Edwin Miranda Knows Performance Driven Marketing

Edward Miranda is CEO of a performance driven marketing agency. He helps global brands get a larger market share for their products. His company helps clients push the limits of marketing their products. Edwin is founder of this company called KOI/IXS.

He begins his day at 5:30 checking news and mail from clients. Edward eats breakfast and rides a stationary bike or goes for a run. Often he spends time with his wife and children in the morning and takes their kids to school.

Using computer analytics is a great way to help customers, measure marketing results he says. It is easy today to predict sales results and find the best markets for products. Computer programs make personalized marketing a reality to customers.

He thinks his habit of getting up early every day has made him more successful. His advice is to be bold, take risks, make mistakes, and be passionate about what you do. His daily to do list helps him reach goals.

Edward Miranda surround himself with people he trusts and knows how to delegate work to fellow employees. He uses a time management and calendar tool called called Fantastical 2 to keep organized.

Their agency use data collection, research, and technology to help their clients succeed. They focus on innovation and strategy, digital ecosystems, digital marketing, and performance & optimization. The employees help with social media, design, and special apps. They provide each client with a customized marketing plan.

Edward received a BA in Business Administration from the InterAmerican University of PR. He attended MIT and Sloan School of Management, and he has received many awards for his work.

Article Title: Zeco Auriemo taking his business to greater heights

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José Auriemo Neto, otherwise known as Zeco Auriemo is a Brazillian Executive and the current chairman of JHSF a business she inherited from his father. This is a company in the real estate business, focused on the development of both residential and commercial properties in Brazil. Notably, Auriemo Neto has previously served as the company’s CEO where he oversaw the company’s interests in public developments, hotels and office buildings.

It was not until 2009 that José Auriemo Neto oversaw the brand’s first experience as it tried its hand in retail business. This saw the company sign various agreements and getting into partnerships with other notable brands like Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo. It also led to the company opening its first retail outlets in Cidade Jardim shopping complex, owned by JHSF.

In its bid to strengthen its business acumen and increase its reach even more, the brand reached out to Valentino for partnership, a feat that saw them open the first red Valentino stores in Brazil. However, the company faced a little setback in 2016 and 2017 thanks to the decline in luxury sales during this period. Being the resilient personality he has always been, José Auriemo Neto bounced back in 2018 with impressive end year revenues.

José Auriemo Neto attended São Paulo’s Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University before he went ahead to work for JHSF. In 1997, Neto founded the services department for the group through, Parkben, a revolutionary parking lot management platform. This went on to post impressive results, and this inspires the young executive to do more. In 1998, he developed the Shopping Santa Cruz the first shopping destination for the group.

Apart from his commitment to JHSF’s projects, Auriemo Neto takes his time to interact with its investors and stakeholders. This way, he gets to understand their side of the story and this helps him improve more on his service delivery.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Promotes the Use of Social Media for the Expansion of L’Oreal

To Dan Bethelmy-Rada, success is defined by different people in different situations using different parameters. Consequently, it is of no use to compare your trajectory or success with someone else’s. As such, you should enjoy your time, enjoy learning, and learn from your mistakes. After all, failing is part of the journey to success. The Global Brand President of the Professional Products Division at L’Oreal also knows the importance of maintaining a work-life balance if you are to be successful in all facets of life. Additionally, dedication, prioritization, keeping a strict schedule, pushing the limits, using inspiration, and effective communication will see you reach your goals eventually.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the youngest DMI General Manager to be appointed by L’Oreal in the history of the company. He attained this role before turning 40 years old after working with the firm for almost 15 years. His interest in the beauty industry was cultivated over the years. Born in Venezuela and raised in the USA, before eventually moving to Paris for his university education, Bethelmy-Rada encountered beauty wherever he went. This showed him there the definition of beauty in the world depended on where you were. Being a photographer, he also saw beauty whenever he stood behind a camera lens. This is also how he brings his ideas to life.

For his college education, Dan Bethelmy-Rada moved to France at the age of 16 years. He joined the Sorbonne University to study International Business and later proceeded to ESSEC Business School to pursue his MBA. However, attending the AFS-USA program is what nudged him to pursue a career in international relations and business. The program came with intercultural learning programs which inspired him to work for an international brand.

After completing his studies, he took up the position of Product Manager with La Scad, L’Oreal’s cosmetics distribution company. Here he honed his skills in advertising and marketing. Through mentorship with his seniors, he was soon promoted to a Director in the L’Oreal Consumer Products Division. Before long, he was working as the Assistant Vice President of L’Oreal’s Garnier International where he was in charge of the Fructis hair care and skin care line before being promoted to his current role.

The use of social media as a marketing strategy is exciting to Dan Bethelmy-Rada. Consequently, he is looking forward to seeing what these platforms have in store for the marketing and beauty industries in the future.

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How Bernardo Chua Became a Financial Success

Bernardo Chua, a successful professional may not have a ton of information on his Facebook page, but it’s safe to say he isn’t a braggart. Although successful, he lets others speak for him.

Although he is now regarded as a financial professional, it’s safe to say that his background speaks for itself. Having created many businesses over the years, it’s no surprise that he is so successful.

The most well-known company he created is Organo Gold. Born and raised in the Philippines, Bernardo Chua was most likely not on the list of the most successful people. However, he was raised by two hard-working parents that taught him the value of having a strong work ethic and dedication to your craft. Visit Bernardo Chua on Twitter@OGBernie

When he founded Gano Excel, the company was in its early stages. It was here that he built a company utilizing what he had learned about multi-level marketing and how to build a business using this model. Later, the company would change it’s name to Organo Gold and focus on selling healthy coffee and related products.

The core of the product line was to include the ganoderma lucidum extract from mushrooms to improve overall health and boost immunity. The coffee was the most popular product, along with tea and tablets.

Bernardo Chua has enjoyed much success throughout his career, including being recognized as a top leader in direct sales. He single-handedly is responsible for opening up the market in North America for ganoderma lucidum.

His Chinese heritage led him to explore the health benefits of the mushroom extract, and it also led him to researching more about how to use it. Bernardo Chua was the first to present the extract being added to coffee, teas, and other supplements.

Good health using nature was his greatest passion. It is with this passion that Mr Chua has accomplished so much.

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Bernardo Chua: Building A Business based On Improving Peope’s Health

There are people who specialize in one useful piece of knowledge and use it to ensure a successful career. Bernardo Chua was able to accomplish this. When he was a young child, he had learned that a mushroom called Ganoderma lucidum could do wonders to improve someone’s overall health. This simple knowledge about a mushroom would eventually get him to start his own company called Organo Gold. He founded the company in 2008. The Organo Gold company sells a variety of beverages, supplements, and skin care products with the key ingredient being Ganoderma lucidum. Mr. Chua educates the public about all the health properties that are contained in the Ganoderma lucidum. He believes that continuing to get the word out is going to keep his company at a competitive advantage in the direct selling industry. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

The company that helped to launch Bernardo Chua’s career was GanoExcel. The company was recruiting people who could help to advertise products such as coffees and teas that were blended with the Ganoderma lucidum. The company hired Bernardo Chua because of his knowledge, as well as his good-natured character. Mr. Chua performed his duties for the company so well that he climbed the ranks and was appointed to lead the North American branch for Gano Excel.

People who are trying to find a simple way to increase their overall health can do so by using some of the Organo Gold products. It could be as simple as drinking a cup of Organo Gold coffee once a day. Taking products with Ganoderma lucidum will create a state where the body is better able to produce oxygen. When a human body can generate more oxygen, it is better able to toughen the overall immune system. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, and other health issues are better able to manage their issues while taking Ganoderma.

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Ted Bauman Outlines Shocking Revelations on Apple’s Future

In one of his recent publications of his newsletter at Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman explains the reasons leading to the plunging of Apple price stocks. He starts by saying that the New York Stock Exchange took a large amount of the company’s money. Additionally, Bauman outlines the reasons why the iPhone maker’s future is not as promising as it was some ten years back. According to the recently released fourth –quarter fiscal report from Apple, the total company’s earnings per share stood at $2.91 and the total revenue at $62.1 billion. Commenting about this report, Ted Bauman noted that the investors look upon the company’s future performance but not the past. He added that due to the company’s renowned growth and innovation expertise, the investors are full of expectations in the company’s stocks contrary to the report.

Ted Bauman is however quick to add that the company has experienced a slow or no growth since the death of Steve Jobs, the former Chief Executive Officer, in 2015. Additionally, the snail-paced growth contributed to the company’s share diving. Ted Bauman pointed out that although Apple is the highest earning company in the world and its earnings result from the company’s pricing power. He said that the company sells its products at extremely high prices not because they are better than the phones from its competitors but because of the brand. Many customers are ready to pay an extra coin to be part of Apple brand because the company invested in the brand. However, he warns that to bring a brand to that level is very expensive and Apple worked on it.

Most of the company’s profit comes through the sale of the iPhone that holds the large market share in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. Globally, iPhone holds a small percentage of 20 percent of the smartphone market. The unique experience in Apple’s brand makes the customers accept to pay more. On the future of Apple in the stock market, Ted Bauman notes that it is likely to hit low because the financial report results brought lower figures than anticipated by analysts who predicted it to hit $93 billion in revenue.

Eucatex’s Environmental Education Program by Flavio Maluf

Flavio is a businessman and executive of Eucatex who has invested most of his career in the company instilling sustainability and other social actions. Eucatex which is turning 67 on 23rd November 2018, deals in a variety of building products. Some include partitions, floors, doors, MDP and MDP panels, paints, fiber sheets and varnishes from Brazil. Read more about Flavio at

Founded in 1951, Eucatex is based in São Paulo and uses eucalyptus trees as raw materials in its production. Flavio insisted on environmental and social benefits starting an investment in land and reforestation projects in 1962. The plan was to sustain their tree supply and expansion of the company while ensuring the sustainability of the land.

Flavio Maluf’s love for the environment led him to spread the company’s operations beyond its headquarters in São Paulo city throughout Brazil. Through Eucatex, he started an informative program, “Casa da Natureza ” which is an Environmental Education Program (PEA). The project also got support from the public, especially the government and schools in São Paulo. Flavio Maluf received a partnership with city hall’s representatives; Salto, Avaré, Bofete, and Anhembi including some Public Education Networks student attendants.

The program mainly focused on the importance of afforestation, preservation of forests, eucalyptus as an important forest-based product and raw material, park visits, urban tree planting and management of ecological trails. Flavio Maluf, through Eucatex’s Environmental Education Program, has since implemented the project, including recovery planting of trees in degraded areas receiving more than 27,000 visitors.

Eucatex also lets the society participate in the program through socioeconomic diagnosis through their specialists by conducting regular checks. An example is the community surrounding, or nearby Eucatex’s farms get interviewed on how to better improve their quality of life, forest operations, and social well-being.

The communities’ lives get improved through Eucatex’s Apiculture program which helped them start income generation projects. Those living around the forest are then allowed to grow pasture near the woods or start beekeeping projects to exploit the eucalyptus flowering and produce honey in the process.



Shiraz Boghani’s Business Investments.

Shiraz Boghani, as chairperson and founder of Splendid Hospitality Group, he was accorded the award Hotelier of the year honor in the year twenty sixteen through the Asian Business awards. This was one of the great honors he has received over the years. His success commenced when he relocated to the United Kingdom and ventured into accounting. This led to his qualification as a Chartered accountant. He was later employed into a professional firm which deals with financial advice. There, he worked as an accountant. Apart from accounting, Shiraz Boghani has a specific keen interest in the hotel sector thus making this not only business but business is driven by passion. He has been in the hotel industry [for thirty years. More about of Shiraz Boghani at CompanyCheck

During his years in the Industry, Shiraz Boghani has managed to spearhead the commence, building and success of twenty hotels in the United Kingdom. One of the largest projects in his lengthy career as a hotelier is the building and development of the renowned hotel Hilton London Bankside which has an estimated net worth of one hundred and twenty- one million pounds. The Conrad London St. James, The York, The Grand Hotel and Spa are also part of his greatest successes, these among others.

Shiraz Boghani, beside his busy schedules and dedication to business, he has spared his time and focused his energy in too many good causes. Born in Kenya, Boghani is now a leading member in the United Kingdom’s National Council where he represents the interests of the Ismaili community across U.K. He is also an enormous supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation where he is involved in several activities in the Aga Khan University based in Pakistan. He has also tasked himself in issuing training programs in parts of Kenya and The United Kingdom.

Shiraz Boghani co-founded Sussex Health Care. This facility is charged with the responsibility of taking care of individuals with different medical attention in dementia, neurology, the aged and learning disabilities. He has watched the company grow from an idea, the grand opening and the launching of twenty-four care homes.

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Michael Hagele’s riding guide


Michael Hagele is a professional in the tech industry who likes riding and keeping fit as part of his routine during the holidays. His interest in riding the bicycle has seen him become one of the best adviser in the riding world.

The high-speed mountain biking is considered one of the most extreme sport. It is in the same category as aerial freestyle skiing. However, there are others to refer to the game as a luxury sport, terming it as the modern day golf. Beginners need not worry much as Michael Hagele one of the all-time best bikers has got them covered with a complete guide on how to make it in the sport. His primary focus on the guide according to Michael Hagele is having a Physical Orientation, the right equipment, and a positive mind. In fact, with the three, one might easily learn the art of biking after a few outings. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter @Michael_Hagele_

The cycling tips

Have right personal equipment and attire

Wearing a well-fitting helmet is the first thing that one needs to buy. This is followed by athletic shoes that are clipless, sturdy and flat. A good biker also wears comfortable and light clothes that can stretch and breath while on the mountain climbing mission. Furthermore, when riding, avoid wearing underwear as it may make you feel uncomfortable.

Furthermore, a water bottle is also essential for the riding session as it helps in quenching the thirst as well. However, there are optional items for the beginners, and if they have the funds, they may choose to bring with them. They include A secure and fitting bag pack as well as gloves for a good grip.

Physical and Psychological preparation to ride

Physical development from the gym or any other sport is essential before beginning to ride. Furthermore, ensure that you take sufficient calories in the morning before heading out for a ride. Stretching and warming up your muscles helps in preventing unfortunate scenarios like a muscle pull.

Furthermore, prepare for the environmental elements such as the heat index, the storm forecasts, humidity, the rain, and the sun as well.



Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone
Randal Nardone's comments about Softbank's Acquisition of Fortress

Randal Nardone’s comments about Softbank’s Acquisition of Fortress

The Japanese megabank Softbank has confirmed the acquisition of Fortress Investments Group. The deal was announced 12/27/2017 after news about the deal leaked early in the year. The final papers have been signed with the company’s shareholders set to receive $3.3 billion from Softbank.

Fortress shareholders will receive compensation based on each entities shareholding. Class A shareholders are guaranteed to receive at least $8.08 for each share they hold. Following the finalization of the acquisition, Softbank has become the sole shareholder of all Fortress Investment Group shares.

The New York stock exchange also expressed that they are going to delist Fortress shares from their listed shares. This announcement comes after regulators authorized the deal. According to the terms of the agreement, Softbank is going to allow the current management of Fortress Investment to remain in place.

Shortly after the deal was finalized, Mr. Randal Nardone said that he was optimistic about the agreement and the future of the company. He noted that the investment interests of Fortress remains in the industries in which it has always invested.

As such, Mr. Randal said that the company would continue to invest in railroads, hedge funds, credit funds, real estate, and private equity. Mr. Randal Nardone also noted that they expect Softbank Group’s acquisition of Fortress to enable them to access bigger sources of credit, which will allow them to expand and accelerate its growth.

Mr. Randal Nardone also maintains that the deal was great for his company’s investors because Softbank acquired the firm at $8.08 per share at a time when its share was trading at $5.83. The significant difference in pricing meant that shareholders got more per share as compared to the current share value. Mr. Randal Nardone first graduated as a lawyer from Boston University of law and later with a business degree from University of Connecticut. He serves as a board member to more than eight companies.

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