The Salle Family – Brian and Karen Salle North Carolina Entrepreneurs

Brian Salle founded The Salle Group in 2015. He proposed the idea after being dissatisfied with the lack of online marketing resources available for ordinary business owners. With 40 combined years of business experience, the Salle Group facilitates web design and online marketing techniques in a time where it is most needed.

New services open to small firms include information technology support and web development. Additional features may also range from integrated SEO to a custom-built online store, complete with a landing page. The Salle Group promises to deliver pure quality design solutions with its expertise in multiple programming languages.

Brian Salle is also the founder of Highland Legacy Farms as well as Principal Director of IT at Florida Property Network.

Brian Salle’s wife Karen is the founder of real estate developer, Blackpoint. In January 2018, Southern Avery County was granted access to the high-speed network through the collaborations of Blackpoint at Linville Falls and SkyLine, a telecommunications firm.

The project’s tasks included the installation of 12 miles of high-speed fiber-optic. Blackpoint contributed around $350,000 for the groundwork construction. SkyLine was responsible for covering the rest of the cost. In terms of high-speed connection in the High County, SkyLine is unmatched. SkyLine’s company reaches into communities such as Avery, Watauga, and Johnson counties.

The places in need of service are rural areas, most notably in the Appalachia. Nearly 35 percent of Avery residents lacked high-speed internet.

Installation is necessary for the local economy to run better. In this day and age, paper job applications are constantly being replaced by online applications, and that is something that Blackpoint and SkyLine understand. The same thing could be said about the current educational system, requiring students to complete assignments with a mouse and keyboard. Karen Salle mentioned the necessity of high-speed internet, saying it was “absolutely vital to our community’s success.”

Jason Colodne in a World of Growing Financial Importance

The monetary aspects of life have seemingly always been important. There was a time when direct asset-to-asset trading was the prevalent form of an economic system. Today, this is increasingly rare. One might find localized asset-to-asset trading in isolated regions of the world, but such occurrences have indeed become a thing of the past. What might surprise some people is the potential for asset-to-asset trading to be reintroduced as a financial solution in modern economics. Obviously, such a change would require the guidance of brilliant minds.

Jason Colodne is one such mind. He has proven himself at some of the most recognized companies in the world. Below is the short list:

  • Bear Stearns
  • UBS
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley

Among the most consequential are the positions as the Head of Distressed Research, Investment, and Hybrid Lending at Goldman Sachs between 1998 to 2004 and the Managing Director of Strategic Finance at Morgan Stanley from 2004 to 2007. Each position Mr. Colodne held would build upon the previous one. His commitments followed a logical path toward greater responsibility and influence. At these companies, he succeeded by mastering several broad skills. These include the following:

  • overall execution and oversight
  • strategic finance
  • investigative diligence
  • documentation
  • various accounting strategies
  • portfolio management

When we examine these skills, we find some interesting facts. They seem to support the trend of the growing influence of a FinTech sector. Jason Colodne’s strong focus on oversight and general execution is one that is aided by technological applications that increasingly provide users with greater control. This top level managerial style is well supported by having direct influence over documentation, investigative diligence and various accounting strategies. All of these factors contribute to what might be Mr. Colodne’s greatest skill, that of a knack for pioneering strategic finance. For more information about Jason, view his crunchbase profile.

Companies entrusted Jason Colodne with the sole responsibility of their portfolio management. Without modern technological applications, it is unlikely that Mr. Colodne could have achieved such an incredible level of success so rapidly. Logistics are playing an increasingly significant role in all areas of business and the greater economy. Accounting is one of the most obvious areas where modern digital ledgers are innovating. It would be hard pressed to assume that Mr. Colodne is not well versed at applying these types of technologies.

So what can we learn by studying the career of Jason Colodne? First of all, he teaches us that we are capable of much more than what was expected of us yesterday. He affirms that human beings are still the greatest resource and need to be attentively listened to. What might escape some people is how much one person can achieve on their own. Mind you, we can do immensely more together as human beings, but the contributions we can bring to the group through our own efforts continues to be challenged.


New Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Brings Unique Background to the Table

Several decades ago, it was common for hardworking individuals to work for the same company for most or all of their professional career. Climbing the corporate ladder specifically meant that the worker had to excel in his or her current position before stepping up to a new level. In today’s business environment, workers commonly gain experience in one position before advancing to a higher level at a different company. While the traditional method of climbing the corporate ladder has mostly fallen to the wayside, it has proven to be a successful and lucrative path for Steve Ritchie, who is now the CEO of Papa John’s.

Steve Ritchie started working for Papa John’s as a young adult in an entry-level position. Specifically, he made $6 per hour in a customer service position at a local store. Initially, Ritchie had no plans to make a career out of his job at a pizza delivery company, but this quickly changed.

Most Papa John’s employees are aware of its mission to put people first. From one perspective, this describes the company’s passion for providing delicious pizza with great customer service. In fact, this may be one of the reasons why Papa John’s regularly ranks at the top of customer service satisfaction surveys against other pizza delivery companies. The mission is also evident in internal culture. Papa John’s trains its employees so that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to advance to the next level.

Because of this corporate mentality and through Ritchie’s solid work ethic, he moved from his starting customer service position to the role of Assistant Manager of his store within a few months. This was followed by another promotion to the store’s manager a few months later. When Ritchie was 21 years old, with less than a year working for the company and without a college degree, he was managing his own store.

For the next several years, Ritchie continued to learn the ropes in different positions while benefiting from the training that Papa John’s provided to him. After working as a store manager for approximately a year, he worked in various areas of regional operations and management. In 2006, he took a break from working for Papa John’s, but he continued to gain professional experience under the company’s umbrella. He purchased a franchise, and he attained a profound amount of business ownership experience over the next four years. When he was ready to return to the corporate world in 2010, Ritchie had entry-level and managerial experience at the store level. He had regional management expertise as well as a unique understanding of the franchisor and franchisee relationship.

When he stepped back in the corporate office at Papa John’s, his exceptional experience qualified him for the role of Vice President of Global Operations. He spent the next few years gaining expertise as Vice President or Senior Vice President for North America, for Latin America and for global ops overall. This exceptional executive-level experience within the organization provided the qualifications and experience he needed to step up to the role of President, Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Executive Officer.

While Ritchie’s path to the top echelon of Papa John’s hierarchy is no longer a common professional path that today’s CEO’s take, it has provided him with unique experiences as well as an in-depth understanding of all aspects of operations. Given Steve Ritchie’s robust and well-rounded background that is entirely based in the company, he has the knowledge and passion to carry Papa John’s boldly forward.

Nitin Khanna Continues To Do What He Loves In Life By Remaining Active In The World Of Business

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who has enjoyed the types of professional successes that are the envy of all business-oriented individuals who are looking to make a significant mark on the world of commerce. The career that the Indian-born, USA-based businessman has enjoyed is one that has seen him find success academically, as a founder of businesses, and as a shrewd investor who has consistently made the right choices when it comes to his investments. Nitin Khanna is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who comes from a family background that values business and he has used his progressive way of thinking to help launch him into ventures such as the quickly expanding cannabis industry. He is also well-known for the run he had is serving as Chief Executive Officer with Mergertech. This is a company that he created during 2009 in the wake of the sale of a previous business he founded called Saber Software. Nitin Khanna led the mergers and acquisitions firm with great distinction during his tenure as CEO and set it on the right path. These are just a few of the major accomplishments in a career that goes back to the early part of the decade of the 1990s.

There was a great amount of inspiration that Nitin Khanna was able to derive from his family during his upbringing. Engaging in business was always a big part of the family and something that was highly encouraged. As a young man, Nitin was also able to look up to the distinguished accomplishments of his father who served his country of India as a member of its armed forces and achieved the status of Colonel. During his early years, Nitin would study hard so that he had strong college options upon coming of age. When he reached seventeen, he landed in the United States where he started a course in engineering studies at Purdue University. This educational background played an essential role in the things that would come next to Nitin. He knew that this was a major that would offer him a great deal of employment promise and so he also obtained his Master’s Degree in the topic.

The next stops along the life path of Nitin Khanna included holding down several work positions in the early 1990s that provided him with a valuable set of experiences. He started in the paper industry with International Paper and put his engineering degree to use as one of the company’s manufacturing engineers. Another valuable bit of experience was his time working with Oracle. These pieces of experience led to Nitin Khanna feeling confident about setting off on his own and creating his own business in the late 1990s.

This business that Nitin Khanna created would go on to make him massively successful. It was called Saber Software and it is a firm that quickly made an impact on the world of voting management by way of its innovative software. This was soon adopted across much of the USA. The growth and success at Saber Software have served as a springboard to allow Nitin Khanna to continue to pursue many business interests and investments since that time.

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Bhanu Choudhrie: Building Off of Loss

Someone like Bhanu Choudhrie knows what any new individual to the field of business could be capable of doing. He knows that the entire industry could change in the blink of the eye, and it is because of this that he takes such great caution in his daily life to treat the matter of business as if it were a gentle reality of its own. In many ways, it is exactly this to him. His life at work, despite being only a portion of his life, is quite reflective of many of his own personal values. This tends to be the case when you put your heart and soul into the work you do, and it is vividly apparent with a businessperson like Bhanu Choudhrie.

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This is why he hopes to ensure the world that his intentions are pure, and they they need not fear about how quickly his businesses are growing. He understands this concern, but it is because of his growth that he will be able to benefit so many different areas of the world. It is through charity and giving that he finds himself most happy doing, and because of this, he wants the world to feel rest assured in their fate. Bhanu Choudhrie is the type of man who would not want anyone to feel afraid for their own life no matter how bad of a person they are. The process of fearing is often one that we cannot climb over, but he believes that this is not the right way to live.

Instead of failing the climb a few times and giving up, the best route of action is to continue climbing no matter how many times it knocks you over. Bhanu Choudhrie has had a hard time realizing that he will succeed and all will be well if he simply puts his heart into his work, but over the years of helping people and making dreams realities around the world, he has gained quite a bit of perspective. This is what allows him to make such well-rounded decisions and it is the reason he believes in the process of losing.


What Does Felipe Montoro Jens Do To Improve Financing Deals?

Felipe Montoro Jens has been working in the financial world for a long time, and he has working on big contracts that allow for the improvement of infrastructure in South America. He has focused on his native Brazil, and he wants to expand that reach as far as he can. There are some steps below that Felipe goes through to improve his financial deals, and there are some things that any business person could apply to their own work.

How Is Financing Done?

Felipe Montoro Jens finds the people that are willing to invest in big infrastructure deals to create a leading relationship that is appropriate for everyone. More people who are looking for financing are planning a big project for their city or community. Because of this, financing must be cultivated by Felipe until each project is perfect. Of course, his company needs to make money, but he also wants the customer to be satisfied.

Improving In Everything He Does

Felipe wants to improve in everything he does because he believes that his company can always grow. He motivates his staff to do the best work they can do every day, and he has a real passion for the business that is easy to see. Because of this, he also gains the trust of the people who have hired him to help with financing. You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj to see more updates.

He Wants To See Every Customer Happy

Felipe will refine each financing deal carefully because he wants to know that his clients are just as happy as he is. The clients who are happy are more likely to return for more funding deals, and he also wants to see people get their projects started as quickly as they can. He wants his customers to feel like they can create jobs, put people to work, and order everything they need for infrastructure. This is something that will be very easy for people to see when they work with Felipe, and they could even ask for rushed financing if a project is a true emergency.

How Long Does Repayment Last?

Repayment terms can change on every deal as the client works with Felipe. Felipe is a great person to talk to about terms because he has many ways of making these deals favorable for the customer. He also wants to ensure that his clients can refinance if they want. When someone would like more time to pay, they can make a change. If a city wants to do another project, they could refinance to get better terms and more money. Felipe is always ready to help his clients get a better deal.


The beauty of what Felipe Montoro Jens does is that he helps make Brazil a better place to live. He can improve the way that cities look, and he helps with infrastructure that is needed in cities or villages that are growing fast. Because of this, he works in finance where he can refine each deal, give the customer better terms, and close the deal quickly. To find more details on Montoro’s profile, visit :


Russell Gimelstob Is Good At All The Things He Takes On

Russell Gimelstob has been valuable to the company that he has worked at for the past fourteen years, helping it to grow through the smart real estate transactions that he has made. He knows how to do complex work and deals with debt and equity in a good way. The company he has been working with is called Dune and he is always working on the West Coast. He works as a borrower and lender and also as a developer. He knows all about real estate and how to make a profit from it and has been helpful to the company because of that.

Russell Gimelstob previously worked in several other positions in business, including a time served at Goldman Sachs. And when he is not busy with his work in business, he is busy with the philanthropy that he does. He is involved with The Valarie Fund, which is there for children with cancer and other disorders. And he is also on the board of a few organizations including California Berkeley’s business school.

Russell Gimelstob was a tennis player when he was younger and was one of the best to ever play at his school. He was the captain of the team in his sophomore year, the only student at the school to ever accomplish such a thing, and he went back to Newark Academy a while after graduating to be given the honor of being inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame. Russell Gimelstob carried his love of tennis with him into college and he received awards for the skills that he showed during his time playing at Cornell University. He was also very focused on his schooling during that time and earned his bachelor’s degree, which prepared him for work in the business world, even while excelling in college sports.

Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

One of the most recognized football club owners in England is Gino Pozzo. Gino Pozzo is currently the owner of the Watford Football Club which is a soccer team. Gino Pozzo is known for taking the worst of the football clubs and turning the club into a championship caliber team. He is basically the Jerry Jones of soccer. Gino Pozzo grew up in a soccer atmosphere. His mother and his father both where football lovers and his other family members also had the same passion for the game of football. Gino Pozzo and his family had close ties to Udinese Calcio football club. The reason why the family was so intertwined with this particular football club and they still are to this day is because one of his family members was the president of the team.

Gino Pozzo is not just an excellent soccer team owner but he is also an excellent businessman and entrepreneur. He was educated here in the United States at Harvard University and he graduated with a master’s degree. After completing his master’s degree at Harvard he then moved back to Barcelona, Spain with his wife and children. Mr. Pozzo’s family has a legacy for not only having a passion for football but also for being a business-minded and entrepreneurial family. The family owns various businesses including a tool making business. The family has always been involved in the woodworking industry but in 2008 they sold their woodworking company so they could purchase more football clubs. The current industry that the family is involved in is owning and managing an electrical appliance business. They also have their hands in the finance and real estate industry as well. The Pozzo family is not just a sports family. They are a dynasty have built a legacy that they will leave for the children and grandchildren that is spread across many different industries.

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Working Hard For What You Want With Bernardo Chua

All throughout his childhood Bernardo Chua dreamed of being a doctor. He always knew that he wanted to help people. Even though he did not follow through with his dream of becoming a doctor he still helped a ton of people throughout his career. Direct selling is something that does not come easily. You must love people, you must be driven to succeed, and you must not be afraid to work hard. Bernardo knew all of this when he jumped into starting his business called Organo Gold

Organo Gold grew at a pretty fast rate. Bernardo Chua says that his biggest achievement with this company is taking it to the global level. He loves that his company has been able to provide families with financial freedom and given them so much. His main goal in life is not to succeed but to help other people be successful. He had a lot of past experiences throughout his career and his life that helped him to decide that creating Organo Gold was the right step for him. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

Growing up as the youngest of 14 children he always felt like he was trying to please many different bosses. His family was very involved growing up and had a family business going that all of the kids got to help with. This helped him get an idea of the business life at a very early age. Once he took off and went off to college he knew what he wanted to do.

Bernard Chua knows how hard it is to get into the direct selling business but he also knows how successful you can be thanks to Organo Gold. He wants people to know that if they are not afraid to fail things will fall into place. Get out there take a chance and don’t be afraid to put a little work in. Connect:

Brian Torchin Offers Expertise In Staffing

Brian Torchin started his career as a student at University of Delaware. It was there that he earned a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science degree. After receiving his degree, he started working as a chiropractor. He worked in this position for many years.

With many years in the medical field, Brian saw a need in the personnel end of the field. So many times jobs are not easily found in the medical profession because those jobs are not necessarily listed publicly. Brian Torchin founded a staffing company that does just that. In March 2005, he founded HCRC Staffing. This online platform allows medical professionals to find employment much easier. It helps those that are looking for jobs the ability to connect with hospitals, medical offices and other areas in medicine that might have job openings. Visit to find out more jobs opening.

Brian Torchin seems to be the pioneer in Healthcare Recruitment counselors. He has set the standards that show how to provide a professional and detailed solution for both those looking for a medical job, and those that are seeking employees for their medical establishment. He has been consistent in providing quality applicants to those that are looking for help.

Brian has worked with people in many parts of the world, including United States, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. He collaborates with people in those areas and has a client base of 200. Along with running his company, he also regularly writes for the company blog. His blog is an educational resource where people can read and look for answers to some of their questions about finding employment or how to recruit the best candidates for a job. When people use his services, they are able to save the time it takes to look for and hire new employees, and it is helpful because there is less chance of a bad hire since his staffing office vets the possible future employees.

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