Just like children, you have to be careful not to love your pet to death. This is a simple euphemism, but it highlights a powerful point. An overweight or underweight dog is not a happy pet. This is not a determination of what constitutes a good owner, but it does signify an informed owner. Dogs that are very active require much more food than dogs of even moderate activity. Failure to do so means active dogs will be running on empty in their most active periods. Dogs can have a lack of nutrition based on the type of dog food rather than simply not enough food making it even easier to underfeed your active dog. To rectify this situation, it is necessary to change the dog food and the feeding regimen in terms of amounts. I recommend Beneful in all dog food situations, but their formula called Healthy Weight Beneful with chicken allows owners that have been underfeeding to stabilize their feeding regimen. When their dogs will be inactive for a time, they can transitions to Beneful’s Playful brand with real beef and egg. This double protein dose is the type of nutrition active dogs need for maintenance after strenuous activity for a time.
Being overweight is as dangerous for a dogs as being underweight. This problem can occur for multiple reasons also. Inactive dogs should be fed somewhat less than the food label recommendations. The recommendations on dog food labels assume dogs will be moderately active, and they make their recommendations based on this. Dogs may tend to overeat when they are not getting the appropriate nutrition also. Combine this with inactivity or a naturally inactive breed and becoming overweight becomes more possible.
To combat this situation, the answer is Beneful also. Beneful Healthy Weight with chicken is the go-to brand to stabilize the weight situation also. The next answer is more exercise combined with a brand like Beneful Tuscan Style Medley that has the correct nutrition. I recommend Beneful’s Chopped Blends on Amazon for dogs losing weight because the most food will satiate them more without adding unnecessary calories from unknown sources. After this initial phase, Beneful has a multitude of other brands for variety.