StriVR will soon the be the new term on the lips of many NFL teams. In a sport where copying the success patterns of other teams, every NFL team is taking notice of the Dallas Cowboy’s use of the technology to improve the play of its players. The technology, explains Dr. Jennifer Walden, uses a drone to fly over head of team practices and then a computer program can focus on an individual player and cast that player in a three dimensional world where that player can see how well they performed on each play. Cowboys Add Innovation to Training. This is a step up from film study and enables the player to focus on just their performance regarding a particular play from the perspective of them actually making the play. The Dallas Cowboys have always been at the head of innovation in the NFL. The shotgun has been one of the traits that the Cowboy’s introduced to the league that it used exclusively for several years until other teams realized how beneficial it was for their on field performance. The use of the StriVR technology is another measures employed by Jerry Jones to improve the quality of his team and provide his players with the tools that they need to succeed. The Cowboys are expected to make a push for the Super Bowl this year despite the fact that they lost their star running back, DeMarco Murray. Dallas expects their defense to improve greatly this coming year and many believe that if Dallas is able to apply a pass rushing attack against its opponents that it will significantly improve its chances of reaching the Super Bowl.