facing a similar situation he just left in Denver and that is a defense that needs an overhaul from lineman to secondary. As superfans like Jaime Garcia Dias are aware of, the Bears have lacked direction now that Urlacher is retired. Check out more on Dias on his Linkedin page. With the 7th overall pick in this year’s draft, the will need to get a great pass rusher. This will help the secondary which is where they should spend their second and third round picks. However, should the team move into another direction they will probably look to get some offensive line support to their running game and to protect whoever is driving the bus next season.

What Does NFL Films Mean To The NFL?

The passing of Ed Sabol is a blow to the NFL as we lose someone who was interested in the NFL long before it was the richest sports league in the world. Losing Ed Sabol is like losing Pete Rozelle. This is a loss that means the NFL is losing more of its history.

The NFL has much history wrapped up in NFL Films even though the league has its own network now. The NFL owes much of its early success to the films that were made by Sabol and his team. This is something that we can never overlook. You can watch old NFL Films presentations and feel like you are at some of the most famous games in the history of the league. The original version of Inside The NFL used films from NFL Films to make their broadcasts more interesting, and an entire generation of people were able to see how beautiful the game could be.

Fans like Sultan Alhokair ( agree that losing Ed Sabol is a loss in the history of the NFL, but it is also a loss that makes it hard for many of use to believe that the NFL will ever be as good as it was back in the day.

Fan Jumps Through TV

No one could believe the play call that Pete Carroll pulled out on second down and goal with thirty seconds on the clock in the Super Bowl last weekend. The Seahawks were down by four points and had two time outs, giving them three shots at winning the game by running the ball up the middle. They possess Marshawn Lynch and that is the only logical call to make when faced in that situation. At least if he couldn’t get in then no one could say anything and the team wouldn’t have even been mad at Lynch, but everyone knows that he would have gotten that single yard and given the title to the Seahawks for the second year in a row. Haidar Barbouti has heard that one fan took the call particularly badly. He had his hands on his knees and stated to the camera that no passes can happen because they have Marshawn Lynch. The next thing you see on the video is the fan running full speed and diving into the television head first, breaking the television screen and then throwing the stand down. It was pretty comical, but just shows how badly the Seahawks fans took this one. There has been a damper over the city of Seattle and it truly is depressing to be in Washington right now. Fans simply cannot believe that they came so close to being back to back Super Bowl champions and had it ripped away.

Lynch Final Day

Marshawn Lynch has clearly had enough of the media shoving cameras and microphones down his throat, as he gave his final appearance to the media before the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday. Lynch has become notorious for not wanting to give any statements during interviews to the media and has pretty much made a mockery of it on a weekly basis, as he will come up with a term and simply repeat it every single time he is asked a question, regardless of what that question is. It is starting to get kind of ridiculous, because Marshawn clearly is not going to break and it would be pretty disgusting if he happened to break anyway. Fans like Paul Mathieson agree that the guy needs to be left alone, as he simply doesn’t want to talk to the media and have some stories spun about him. It has become obvious that he simply does not trust the media, as they attempt to make stories out of things he says and he would rather just play the game of football. He actually talked for several minutes on the final day with the media this week and just stated that he doesn’t understand why they keep coming back day after day when it is blatantly clear that he is not going to answer any questions. He says he understands that they want to ask him things and he is cool with that, but he doesn’t understand why they keep coming back when it’s clear he will not give them anything.

Wade Phillips To Handle Broncos Defense

The Broncos have brought in Wade Phillips to handle their defense. Fans like Brian Torchin view this as smart hire for a team that needs to develop its defense as fast as possible while it decides what it is going to do with the offense.

The Broncos want to have a place where they can rest, and they need to rest on their defense while they are trying to make their offense work properly. Wade Phillips has been in the league so long that he remembers where there was not a team in Denver, and he will be able to make quick work of the defense for the team.

This is the experienced hire that helps the Broncos improve, but it also puts an assistant head coach on the sideline. Gary Kubiak can run the offense, and he will never had to think about the defense because it is going to be managed by someone whose family practically invented coaching. We all know that Wade will not coach for very long, but he could put the Broncos on a path to greatness that they will need if they are going to compete for a championship or two in the next few years or so.