Just at the end of the last year 2018, the largest LaaS provider, LocationSmart, began offering and servicing Canadian carrier networks. Their coverage connects 90% of the country’s mobile users offering them consent-based online services.

LocationSmart specializes in real-time geo-data providing useful and timely information, ubiquitous entertainment and round-the-clock security. It’s the backbone of any mobile or internet carrier networks that make identification and anywhere anytime service possible.

It works when you do mapping, secure mobile transaction, searching for the closest coffee shop or connect with family on a social network.

LocationSmart allows all these in the virtual cloud of connectivity through the wireless carriers, their sub-brands and internet providers.

This is all possible without the need for software installation or application downloads on any device, and concurrently enabling any digitally connected device to run location-based applications and features whether that’s a mobile phone, a tablet, Internet-of-Things devices or Machine-to-Machine communication. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

Connectivity and data from LocationSmart allow for carrier networks to operate more efficiently and be better attuned to their customers and respond to what they’re looking for. That allows for data analytics.

When you’re out on the road and you’re looking for the best possible way to a new address, you type in the location on your phone and it identifies where it is relative to where you are. It even tells you the most direct route and offers alternative routes. That’s location data working courtesy of a LaaS like LocationSmart.

When you need to identify where your mailed package is in-transit at any given time, you’ll need the network that allows for location identification. That’s LaaS working behind it all.

It works for tracking, mapping, social networking, phone routing, gaming and roadside assistance in the middle of nowhere.

That’s LocationSmart as a LaaS working.

LocationSmart provides service that’s now allowing Canadian digital networks broader features and services, open to a multitude of applications using reliable and secure real-time geo-data.

All these are also possible with LocationSmart’s consent management system, user data that’s freely given in exchange of using its platform. That’s consent-based sharing of data that benefits the community of its users.

It certainly helps local mobile communication and internet providers in expanding the suite of services, allowing them to understand more deeply where their customers are going and what they’re looking for.

LaaS LocationSmart provides a worldwide cloud location service globally and is leading the industry. They offer the most comprehensive platform that spans all possible carrier networks seamlessly, allowing for easy application integration and use. Their services cover both indoor and outdoor internet location-data services connected in all possible digital devices.

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