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OSI Food Solutions: The Sole Meat Supplier In Germany

OSI Food Solutions is a branch of a well-known company; OSI Group. It is based in Germany, and it has headquarters in Gunzburg. It majorly deals with the processing and manufacturing of food products. OSI Food Solutions supplies its poultry and meat products to McDonald’s Group. The company has a workforce of around 200 staff members and produces about 50,000 tons of pork and beef products per annum.

In 1988, the firm was started in Germany with its first production site. The company started as a joint venture between Otto and Sons Inc and Lutz Fleischwaren KG. The site has a production capacity of around 30,000 tons of poultry products per annum and had over 150 employees. OSI Food Solutions is the only company that supplies meat products to McDonald’s Germany. Their beef product supply is equivalent to 93%, and this was from the 150,000 medium-sized farms around the country. The balance of their supply is from Denmark, Austria, and Netherlands.

They produce and deliver different meat products to Finland, Denmark, Austria, Romania, Sweden, Cyprus, Hungary, Ukraine, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Portugal. They have a joined partnership with other distributors. They ensure that all their production is done from the distributor’s cold rooms and stores. This is an added advantage since there are able to manage and reduce logistics challenges. The concepts also help in the reduction of any pollutant emissions and noise pollution. Their transport services are vehicles that are bio-diesel operated.

OSI Food Solutions has a training program for its employees. They believe that their staff is the cornerstone of the future of their company. When you have the company expertise, it is best for the company. They have maintained that that program for over 15 years. They train their staff mainly as industrial clerks, food technologists, IT specialists, industrial mechanics, and in food industrial engineering.

The parent company that houses OSI Food Solutions is the OSI Group. The company is based in Aurora and best known as the supplier of meat products. They supply value-added meat products to all foodservice and food brands. They are in over 10 countries and many facilities. They process fruits, meats, beef, pork, pizza, and seafood.

Academy of Art University: Where Creative Dreams Come True

Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco, California, is a well known and accredited private University.

It offers intriguing fields of studies: fashion,jewelry and metal ,landscape architecture, acting,photography,graphic design, motion picture,advertising,game development,television,and animation.

The personal decision one makes, in choosing where to experience their higher education and skills training is highly important.

Recently,the Academy of Art University has produced an enlightening segment for curious and prospective students. It is called, “Day in the Life.”

You can follow along with students who attend classes or study flexible online courses at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

One of the best ways to learn and discover answers to pondering questions is observe others living it– day by day coverage. It’s interesting to see the student’s struggles and victories,as they reach towards their goals and aspirations. First hand, the “Day in a Life” students explain their plans and strategies. For instance, television student, Sam Bear, is videotaped and appears on Utube. He attends Academy of Art, and is expressive about his personal decisions, activities, and feelings, during his life at Academy of Art. He felt that Academy of Art was a “Community ” and a place he felt “comfortable fitting in.”

Being an Art major may be an intimidating choice. Bear comments that his “professors helped find viable career options.” Bear also states that “the courses are challenging.”

Some of the inviting and named features found at Academy of Art were state-of-the-art production equipment, numerous libraries, comfortable lounges and restaurants,and collaborating student sessions—to bring out the best and unique ideas from all students.

Finally, the ultimate gem of being a student at AAU, according to Sam Bear, are the “friendships” formed. He likes knowing he has been challenged in his field and has formed colleagues to collaborate with in the future.

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Impossible Foods Solidifies the Impossible Burger Co-Production Deal with Legendary OSI Group

OSI Group began in a small suburb of Chicago called Deer Park. Its founders were German immigrants to America who landed here in 1908 named Otto Kolkovsky and his two sons. Soon the small meat packing company gained momentum, and because of its quality of service toe, Chicago customers found many opportunities to grow and expand. A significant leap fo growth took place in 1955 when Ray Kroc approached Otto & Sons on the eve of his going international with his McDonalds franchises. Ray Kroc found the superior services of Otto & Sons and made the group its sole producer for McDonalds, a business partnership that has lasted more than 65 years to date.

OSI Group is not foreign to significant challenges, and over the 114 years of being in business has given the food-packing industry an excellent example of award-winning service, which has caused OSI being a recipient of many industry awards owing to meat-packing innovations since its beginnings. In 2016 when Impossible Foods had launched its new Impossible Burger and found they needed a co-producer to help with the massive amount of orders being back-ordered, they turned to OSI Group and entered into a co-production agreement. The agreement allows OSI Group to produce the Impossible Burger within its Chicago plant, a plant designed as a copy of the Impossible Foods 68,000 square foot facility in Oakland, with Impossible Foods employees trained to produce the Impossible Burger.

Shateel Shah, a spokesperson for Impossible Foods, told reporters the company looks forward to working with the Legendary meat-packer and learn from its many years of innovation. The orders for the Impossible Burger had grown to a large amount by 2019 to the excess of 17,000 and were growing still higher when OSI Group accepted the co-production agreement from Impossible Foods. Today Impossible Foods is receiving larger orders from many fast food restaurants like Burger King, which recently launched its Impossible Whopper in 7,500 stores. Also, Little Ceasars has launched its Impossible Sausage in several of its restaurants. Impossible Foods is a food science company that works with all-natural plant-based ingredients to create various plant-based food products. Impossible Foods has other plant based products in its food science plant-based production pipeline like seafood and vegetables, which are still under development.

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OSI Food Solutions is a fast-growing company with a track record in partnering with companies and organizations to provide them with food. OSI Food Solutions has expanded over the years and now operates in close to 20 countries and has thousands of employees. OSI is good in doing business, and its brilliance is yet to be paralleled with any other organization. OSI’s first base of operation was in Oak Park where it started as a small meat market.

OSI was founded by Otto Kolchowsky in the year 1909, and despite being a successful company right now, its headquarters are still situated in Illinois as a sign of appreciation. Otto Kolchowsky arrived in the USA by boat and to earn a living he opened his meat market. He provided one of the best quality meat in the town he was living in, and this gained Otto, a lot of customers.As more customers were attracted to Otto’s meat, his small business expanded over the horizon, and soon Otto was delivering meat to other towns. The first breakthrough for the company came when an entrepreneur from Illinois showed interest in the business. The entrepreneur, Ray Kroc had just received the go-ahead to open a burger restaurant, and Otto was employed as the supplier of beef patties. To know more about the company click here.

In 1973 Otto & Sons launched its first meat plant that specialized in freezing meat products and shaping meat patties. Freezing of products was done by use of liquid Nitrogen. Two years later the company changed the name from Otto & Sons to OSI Food Solutions as a reminder of the early days of the company the initials O and S were still used.OSI made further partnerships that enabled it to expand into the huge company that it is right now. OSI Food Solutions has an advantage as it has access to the food supply chain in the world. This enables the company to buy the best goods and products that fit their customers’ needs. The goods are acquired at a low price and are of the best quality in the market. They require less preparation time than other food products a factor that attracts more customers to OSI Food Solutions.

The Beginning of OSI Group’s Relationship with McDonald’s

Many people recently learned the story of McDonald’s. The fast-food chain had no support from much of the restaurant industry, and no one thought it would work. What people don’t fully understand is that McDonald’s success wouldn’t have happened if Otto Kolschowsky never immigrated to America.

Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant living in 20th century Chicago. Two years after moving to the United States, Otto opened a little butcher store in Oak Park, a nice suburban neighborhood on the west of the city. His store not only cut meat for customers but sold farmers’ meat in its retail store.

By the end of World War 1, Otto moved his business across town to Maywood and expanded into the wholesale business. When his sons, Harry and Arthur, were old enough, he began teaching them the business. In 1928, he renamed his company Otto & Sons.

They continued growing and expanding into new markets and regions until their business was a vital part of the Midwest. After the Second World War, the brothers took over much of the business but still relied on their father for guidance. The end of World War 2 also brought a population boom.

In 1955, Ray Kroc, an entrepreneur approached the brothers with a business proposal. At the time, Otto & Sons and Ray Kroc’s company were small fish in a big pond. Kroc wanted to make his restaurant chain into something bigger, but he needed plenty of meat suppliers that could keep up with his demands.

The first company he approached was Otto & Sons, and the brothers believed that Kroc’s idea could work. The first McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Illinois, not too far from where Otto & Sons was headquartered. As McDonald’s grew, so did Otto & Sons, which eventually rebranded itself OSI Group.

Today, OSI Group has facilities all over the world, continually adding to their expansive flavor palettes. Arguably, OSI Group and McDonald’s only survived because of their owners’ close friendship.

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Global Expansion of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has undergone some substantial growth recently. With a combination of mergers, acquisitions and new facilities they currently have over twenty thousand employees in 65 facilities in 17 countries. These numbers are staggering but what is also compelling is that OSI Food Solutions also holds the rank of one of the top privately held businesses within the United States.

Because OSI Food Solutions has such a global outreach they have been able to produce an extremely diverse product line. Meat dishes, especially chicken entrees, are one of the top production items for OSI Food Solutions but they also are known for their European presence with dressings, dips, deli meats and easy sides. OSI understands their target market and is able to diversify their products to meet the needs and tastes of specific regional food.

OSI Food Solutions is strongly recognized for their United States and European market presence but they also have plants in other regions of the world. OSI has manufacturing facilities in China, Australia, India and the Philippines. They also have acquired many existing food companies in northern Europe and have recently expanded their Toledo Spain chicken production facility. This facility was turning out twelve thousand tons of chicken every year and with their renovations they are now able to produce double that. The expansion also created new jobs in the facility as well as management positions.

Poultry is one of the main production items that OSI makes but they also provide beef and pork products. When OSI was originally founded as a small family owned butcher shop in the suburbs of Chicago they understood peoples meat diversity needs. OSI got their boost in business when they entered into a verbal agreement with a franchise owner for McDonalds’. They experienced exponential growth and quickly had to relocate from their small family owned butcher shop to their large corporate location in the western suburbs of Chicago. OSI works on the same beliefs now that they did in the early 1900’s; they put a focus on their customers and put their customers’ needs and their communities’ needs first.