Why Mike Nierenberg Makes A Great CEO

Mike Nierenberg is the CEO of New Residential Investment Corporation (NR). He has experience working in mortgage loan investment markets. Nierenberg has held the position of Managing Director at Global Mortgages and Securitized Products at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. By holding the position, he was able to gain experience with sales and trade activity. In 2018, He led NR to purchase over $114 billion in mortgage servicing rights(MSR).

Mike Nierenberg help create a liquid market for MSRs. He was the driving force behind New Residential’s using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac MSRs throughout the United States. He makes investments and residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS). He understands how to used residential mortgages. He has led his company to take advantage of using MSRs, and by having the qualifications to acquire MSRs throughout the United States is a smart business move on behalf of NR.

Mike Nierenberg leads a company that is considered a Real Estate Investment Trust. The company is valued at $6.7 billion dollars. It was once owned by Newcastle Investment corporation, but it would operate on its’ own beginning in 2013. Mike Nierenberg would prove to be a good leader, and he has taken challenges and positioned the company in a manner that would allow them to make very good investments regarding residential Mortgages. Mike Nierenberg has been the CEO since 2013.

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Louis Chenevert Reflects On His Time As CEO Of United Technologies

Louis Chenevert is an individual with intense determination that knows how to build and expand a business from the ground up. His time as CEO of United Technologies Corporation was one where he emphasized efficiency in everything that he and the company did. He was elected CEO of the corporation in April 2008 and he went on to become chairman in January 2010. He retired from the corporation in 2014.

Much like the Indian proverb, if you ask Louis Chenevert how you eat an elephant, he will simply say, “one bite at a time.” You obviously do not become CEO of a company overnight. Prior to Chenevert’s time as CEO he was a director at the company from 2006 to 2008. This powerful business leader has also spent time at Goldman Sachs, General Motors and Pratt & Whitney. During a recent interview, he reflected on his time as chief executive at United Technologies:

Chenevert had a number of objectives while he was CEO of the firm. First of all, he was looking to strengthen their portfolio with some new products. These would include such things as the f135 Engine, which improved military propulsion, and an update on the GTF engine, which had 20% better fuel burn, 50% reduction in noise, and parts that lasted 30% longer.

Chenevert also commented on how he brings ideas to life. He believes that a focus on operational talent, engineering and working on exceeding customer expectations contributes to an environment where ideas can flourish. He likes to focus on small teams and he has a disdain for internal politics. His entrepreneurial style includes relentless follow-up and a focus on the ability to give executives the tools to continue to be an asset to the company.

Finally, Louis Chenevert believes that in order to be a successful leader and entrepreneur you have to focus on everyone on your team. This would include individuals who do not align with the core principles of the company. To put it bluntly, these “energy drainers” should probably be removed from the team, simply because of the fact that Louis Chenevert believes that where the company flourishes, the economy will improve as well and it lead to even more hiring.