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ClassDojo Asks Teachers to be ‘Mindful’

Everyday it seems we’re a little more distracted by little things that steal our attention away from what we should be focusing on. This mass distraction has made its way to our kids and their performance in school is suffering as a result. ClassDojo thinks it has the remedy for that with a series of instructional videos about mindfulness.

Mindfulness is daily mediation meant to make people focus better, and its gained popularity in schools. 90% of teachers ClassDojo surveyed say the practice helps their students perform better, but when they asked parents they learned only 10% of children practice mindfulness regularly.

This May, ClassDojo is asking classrooms to take part in the “Mindful Moment.” This will be a video series that will instruct teachers on how to guide meditation, put together by Marc Brackett, known for his work in opening up the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Brackett speaks of mindfulness as a tool for building emotional intelligence. He’s cited research that shows 75% of students and 80% of teachers in high schools experience negative emotions that limits their performance. With a regular practice of mindfulness, Brackett believes both teachers and students would have the emotional intelligence to refocus and concentrate on teaching and learning.

CEO and co-founder Sam Chaudhary agrees. For Sam, ClassDojo’s main goal is to get kids to love the idea of learning. An online connection between teachers and parents has gone a long way to making sure that studies at home reinforce what goes on in the classroom. But they also need a bit of mindfulness to help them move past distraction and give their educational experience a lasting impression.

The Rise And Growth Of OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a prominent premier American firm. This company is highly recognized due to their high-quality protein products. OSI Industries is also featured in the Forbes list of the top 500 companies. This firm is among the longest-standing corporation of David McDonald business venture, majored in the production of burger patties for fast food restaurant for many years.

OSI Industry success is associated with their dedication to becoming the leading food manufacturer across the globe. David McDonald is the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI. He has devoted much effort in ensuring that the company gets recognition in the whole world. McDonald actively fights for the growth and expansion of OSI into various other nations. He also looks after the operations and conduct of its satellite facilities.

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The history of OSI Industries started at the point that Otto Kolschowsky got in the United States in the early 1990s after he emigrated from Germany with the intention of doing some business in the United States of America. On his arrival to the US, he settled in Chicago where most people are German-descent. This was a great challenge for him to survive in the US with his family due to lack of job vacancies. This is what triggered him to start a business. Fortunately, he was able to sell a lot of meat, and the demanded consistently grew with time. He decided to launch another branch on the adjacent to try and meet the demand.

Otto Kolschowsly finally decided to register this business in 1928 and branded it, Otto & Sons. The meat shop grew and flourished all through the year. Among the most successful junctures was in the 1950s when David McDonald Corporation made a deal with them on becoming one of their burger patty suppliers. This firm had to borrow extra funding from several other financial institutions due to the overwhelming demand from David McDonald’s Corporation. They were able to supply various restaurants with beef patties.

On the other hand, Otto & Sons managed to grow after McDonalds Corporation grew and expanded internationally tremendously. As we speak, OSI Industries has also developed on an international scale. They have been in operation in 17 nations all over the world.

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Southridge Capital Adds Elite Data Services To Its Investment Managing Portfolio

Private equity firm, Southridge is a leading investment company in Connecticut delivering services in banking and securities. Its subsidiary company, Southridge Partners II LP invested $5 million in equity into Elite Data Services (EDS), in Dallas, Texas. EDS is a technology company offering advertising and marketing solutions that create revenue for companies in the gaming, automotive, and hospitality sectors. The firm’s CEO and Chairman Stephen King made the announcement in July 2015. Within three years, the company developed a different approach to their model of advertisement and marketing.


The new model replaces the conventional contracts with secured assets and increased revenues according to its proprietary technologies. Southridge Capital has invested nearly $2 billion into companies in the US and international, since King started the firm in 1996. Stephen serves as the chief executive officer and principle of the investment and brokerage company. His latest interest is investments in cryptocurrency and the legal marijuana sales industry.


In an interview on Ideamensch, King admitted the one trend that excites him the most is marijuana and cryptocurrency. States that have legalized marijuana sales for recreational use are receiving enormous growth in revenue. It is his experience that brought his ideas to life when he started Southridge Capital. As an entrepreneur, his only failure is investing too much money into company, Petal which cost him financially. To overcome the financial disaster and get out of the situation, he remained liquid.  For more info you can visit


The advice Stephen King gives to the younger generation in the investment industry is to do fewer deals and concentrate on cash rather than returns on investments. He says it’s important to never put good money after bad. He keeps himself productive by using OTC markets and Wall Street Journal to retrieve information on past and present markets and trends of global enterprises. King earned a BS degree in business administration from King’s College and an MBA from Fordham University. He has 30 years of expertise in structured finances, risk arbitrage, investment banking, and derivatives working for investment companies and managing investment portfolios. To see more you can checkout their facebook page.




The Positive Impact Jim Tananbaum Has Brought To The World Of Healthcare

Jim Tananbaum is a professional in the health care field and established Foresite Capital. He has founded two healthcare practices specializing in investments in addition to two biopharmaceutical companies. His investment experience goes back 25 years and he has helped several prestigious firms. Jim Tananbaum is well respected in the industry. He attended college with his focus on computer science and electrical engineering and graduated with several degrees. He believes science is directly connected to healthcare and feels new insights will cause an evolution in the industry. Visit Bloomberg for more info

The future of healthcare is a passion for Jim Tananbaum and he understands any solutions require a lot of time and money. He collects any published information regarding healthcare to find solutions with high chances of success. Jim investments include 77 companies in medical services, genomic sequencing, biopharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. The most important thing in his life is his family and despite his busy career he makes time for both his family and his friends. He admits at heart he is an academic and this is partly why he has achieved success as an entrepreneur. He says if he were able to go back in time he would have had more faith in himself and his abilities.

According to Business Wire, Jim Tananbaum has dedicated himself to the world of healthcare which was the reason he founded Foresite Capital. His firm locates the leaders in the world of healthcare so he can help the field grow, achieve profitability, information, networks, and funding.

Intarcia is the biggest investment his company has ever made and their specialty is diabetes. Twice every year a type II diabetes implant is used so patients can lose weight and gain control of their diabetes. He believes this will eventually impact the condition of diabetes the same way birth control was impacted by the IUD. Throughout the world 350 people suffer from obesity or diabetes. His belief is millions of people will receive help due to this product and the launch is scheduled for the United States towards the end of 2017. Jim Tananbaum also works in the field of glaucoma treatment which is affecting forty million people across the world. Follow Jim Tananbaum on Twitter and on Facebook:

Becoming a Better Person

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been my role model for many years now. As a matter of fact I think it has been almost 10 years since the first time I met him. Our first run in was at a business conference in New York City and we talked over a cup of coffee during a break at a three day conference. For the next few days we were stuck in the same conference room listening to the same speech we had both heard thousands of times over and over again. The great part of it was that I got meet him and he ended up hiring me for a temp position years down the road. It was more of a favor to me during a crisis, but it was very much appreciate and forever remembered.

I only spend two weeks at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital when he hired me on for a temp, but during that time I actually had a blast. I had not had much experience with that type of work before, but he had me up and going in no time at all. Me and my wife had gone through a divorce at that time and he hired me to help pay for my divorce lawyer. When I say helped me, I also mean he actually threw in a few grand into getting me a better lawyer than what I had. The crazy thing about it is that with his lawyer, I got everything I “needed” out of the court date. She did not get my home or my car. Two things I was scared of losing.

Because of Stephen I got to keep my life and gain a new friendship. Something that is very hard to find from a person in today’s world. Thankfully for me, I found it with Stephen that day we met in New York City. If I ever had to hand out a recommendation of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital it would probably be the best one out there as the company is one of the best. Not only did it used to be run by the best, but the way the company is structured is actually pretty amazing. For anyone searching for the perfect position and opportunity to learn what it is like to work at a professional firm, CCMP is most definitely the place to apply at. Even my short time spent there, I became a much better person than I have ever been in my life.