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Nitin Khanna and How Results Come To Be

In business, as Nitin Khanna knows, results are the only thing that matters. Of course, results, Nitin Khanna would see, come from a variety of actions that are tied to the company and to the employees.

Results, Nitin Khanna would realize doesn’t just come out of thin air, results would have to come out of clean and correct processes, they would have to come from the right steps taken each day, they would have to come from the right type of culture and they would also come from promoting the right type of behaviors within a company as well.

See, Nitin Khanna would know that results do not exist within a vacuum, they exist within a specific context. That context is what needs to be paid attention toward if one were to succeed.


This aspect is perhaps the most important one of the assessment segments. What’s the most important thing to your organization? Or any organization for that matter?

It’s productivity, of course. The more work you get done, the more beneficial it is for your firm. The less that you get completed, the more you are driven towards losses by each day.

In this aspect, make sure that you are looking for employees who are the most productive for your organization. They could be the best at customer service, they could be highly prolific in sales, or they could be amazingly fast at accounting.

Either way, they prove to be some of the most results oriented names in your organization. And they need to be rewarded for that.

This group could prove to be the team leaders in your organization due to their time-efficiency, production-friendly and self-management skills. Make sure to assess these employees accordingly to show them their true value.

On the other hand, employees who have poor productivity levels should once again be gently reminded of why they had been hired and how their lack of efforts could be affecting the organization. Depending upon the severity of their non-productivity, you could also schedule sessions with HR or training to determine what could be done for them.

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Robert Ivy Is Only A Successful Course In Architecture

Robert Ivy is continually showing off his talents in architecture and is currently the vice president of the American Institute of Architects. His contributions to the field and his accomplishes are recognized all over the country, affording him various opportunities over the years.

One of the most noteworthy accomplishments of Robert Ivy is when he won the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement, which is an annual award given out by the MIAL or Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. This award goes out to recognize individuals within the community that have made a major impact on the field of art through there creations, performances, or support. Robert Ivy is the first architect that has ever won the award and the first CEO of the American Institute of Architects to achieve the award as well.

Robert is an honorary graduate of Tulane University, where he built the foundation to his architectural skills that he uses to build his portfolio today. According to the president of MIAL, Robert Ivy is a leading innovator in the field of architecture and his designs are much more accessible to the public compared to many others in the field today. On top of his skills as an architect, Robert is also an accomplished author and commentator as well. Robert even acted as McGraw Hill’s editor for a time.

Robert Ivy has received constant recognition over the past several years for his exceedingly impressive accomplishments in architecture. Despite these many honors, Robert doesn’t believe he is the best or that there is no room for improvement, which is what keeps him moving forward and earning new titles in his field.

Back in 2009, Robert was nominated for Crain Award as well, which was during his time at another company known as McGraw Hill. His management position at McGraw is what brought him into the spotlight, earning an award for his management efforts at the company. Perhaps one of his most impressive titles yet is Master Architect, which has only been given out seven times and he is the first in this century to obtain the title to show the impact he has had so many people.

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Jeff Schneider | Good Deeds

jeffry-schneider-casualWhile it may seem at times like it takes a lot to give to someone else, it’s simply not the case. It might seem like one needs resources, time, energy, but anyone give back. Indeed, it’s the truth. Remarkably, one doesn’t have to have much to help another person. While society often thinks you must be well off to help others, this is just not true.  Moreover, a lot of the world’s best and renowned humanitarians were impoverished and at some points even famished or in near death situations. In alignment with this, Mother Teresa, a Catholic humanitarian and missionary, is famously recorded teaching that, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one” meaning any individual can give back, he or she just has to be willing to do so. Jeff Schneider, CEO of a private, Austin-based company is more than willing.

Yes, charity is held in high regard. Indubitably, the value of charity goes across cultures, religions, socioeconomic boundaries, and the world over. Humans all over the place recognize and appreciate the social utility in helping one another. A famous Jewish proverb says, “Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world.” Similarly, Muhammed, found of Islam, said circa 620 CE that “A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.” Aristotle, widely studied philosopher born 384 BC who is known as the “first teacher”, likewise taught that, “the essence of life is to serve others and do good” and Jeff Schneider, a father of 3, seeks to reflect to do the same in his own life.

The well-known, American businessman and car manufacturer, Henry Ford famously said, “The highest use of capital is not to make more money but to make money do more for the betterment of life.” It’s apparent that humans seriously value charity, and yet how many humans are actually acting on that notion? Jeff Schneider certainly is. Knowing kids hold the key to the future, Jeffry Schneider has dedicated himself to improving the lives of children everywhere. Whether he’s on Twitter, reading to kids at local schools, participating in wellness events, or spending his time at facilities for abused and neglected children, Jeffry’s commitment to helping kids is unwavering.

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