Gump’s is all set to make a massive comeback this Autumn of 2019. The company is once again excited to open its doors to the public. They enjoyed an iconic status for a long time, and they intend to re-establish that once again by providing high quality merchandise and superior customer service. By providing these, they aim to reclaim the hearts of their former clientele.

Gumps is a well-known San Francisco luxury department store that was established in 1861 by two brothers with the names of Solomon and Gustave Gump. They started as a modest shop that built mirrors and frames. Later, years after the California Gold Rush died down, the frames that they manufactured became filled with lovely and interesting artworks.

After the 1906 massive earthquake that rocked that city, where their original store burned down, they moved to the famous Union Square. They remained in that location until their closure last August 2018, when they filed for bankruptcy.

Now, Gump’s is all set to reclaim the glory that they have lost a century and a half after the company’s inception. This famous American retailer intends to go back to what they are known for, which is selling quality merchandise.

In the past, they were noted for selling home decor, furnishings, fine jewelry with precious stones and colored gemstones, cultured fresh water pearls, and premiere designer brands like Buccellati and Hermès.

But Gump’s is not just all about expensive designer goods. They are also well-known for offering functional products that have withstood the test of time. Documents show that former President Franklin D. Roosevelt bought his collection of ship models and his favorite smoking jackets in the Gump’s store. On top of that Sarah Bernhardt, a former famous stage actress, was noted to have found the bronze snake that she used for her role in Cleopatra in Gump’s. Go To This Page for related information.

Although many people think the their wonderful family legacy has come to its conclusion in 2018, Gump’s is now facing a new chapter. This new beginning, with the owners called the Chachas family, is all set to take this old brand into even greater heights. The Gump’s family is thankful to the Chachas family because their name will live on, along with the fond memories, with the store’s grand re-opening.


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