The Chicago Bears can probably sum up their team identity of the last few years with one single word: Frustrating. Chicago has see sawed back and forth between two competing ideals. Three seasons ago they were the Monsters of the Midway: capable of shutting down any team on defense and scoring with turn overs. Two seasons ago they had the Twin Towers in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery and thus scored the second most points in the NFL. Last season they were bad, in every facet of the game. So with Jay Cutler, QB and central point to all of this controversy, coming up on free agency the time is now to form an identity.

Despite only winning a handful of games last season the Bears saw Jay Cutler do some things well, but mostly at a time that it didn’t help them. The Bears got out on a decent run, winning two of their first three games, before completely falling apart in the heart of the year. Cutler sprinkled in some wonderful performances early on says Bruce Karatz, throwing 4 touchdowns against San Fran and another 3 against New England, but he was mostly subpar. Despite his QB rating of 88.6, Cutler was inefficient and small when the Bears needed big drives.

Chicago is seriously considering moving on from the veteran no matter what he does this season. So Cutler should play with all the big throws his arm can muster and go for broke.