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Raffaele Riva: Entrepreneur and Independent Thinker

Raffaele Riva is an entrepreneur who focuses on trust investments, estate and wealth planning, and global business. He has earned a reputation as a passionate entrepreneur with varied focuses. Mr. Riva is president of AUREA, the parent company for many organizations that engage in global business. He holds a leadership role in most of these organizations, which requires him to be a “jack of all trades”.

Raffaele Riva completed his degree in economics, with studies in other business areas as well. He earned the right to work in Italy as an accountant and later completed postgraduate programs in Switzerland. Mr. Riva is spirited and is a brilliant entrepreneur, who is constantly learning and observing. Prior to 2008, he launched several startup companies and remained involved in operations and management in a portion of them. He has experienced operating and managing corporations in multiple countries, including working as an accountant/auditing specialist in Italy.

Mr. Riva says his success is because of his passion and enthusiasm as well as his appetite for learning and monitoring current events. He believes knowledge helps to make good business decisions that affect the growth of his ventures. He believes it improves life for his customers. Raffaele Riva allows his passion to prevail when beginning a business or investing in projects. To Mr. Riva, a project is satisfying when it satisfies his passion for innovation. He often adds value and benefits to the lives of his clients.

Raffaele Riva pursues what he loves and lets his life experience guide him. In life and business, he believes one must pursue one’s interests and allow life experience to guide. He believes in trusting his insights but exercises rigorous follow up. He says when your day begins by searching for ways to serve your clients, you will become more successful.

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Greg Secker is proving good guys can finish first

The life of Greg Secker can easily be made into a major movie. The problem is that there’s a good chance no one would believe it. Greg Secker is a very successful trader, entrepreneur, international speaker, philanthropist, and to top it off, a helicopter pilot! Yes, Greg’s life seems to move at 1000 miles per hour. He apparently loved speed as a child and at the still young age of 42, he shows no signs of slowing down.


Greg Secker started his business career at Thomas Cook Financial Services. At only 25, he became the vice-president at Mellon Financial Corporation , a fortune 500 investment bank. With the success and knowledge he had acquired while working with some of the best foreign exchange (Forex) traders in the world he was able to retire to trade on his own at the age of 27. From there, he decided to share the vast knowledge he had acquired in the Forex market with friends and family to help them achieve their own financial independence and allow them to live out their dreams as he had. Before long, there became so much demand for his teaching that he created Knowledge To Action and began bringing his teaching to the public. He also began a career in public speaking around this time to motivate people to live their dreams.


With all the success that Greg Secker has achieved in his incredible life, it seems that his biggest motivation and greatest joy may come from giving back. In 2010, he founded the Greg Secker Foundation which is a charity that works around the world improving the quality of lives of many children. This sums up his passion, which is to give as many children as possible the best start possible in life. This is just one of the many philanthropic endeavors that Greg Secker is involved in. It truly is amazing that Greg is able to do so many things seemingly at once, along with having his own family. In a certain sense, Greg Secker is proving that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to, especially when you live selflessly!