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Chairman and Co Founder of Fortress Investment Group Wes Edens

Wes Edens has established himself as one of the most prominent individuals in the business world. He is the co founder of Fortress Investment Group which is a leading asset management firm in the United States. For over three decades, Wes has been involved in the financial sector as a professional an executive and as an expert entrepreneur. As a professional in finance, Edens has been able to make significant contributions to some of the most successful organizations in the industry. Along with his career in finance, Wes has also branched out to professional sports where he has acquired both a professional basketball and a professional soccer team. Right before he began his career, Wes Edens attained an education by attending Oregon State University. Edens studied both business and finance and completed an undergraduate degree in both fields.

He used this educational background to begin his career. His first career experience was at California Savings & Loan where he spent a couple of years learning the financial sector. After leaving the savings and loan institutions, Wes Edens pursued employment opportunities at Smith Barney. For a couple of years, he learned more about the financial services industry and held roles that focused on client service. Edens would then join Lehman Brothers in 1987. For six years, Wes was one of the most prominent members in the organization. While working at Lehman Brothers, Wes served as both a managing director and as one of the partners of the firm.

In 1993, Wes Edens worked at a finance startup firm known as BlackRock Financial Management. For five years, he held his managerial roles and helped build the firm into a fairly successful one. However, he would go on to become an entrepreneur and focus his efforts on establishing his financial services firm. Wes Edens founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 along with a couple of other professionals in the field. As the co founder of the firm, Edens was responsible for establishing the firm as a highly reputable organization in the field. Over the course of twenty years, Edens was involved in acquiring a number of investment interests as well as hiring top talent to help the firm grow and expand. Today, he is a member of the board of directors as well as its chairman.

Sudhir Choudhrie: The Entrepreneur Behind Magnum Trading Company And Alpha C&C Group

Sudhir Choudhrie is one of the most notable businessmen in England and is someone who has had a strong impact on the industries that he has entered into. He has an inspiring story that led him to the position that he currently holds, and this story is what has made him such an iconic name in the field of business. Sudhir Choudhrie was born in India and lived in Delhi during his formative years. He was raised by his mother singlehandedly following the premature and sudden death of his father. Sudhir Choudhrie attributes a lot of the success that he experienced to his mother. He believes that if it wasn’t for the way that his mother raised him, he would not have become the man that he currently is.

Since an early age, Sudhir Choudhrie was always an ambitious child who wanted to achieve great things in life. He always wanted to make a name for himself and tried hard to succeed at everything that he did. He always wanted to start up his investment business and was inspired by his uncle who owned his own defense company. To be able to pursue his goal, he decided that the best approach for him would be to pursue a degree in economics. He chose to get his degree from Delhi University and soon after went on to start up his own company.

The first business that he started as an operation that imported televisions into India. At the time, televisions were just starting to gain prominence and people were just started to see the benefit of having one in their homes. He would import these televisions from the UK and started to sell them to the Indian Government. Seeing the success that this operation brought him, he decided to take an additional step and start-up an import business known as Magnum Trading Company. After experiencing a huge amount of success with his company, he chose to start up his ethical investment firm known as Alpha C&C Group. This company too proved to be incredibly successful and helped Sudhir Choudhrie become the prominent name that he currently is within this industry. Click here.

Lincolnshire Management Witnesses TJ Maloney Excel As President And Also As CEO

The president at a firm’s head says a lot to onlookers about that firm’s direction and reputation, and the chief executive officer has a very similar impact. By this measure, it is a good thing that TJ Maloney fills the two of those increasingly important positions on the Lincolnshire Management member roster. Though he was absent when the private equity performer was initially created, which resulted from Frank Wright’s decisions in 1986, it was 1993, quite shortly after the founding, when Maloney’s presidential reign would ultimately begin and take Lincolnshire Management rapidly into the private equity spotlight. Such performance was, for the NYC private equity firm, a grand achievement, and this is a fact that Mr. Maloney must truly understand.

Lincolnshire Management selected TJ Maloney from a highly related legal niche. That related niche was securities law, and it was an area that TJ had previously excelled at every bit as much as does in his current private equity presidential duties. During his attorney lifespan, there were many company deals which attorney Maloney had positive involvement with. This meant that when he eventually took on new Lincolnshire Management responsibilities upon entering the private equity giant’s organization he was reasonably well-prepared, despite branching over from a seemingly separate industry.

Bringing new wealth through acquisitions was proven by TJ Maloney to be a reliable private equity business model, and he aided the acquisition of a fair amount of other companies that Licolnshire Management used to build up not only its capital but also its powerful and valuable assets to a $1.7 billion figure. What president Maloney’s performance has led to with regards to Lincolnshire Management’s adventures in private is simply excellence in several areas, and this, in 2011, was confirmed by CNN Money, which was not long past the confirmation by Private Equity News of this same firm’s performance in 2010. So far in 2019 Lincolnshire Management’s biggest investment in the organization as a whole was the hiring of more talent, such as the likes of Matthew Nacier and three of his peers. It is almost a certainty that Lincolnshire will grow further.

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Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings Provides A Quick Way To Borrow Money

Equities First Holdings makes it a priority to meet the borrowing needs of clients. Both individuals and business benefit tremendously from the loan program offered by this leading alternative lender. The lending experts at Equities First Holdings are well versed in all aspects of financial services and can give tips on how to choose the right loan package for your situation.

Angola’s Isabel Dos Santos As One Of Influential Entrepreneurs

Isabel Dos Santos was born in Azerbaijan in 1973 to Jose Eduardo Dos Santos and Tatian Kukanova. She was born when Azerbaijan was still a part of the Soviet Union. Dos Santos was raised with a focus on education being encouraged by his father at an early age. She entered the Cobham Hall in Kent when she was in her adolescence years. After her stay at Cobham Hall, Dos Santos studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London. It was during her stay in this school that she met her husband, Sindika Dokolo, the son of a millionaire from Congo. After receiving their degrees, Isabel Dos Santos and Sindika Dokolo decided to get married. During the first years of their marriage, Dos Santos decided to fulfill her duty as a wife and a mother.

It was not until years later, in 1990, before Dos Santos engaged in politics and business. One of her earliest roles was when she became the project manager engineer of the Urbana 2000, which was then a subsidiary of the Jembas Group. During her stay at the company, it received a contract from the Angolan government to facilitate the cleanup project for the streets of Luanda. After her role in Urbana 2000, Isabel Dos Santos started investing in different economic sectors, largely in Angola. Within the decade, and after good investment decisions, Dos Santos managed to grow her financial wealth.

She then founded several companies in order to make asset management easier. As of now, Dos Santos is considered as the top richest businesswoman in Africa. With this, she is inspired and committed to promoting entrepreneurship in the youth of Angola. Among the investments of Isabel Dos Santos is her investment in Condis, where she owns 51 percent of the controlling stake. She also arranged the development of the first supermarket in Angola, which was opened last 2013. Dos Santos also invests in Nova Cimangola, one of the most trusted cement companies in Angola. She is also one of the key figures of Unitel, the biggest telecommunication company that operates in Angola. Dos Santos also has investments in companies located in Portugal such as Jadeium and ZON Multimedia.

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Fortress Investment Group Now Under New Management

Fortress Investment Group is a renowned investment group which has a global presence in many investment niches. According to a recently released report, the company features an asset base of over 3.6 billion dollars. The business model used by Fortress gives the company some mileage over its competitors in every venture. For example, the company has won over 1750 organization trusts and now it is managing their assets.Additionally, the firm can manage properties for individuals and private clients. The company ventures in a wide range of investment sectors. These segments include private equity, real estate, and credit.

The Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank

SoftBank Group announced that it has finally completed the acquisition of the incredible Fortress Group as they had planned. The financial company has been able to pay 3.3 billion dollars for its new outlet. It is now official that SoftBank now owns Fortress shares.SoftBank Group stated that they had fulfilled all the required statutory elements for the accomplished acquisition. The management also added that the Fortress shareholders have so far approved the ownership changes. However, the fortress is expected to operate as an independent company but under SoftBank Group umbrella.

Winter Olympic 2010

That followed their demands regarding payments from the owed Canadian authorities to be paid before anything could proceed. That made the company appears in headlines for some time before the games started. Many Canada residents were shocked by how the American company would be involved in Canadian events such that it threated to halt the progress of the games.However, the fact is that Fortress Investment Group was the company that owned the British Columbia Ski resort which was to be used by the Olympic organizers for all the Alpine events that year. Fortress Group stated that the authorities for the games were supposed to pay 90 million dollars; failure to the company would stop the games and sue the organizers.

 The Plan by Fortress

Fortress Investment Group said that the authorities at Ottawa had agreed to settle the debt before the commencement of the games something that they failed to do. The saga also features Whistler Blackcomb resort which is run by Intrawest. The company owes Fortress since Fortress bailed out. The total amount that Intrawest should pay to Fortress is 500 million dollars.

Michael Burwell’s New Appointment At Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is a professional accounting professional. The accounting expert will now work as a Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson. This post had previously been held by Roger Millay who is now retiring.


The company which deals with insurance and reinsurance broking specialists stated that it was elated with the decision of having Michel Burwell in their team. John Haley who is the company’s Chief Executive Officer expressed his confidence in Mr. Burwell’s being qualified for the job, due to his expertise on a number of issues including; transactions, finance, and transformations. He stated that Michael Burwell is great at driving results, has excellent management skills and will be a great asset in generating long-term growth of the company.


Willis Towers Watson is a global company that has over 40,000 personnel working in 140 countries. The advisory broking and solutions company that is based in London offers solutions to institutions and people with a desire to cultivate talent, optimize benefits and manage risk in a bid to improve business performance.



Michael Burwell has 31 years’ experience in handling professional services and finance. He gained his experience working with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) where he held several positions which include; heading the Global Transformation department, CFO and Chief Operating Officer among other senior positions. Michael Burwell has also worked for 12 years in the transaction service advisory and 11 years in audit, valuation, and pre-merger. Michael Burwell expressed his gratitude for being selected for the position. While stating his desire to contribute to making the company a success, Michael Burwell stated that he admired the power of direction and leadership in the company, its dedication to customers and the collaborative culture.


Michael Burwell began his career in PwC by working in Detroit handling transaction services. Following his tremendous success and transformational leadership, Mr. Burwell was selected to oversee the PwC central region and became the US transaction services Leader. In 2012, Global and U.S Transformation appointed Michael Burwell to another role. Mr. Burwell then played an integral role in optimizing organizational effectiveness in managing internal function such as; finance and global strategic sourcing. Find More Information Here.


The excellent financial expert studied for a Business Administration Bachelor’s degree at the Michigan State University in 1986 and he graduated. The Chief Financial Officer was rightfully named alumnus of 2010 by the Michigan State University during that year. Michael Burwell is also a Certified Public Accountant.