In a world where people are starting to look more alike each other all the time, there is a cosmetics company that wants to make sure you can stand out. Lime Crime has just launched a set of eight temporary hair dyes that will allow you to give your hair an outrageous look, while still also looking your best.

Called the unicorn collection of hair dyes, these are not your normal “do you want to be a blone, redhead or brunette” type colors. These are colors only those who are comfortable in their own skin are likely to strut around town in.

The good news is that Lime Crime has made it clear that if you decide you want to give it a try, you can always call “takesies-backsies.” These temporary dyes will eventually allow you to go back to whatever “normal” hair color you want to go back to after you’ve shown the world the real inner you.

True to the brand that wants people to stand out, these colors will allow you to give your hair a purple or green, or blue tint. You can also go with something that’s a bit more bright yellow, or even a color that seems to be reminding people what bubblegum looks like. The colors you can choose from if you want to try out the unicorn collection are:

  • Moonchild
  • Cloud
  • Kawaii
  • Mint Ice
  • Tweet
  • Valentine
  • Bubblegum Rose
  • Asthetic

While some of these “flavors” might be self explanatory, others have to be tried out in order to see the full effect. These colors can be used in order to make a powerful statement about who you are, or they can just be used to try out and have a little fun over the weekend. No matter what you choose, you’ll know that you are giving your own spin on how these colors are used and what people are supposed to take away when they see you walking down the street sporting one of these unconventional colors.