Jeffry Schneider is a successful CEO in the financial sector. Apart from being a corporate leader, he has an interest in staying fit and improving people’s lives. He can be seen from time to time encouraging his fellow employees to embrace healthy lifestyles so they can avoid lifestyle related illnesses. Some of his achievements in the fitness sphere include completion of several marathons and triathlon competitions. As a way of trying to help fellow men and make his belief in helping fellow men come true, he has supported the following charitable organizations:

  1. God’s Love We Deliver
    Jeffry has helped Gods Love We Deliver in their struggle to provide nutrition support to needy people in the New York metropolitan area. The organization prepares food and serves them free to people who are sick and are unable to go out to buy food or even cook. He loves the work done by the organization as a way of trying to make the world a better place to live. The organization helps people who suffer from health complications and are unable to cook. They can deliver food within 24 hours free of charge after they have been contacted.
  2. Cherokee Home for Children
    This charity provides a Christian home environment for homeless children. It is well designed to help children grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The organization believes the word of God is necessary for the development of a child, and they embrace it in their daily works.
  3. The Gazelle Foundation
    It is an organization which provides clean drinking water to people in Burundi, Africa. Burundi is among developing countries in Africa, and access to drinking water is a problem. The organization knows the lack of clean water can expose people to different life threatening conditions. They support various projects throughout the country to secure clean drinking water so that people can enjoy life.
  4. Wonders and Worries
    There are times when children lack guidance from their parents, and they end up developing bad habits. This organization helps parents acquire the necessary skills they need to become more responsible care-givers, and helps children cope when their parents are sick. Children need guidance to grow, and this charitable organization has several experts who guide children to become good citizens. Jeffry Schneider supports their work as a way of making the world a better place.