Ara Chackerian is an individual who is an expert in many disciplines. Chackerian is involved in the medical field, an entrepreneur, and also a broad historical enthusiast. He also is interested in preserving this planet in any way that he can, including having an understanding of our trees and wildlife. He takes a page from the ancient Hebrews, who believed that nature was an extremely diverse place. While we use one word to describe nature, they use three, simply because they did not see any other way to describe all the grandeur and splendor. How do we preserve these trees and other national resources for future Generations? That is the scope of one of Ara Chackerian’s current projects.


For one thing, Ara Chackerian knows that an appreciation of the wilderness places an important role in the societal fabric of our country, our continent, and our world. This is why he emphasizes careful curation of all the trees throughout planet Earth.



Ara Chackerian also realizes that no two wilderness areas are exactly the same. For example, Michigan requires made-to-order plans that are the most unique in the United States. Going further, a park-like forest might be appealing for some people but for certain types of wildlife it would not work too well. There are many animals that prefer deep woods and will not function well in a wooden park-like environment. For more info you can visit



Ara Chackerian is also an important proponent of a discipline called timber rotation. This is simply a strategy that ensures there is a steady supply of many different types of timber in order to ensure that all wildlife has a constant home. For example, logging professionals want to ensure there are plenty of Young Jack Pine for the warblers; brush piles for the rabbits and for deer to forage; and also plenty of felled trees to provide a habitat for toads, ground squirrels, and salamanders. Forestry is truly a discipline that is good for wildlife everywhere!


Chackerian Truly has a diverse array of interest in his portfolio. Besides being interested in forestry, he also has distinguished himself as a medical entrepreneur who has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of all of his clients. The fact that he has such a love for animals and wildlife is only another symptom of his good character. To see more you can checkout