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Cyrus Moghadam’s Passion for Excellence

Cyrus Moghadam is a sports enthusiast and a student at Stanford University. Cyrus is committed to building his professional career through acquisitions of skills to enable him to excel in his field. Cyrus began his education by attending the Deerfield Academy. During his time at this school, Cyrus passion for sporting activities such as men’s rowing, football and wrestling grew increasingly. He furthered his education by attending Brasenose College where he was a member of the Blue Men’s Lacrosse. In his efforts to become well rounded, Cyrus also enrolled at Stanford University to undertake a degree program in History. View:


Skills Acquired

Cyrus has worked with various organizations as he focuses on gaining vital skills to kick-start his career. His first exposure was at Bridge33 Capital, where he undertook his internship. Cyrus Moghadam gained skills in the real estate sector and some of the key areas he specialized in included; Property management, due diligence spreadsheet management, and lease management.

Cyrus also had a chance to undertake another internship program at Seniorly- A web-based platform for senior citizens. Cyrus gained skills in marketing and tailoring of services to meet the customers’ needs.

Cyrus Moghadam worked as Summer Analyst at Bridge 33 becoming a useful member of the acquisitions team. He honed his skills in the underwriting procedures and helped the company in underwriting tasks. Cyrus is also passionate about community engagement programs as loves volunteering to spearhead the community’s projects. View Cyrus Moghadam’s profile at Linkedin.

Robert Deignan and the Development of ATS Digital Services


Robert Deignan has been developing his experience in the technology sector for over 20 years. Deignan received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Purdue University in 1995. As soon as he graduated from Purdue University he began working hard to develop his own companies.

Within three years after graduating from college, Robert Deignan co-founded Fanlink. Through this venture, he began to develop his already large passion for technology. He also gained necessary experience with customer service, experience that would later serve its own purpose.

Three years following his co-founding of Fanlink, Robert Deignan began his work as the executive vice president of iS3 Inc. Much like with Fanlink, at iS3 Deignan was devoted to increasing his knowledge and refining his skills. The company, which served a variety of technological needs, gave Deignan the skills that would be required for him to start his new company.

Currently, Robert Deignan plays the role of co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ATS Digital Services, LLC. His previous experiences as the vice president of iS3 and co-founder of Fanlink have made him well-equipped for his newest role. His decades of experience have all culminated to the role that Deignan serves now.

ATS Digital Services

ATS Digital Services was founded in August 2011. ATS is able to resolve nearly every technological issue that a customer can have. At ATS, Robert Deignan developed an environment where customer service is of the utmost importance. The employees that work at ATS are very skilled and knowledgeable about a variety of topics.

Robert Deignan’s many years of experience have allowed him to develop ATS’s superb customer service. Deignan prioritized simplifying the lives of his customers, which is what makes ATS’s customer service so enviable. By identifying what he wanted out of his company, Deignan was then able to assemble a team of individuals who could offer great customer service while remaining knowledgeable in a multitude of areas.

ATS Digital Services is the first company to have ever received certification from AppEsteem; a certification only given to companies who provide premium support services.