Debt comes to us all at one time or another. Especially In today’s world, where new products and services are being marketed all the time that we would love to have, yet we are being hit with more bills and charges that we can barely afford to pay.


In fact, it’s hard for couples who live together, to keep up with all the bills, even with both of them working.


That’s where Infinity comes in. Infinity was specifically created to help average Australians get out of debt, and build wealth to secure their future.


Infinity assists families, businesses, and individuals alike to set goals and achieve them.


The partners at Infinity helped thousands of others to secure their future and they can help you too in becoming successful while building a relationship together that is built on passion, integrity, trust, and understanding.


At Infinity, they know that most Australian families have been given a bum deal by financial institutes and others with their hand in your pocket, but they aim to change all that, one household at a time.


Infinity works with you to get your budget, income, and savings exactly where it should be, giving you the financial freedom that you work so hard for.


For a span of 17 years, Graeme Holm has been building up his career and gaining extensive experience in the financial service industry.


After seeing how unfair financial industries were being to Australian individuals, including those with families to provide for, Graeme was extremely irate.


Hence, this is what inspired him to start a financial service business where he could utilize his knowledge and experience in financial planning to help Australians get out of a hole and back on their feet. Soon after, Graeme Holm co-founded Infinity Group Australia.


Graeme and his partner worked on research and development for six months to try to find out what the problem was with Australian mortgage markets. Their findings were very interesting. It seems, client failures were mainly due to the lack of guidance and support as well as not being able to access services available to them.


Therefore, to fix the problem, Infinity began providing clients with their very own personal financial service trainer and coach there to assist with budgets, accounts, expenses, and separate the wants from clients actual needs.


Now Infinity clients will be able to get the assistance they need. Fortunately, clients can follow a weekly budget plan their training coach works out for them.


Thus, if they stick with the plan and resist urges to spend their hard-earned cash on unnecessary items they will probably throw away anyway, after several months, they will be able to pay off their home loans in seven to ten years on average (three to five if they learn to reduce costs extensively), with thirty-year terms. Learn more: