We can’t say that social media hasn’t profoundly impacted the way that we operate in our day to day lives. From the pervasive use of Facebook to the important ability of journalists to break news on Twitter, it seems like suddenly everyone has a voice. More than just having a voice, everyone now seems to have or desire an audience. This need for social justification has caused the social media app development world to explode with growth and the unfortunate byproduct is a ton of bad developments. One developing team and application, both known as Skout, has risen above all of the other chaff that has started to pollute the internet. Their desire to connect users in a new and interesting way has made them one of the hottest new social media applications on the market.

What is Skout?
We’ve already pointed out how widespread social media is in the world. You can follow journalists, tweet at the President, or even get an inside look into entirely new cultures via Instagram. Skout on techcrunch itself isn’t a difficult concept to understand: the goal is to connect. Connection, at its core, is what we all want out of social media. After all, that is why we add our friends or even post content to begin with. We want to be seen and heard. So Skout is giving its users the ability to connect and contact with strangers but they are doing it in a way that actually gives the users the opportunity to create a relationship. Skout is a GPS based social networking app that focuses on communication with strangers over creating your own echo chamber of former friends.

You can download the application for free via the iOS iTunes store and from there all you have to do is quickly register. Registration is a breeze as you only need to fill out a few details or opt to link the account to your Facebook. Pick the demographic of the kind of person you want to meet, add a profile picture, and then you will be kicked to the front screen. The main page is a grid of profile pictures that show users who are online at that specific moment. These members are chosen based on their proximity to you as well as how perfectly they fit the demographic of the kind of person you wish to meet.

From there on out the app works pretty fundamentally simple. You tap on a face and then are greeted with an array of options. These options range from virtual gift giving all the way to the more typical chatting, profile following, and favoriting. Each action costs ‘points’ and those points can be earned by completing tasks in the app or simply by purchasing them through the store inside of the application.

The reason that Skout is so different despite looking familiar is that hte focus is on expanding your social profile. For Facebook and, before it, Myspace you were always just trying to add your real life friends. Here the goal is completely different.