How Luke Lazarus Guides Struggling Start-Ups Succeed

Start-up consultant Luke Lazarus bases part of his personal philosophy on an observation by Henry David Thorough. “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” When a fledgling business or struggling start-up in South Eastern Australia needs guidance they can turn to Luke Lazarus.

Education and Early Career

Luke Lazarus related that many of his friends took time off to enjoy their first taste of independence before attending university. In his eagerness to “start making big moves” Lazarus enrolled in the Melbourne School of Business immediately. By the age of 24 Lazarus had earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Lazarus’ first attempt at starting a business failed. He entered into an unspecified business venture with a friend. The lack of a unified vision for the business brought about its demise. The friendship has not failed. Luke Lazarus recovered from that early reverse and by the time he was in his early thirties he had started and sold four businesses.

The Importance of a Good Back Story

McDonald’s franchise founder Ray Croc once explained that he kept the name McDonald’s because “No one would eat a Croc burger.” Luke Lazarus points out that today people gravitate towards businesses with a good back story. When Lazarus’ services are retained by a start-up the first thing he does is develop the company’s story so it can be put before the public. Read more: Luke Lazarus – Investing.com and Luke Lazarus Profile | EverybodyWiki.com

The story behind a start-up is utilized by Lazarus to develop the company’s business plan. The company story is also used for presentations to potential investors. Luke Lazarus maintains that like consumers investors are attracted to companies with a relatable back story.

Take Notes to Succeed

If you ask Luke Lazarus how to be more productive in business he will tell you to take notes. Lazarus reports that he always has a notebook on him. He also uses his phone to take photos of something he wants to remember or record reminders to himself.

A Word of Advice From Luke Lazarus

If you are looking for a business idea that will be “the next big thing”, as Luke Lazarus put it he suggests medicine. Specifically develop a way to make the rendering of medical care more efficient by streamlining the ordering of tests, procedures, and medications.

How Luke Lazarus Helps a Start-Up

Luke Lazarus helps a nascent business identify its target demographic. Once a company’s market has been determined Lazarus helps the company develop a strategy to get their product to that market. He shows the client how to manage financial projections and cash flow. Lazarus helps start-ups identify and correct impediments to success.

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Doe Deere: Entrepreneur, Visionary & Futurist

Doe Deere launched her new company back in 2018, and it has garnered plenty of attention. This company specializes in vintage jewelry, and it’s looking to be another hit for the Russian-beauty. Poppy Angeloff is the company’s name. Poppy Angeloff is designed for Victorian girls who reside in a contemporary world. This exclusive jewelry brand will poses fine material such as sterling silver and 10k gold. This Los Angeles-based company has stepped its game up thanks to Doe Deere’s commitment to excellence. Deere also states that “the natural stones are conflict-free, and the cultivated stones are grown over a course of months.”

Deere’s sister gave her the initial push to tackle this expansive industry. Exploring the idea of starting a business in this field took some convincing. Deere wasn’t 100 percent sure of getting involved, but her sister provided the right amount of reassurance. Selling classic and vintage-inspired jewelry is the name of the game. Before launching the company, Deere had to put in a tremendous amount research. She went on to study the pros and cons of this industry for months. Thanks to her thorough research in jewelry design and jewelry making, she has decided that the Victorian era would receive her full-attention.

Poppy Angeloff is the name of an imaginary girl. This imaginary girl came straight from the mind of Doe Deere. Her creativity in the past has led to big achievements, and she is looking to reproduce those results with this company. Poppy Angeloff will be bringing in some much needed excitement. She isn’t cutting any corners as these pieces are designed to be passed down from generation to generation. Doe Deere has put herself back on the map or sure thanks to her revolutionary stance and ingenuity.


OSI Group Expands Around the Globe as a Top Food Processor

OSI Group has grown substantially over the years under the leadership of their owner and CEO Sheldon Lavin who always entertained a global vision for the company. They have over 65 food processing facilities in 17 countries at the last count. They have developed a significant range of expertise in strategically acquiring companies that complement and improve on what they’re already doing.

One such example is their recent purchase of the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago which encompasses 200,000 square feet. It happens to be situated near other OSI Group facilities which made it an attractive opportunity. The additional space that this purchase brings into the OSI fold makes continued growth an easier proposition in going forward.

Europe is another region where OSI Group has a strong presence and it was bolstered with their recent acquisition of Baho Food which is a Dutch manufacturer. They specialize in convenience foods, deli meats, and snacks among their primary products. This acquisition strengthens their European operations and gives them a broader reach on the continent. The two companies mesh well together with one Baho executive noting the outstanding relationship that OSI Group maintains with customers and suppliers.

OSI Group has immense capabilities as they are able to develop food items from concept to finished product. They regularly help customers create custom foods according to their specifications. This includes the design of a manufacturing and supply chain that address complex challenges.

Culinary innovation is a hallmark of OSI Group and they operate several research and design facilities to help customers speedily bring products to market. They also widely use test kitchens as well as specialists in every production facility to ensure the highest quality and adherence to the needs of their customers. They can work with customers who know exactly what they want and help those who don’t by highlighting trending ideas from around the world.

Food safety is a great concern for the company and they implement strict protocols to ensure that this issue is properly taken care of. Their food quality assurance experts are found throughout their operations which gives great peace of mind to customers who rely upon the highest level of quality and safety. Their standards often exceed customer and regulatory requirements which places them on a rare footing among food processors.

OSI Group is also convinced that they wouldn’t be where they are today without the driving force of their business which is their employees. They are highly valued and they strive to put in place a challenging, rewarding work environment.

OSI Group Info: www.foodworks.pl/en/osi-group-en.html