Eric Pulier is a multifaceted and a highly reputable tech entrepreneur. Pulier is also a published author and a top philanthropist. He has worked tirelessly and committed a big chunk of his wealth towards making positive and tangible impact on the globe. After an interesting tenure at Teaneck High School, Eric pursued an English and American literature course at the Harvard University from 1984 to 1988. Since receiving his degree, Eric Pulier has demonstrated his willingness to help underprivileged individuals and children suffering from chronic conditions and sickness. Eric uses technological innovation as a tool for solving day-to-day challenges and filling knowledge gaps.

The impressive entrepreneurial journey of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier embarked on tough journey of building both his writing and entrepreneurial career while he was at Harvard. He explored a wide range of topics that were full of insight and humor on his regular column that was published in Harvard Crimson. Most times, he advised his readers on ways of building a successful entrepreneurial empire. Pulier chooses Los Angeles as the ideal place to start his firm called People Doing Things. This company began its operations in 1991, and it focused on developing cutting-edge technological innovations on behalf of education and healthcare industries.

In 1994, Eric Pulier proved his outstanding business skills by availing an interactive agency named Digital Evolution. After being in business for four years, Digital Evolution entered a merger with US Interactive LLC. In 1998, Pulier became a household name in the technology field following a nomination by the Presidential Inaugural Committee that saw him oversee the completion of “The Bridge to the 21st Century,” a one of a kind presidential technology exhibit that was unveiled in Washington D.C.

Implementing ideas

Eric Pulier has a unique way of bringing ideas to life. He is always ready to pen down key words of concepts and inspirations that may come into his mind. He then expands his ideas and analysis their practicality. He shares the ideas with other investors in his many companies. If the investors are convinced that the ideas are doable, Eric starts the implementation plan.

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