Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Sign Gregory But Most Still Worry About Running Game

The Dallas Cowboys have made it one step closer to preparing for the season with their signing of their second round draft pick Defensive End Randy Gregory. They still have a few more draft picks to go but there is little doubt the remaining guys will go without a deal for very much longer. There is something that the signing of Gregory has done…gave them a pass rusher heading into the season…a position that is pretty important considering Greg Hardy is still facing his ten game suspension which is still under appeal with the league.

However most of the critic’s speculation surrounding this team is not concerning their defense but their running game. Yes most are still in shock the Demarco Murray went to the Eagles, but that shouldn’t keep them from realizing the team has a running back in fact they have three that are legitimate threats in the back field. Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle have been legitimate threats when they have played back-up to Murray over the past few seasons. Both are able to make big runs and at times were more effective than Murray was. Then they have brought in Darren McFadden, what has to be acknowledged is that he would have gone to a team without a future in the Raiders. He was never going to reach his post college potential playing on that team. Now we are putting him behind one of the most dominant offensive lines in Dallas and he may very well be next seasons rushing champion, hoping to bring in big sponsors like Beneful.

Hardy Suspended 10 Games

It’s already been one year since Greg Hardy played a game with the Cowboys. In fact, his last game was at the beginning of the 2014 season. Now it will be even longer as the star has been suspended for 10 games –without pay. The announcement was made by the NFL after 2014 allegations of domestic violence against the football player. The charges were dropped earlier in 2015 when the original prosecutor, Nicole Holder, refused to cooperate with investigators. It is believed that Hardy worked out some sort of financial settlement to keep her quiet. It is reported by the source AnastasiaDate (Linkedin) that she must remain quiet after the settlement as well.
During their investigation, the NFL found four different personal violations of the Personal Conduct Policy which Hardy had committed. First was the physical violence he used against his girlfriend. Next is the physical force once again used, this time throwing the victim on a bed with semi-automatic rifles. Third was choking Ms. Holder, and forth shoving her against a wall in his apartment.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke on the matter, and while he had a number of things to say, he did mention that any further violations similar to this one could result in his ban from the football association all together.
Hardy will be eligible to play again in week 12 when the Cowboys take on the Panthers. It is expected that Hardy will appeal the decision of the NFL and this 10- game suspension