Maarten De Jeu Talks about the Upper Sides of Real Estate Investment

Maarten De Jeu is a prominent entrepreneur who also specializes in strategic planning. He has developed various companies and scaled them to great heights. His academic background is in M.A with a specialty in Public Administration. In addition to that, he holds an MBA from Oxford University. Maarten has expertise in global corporate strategy that has helped him grow many companies. The coverage includes countries in the United States, Asia, and Europe, as well. He gained experience from the TVDK Management Consultants and Aviva plc, London. On that account, he has deep insights regarding how commercial properties bring benefits to the table.

For starters, Maarten De Jeu expounds on the difference between commercial and residential property. According to him, commercial properties attract huge profits, unlike family homes. In addition to that, substantial capital is required to put up the buildings that will bring in some income. Commercial property can be in the form of manufacturing centers, warehouses, industrial parks, and office buildings. They are often large and have the upper hand for investors globally.


There is some great news since laws governing investment in the real estate sector are now favorable. For this reason, many people can invest comfortably in commercial property. The Crowdfunding technique allows fro those with minimum capital to be part of the business. Investors who are not accredited can deposit about $5,000 as the initial investment. The benefits come upon the sale of the property or receive monthly rent. Other advantages include;

Tax Deductions

The primary advantage that comes with commercial properties is paying less tax. It comes as a result of deduction based on property depreciation. Thus, the owner can use the money to repair the building or upgrade it by painting. As at now, there is an allowance of 20% deduction on the property. A tax professional comes handy at this stage to help with the filing.

Fewer Risks

In addition to that, real estate in the commercial sector has fewer risks as compared to traditional investments. They are immune to inflation shocks and value reduction that come in the stock markets. Therefore, the owners rest assured that they will receive rent at the end of every month. Learn more:

Definite Cash Flow

Investors have an upper side, and that is rent returns that help them cater to the cash flow. They can utilize the money in many ways to make them prosper. For instance, re-investing the money to another project is the best approach. Plus, they are almost sure that each month, their bank accounts get a deposit of the rent.

 Insurance Advantage

According to Maarten De Jeu, commercial property is the safest form of investment. In this case, storm or floods damage is catered for by the insurance company. Hence, the investor will not spend his or her finances for the repairs. The other vital benefit is that one can upgrade the buildings and improve them to attract clients. There is room for renovation so that they can impress new tenants.

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How Maarten De Jeu Teach People About Commercial Real Estate

Maarten De Jeu provides advice regarding commercial real estate. De Jeu shows people that real estate investments can be used to will help people reach their goals. De Jeu is a well-known advisor to Fortune 100 companies. De Jeu helps people understand how easy it is to make a real estate investment. Real estate investments are no longer exclusively for wealthy individuals like in the past. There are many people who pool their resources together to take advantage of various real estate opportunities.


Maarten De Jeu makes people understand the different properties that can be categorized arise as commercial real estate. Warehouses, industrial parks, and office buildings can be classified as commercial real estate. The commercial estate is normally more expensive than residential real estate property. Commercial real estate is normally much larger than registered residential properties. There have been laws passed such as the Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act in 2012 to allow access to real estate opportunities to almost everyone. JOBS act of 2012 will allow the use of crowdfunding by small businesses to attract investors. It also helps provide a method to invest in new businesses. Learn more:


Maarten De Jeu is aware of the JOBS Act in 2012 made it possible for many investors to investments in commercial estate investing in real estate would be able to get a share of the rent paid on the property. The investors are also able to collect monthly interest payments when crowdfunding is utilized. It allows investors to reinvest money earned from the initial investment in other real estate projects. There are some tax advantages gained by making investments.


Maarten De Jeu shows the advantages gained by a person who chooses to make an investment in commercial real estate. If it does not have to worry about investing fees. A person investing in real estate does not have to worry about management fees that might be utilized when a person has an investment in a mutual fund. Many people choose to invest in commercial real estate because its value is normally growing faster than inflation. There is normally little risk involved when holding a real estate investment. 


Maarten De Jeu was able to start a business called SVM Business Advisory in 2012. He is involved in International Business. De Jeu also co-founded a company called SpeakUp. SpeakUp provided compliance solutions for publicly traded companies. He has earned an MBA from Oxford University. De Jeu also enjoys tennis and spending time with his family.

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SoftBank absorbs Fortress in multi-billion dollar deal

Fortress Investment Group LLC is now a subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp as of December 28th 2017. In a deal for $3.3 billion in cash the Japanese based technology investment company will now reflect all of Fortress Investment Group LLC’s financial information under SoftBank moving forward. The deal also includes buying of Fortress Investment Group’s Class A stocks at $8.08 per share, which turns out to be 39 percent higher than the stock price at the close of the bell on Fortress Investment’s last day of trading. Fortress Investment Group LLC (FIG) was removed from the New York Stock Exchange.

SoftBank Group Corp is an international enterprise holdings firm, who began to really grow during the mid-90s. SoftBank Group started Yahoo Japan in 1996. SoftBank invested $20 million in Alibaba in 2000, and by 2014 when Alibaba went public, that investment ballooned into $60 billion. Some economist regard SoftBank’s investment in Alibaba as one of the greatest ever. SoftBank acquired Vodafone Japan, on March 17th 2006. In 2008, SoftBank partnered with Tiffany & Co. to make a limited cellphone of only 10 models. SoftBank, in February 3, 2010 bought 13.7% of Ustream. By January 2013, SoftBank acquired eAccess, one of its competitors. SoftBank invested $210 million in OlaCabs, in October 2014, and $627 million in Snapdeal. SoftBank invested, November 2014, $100 million in SoftBank also helped design a robot with Aldebaran Robotics In 2016. More Businesses at Fortress on

SouthBank founder Masayoshi Son, assures the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group will not interfere in the way the company has ran to this point. 1998, Wes R. Edens, Randy Nardone and Rob Kauffmann founded Fortress Investment Group LLC in 1998. Today the excutives of Fortress are Wesley Edens, Randy Alan Nardone, and Peter Briger. Wes R. Edens, co-founder of Fortress, in 1984 earned his Bachelors of Science in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University. Lehman Brothers is where Mr. Edens began his career in finance and investments from 1987 to 1993. Mr. Nordone, has a J.D. from Boston University School of Law and Bachelors of Arts in English and Biology, both from the University of Connecticut. Randy Alan Nardone (Randy JD) has been Chief Executive Officer and COO since 2013. Randy is also Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation, and President and Chairman of Springfield Financial Holdings, LLC. Randy is also Director of Fortress Credit Corporation and Springleaf REIT Inc, a position he has held since May 2011.

Peter Briger is Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment and elected Co-Chairman in 2009. A Princeton University alumni, Peter Briger is a former partner at Goldman Sachs and serves on the Global Control and Compliance Committee and Asian Management.

Fortress Investment Group LLC will continue to work as a private independent company within SoftBank, and will continue following the business models and practices that has made them one the most successful buyout companies ever. Related: A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Academy of Art University: Where Creative Dreams Come True

Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco, California, is a well known and accredited private University.

It offers intriguing fields of studies: fashion,jewelry and metal ,landscape architecture, acting,photography,graphic design, motion picture,advertising,game development,television,and animation.

The personal decision one makes, in choosing where to experience their higher education and skills training is highly important.

Recently,the Academy of Art University has produced an enlightening segment for curious and prospective students. It is called, “Day in the Life.”

You can follow along with students who attend classes or study flexible online courses at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

One of the best ways to learn and discover answers to pondering questions is observe others living it– day by day coverage. It’s interesting to see the student’s struggles and victories,as they reach towards their goals and aspirations. First hand, the “Day in a Life” students explain their plans and strategies. For instance, television student, Sam Bear, is videotaped and appears on Utube. He attends Academy of Art, and is expressive about his personal decisions, activities, and feelings, during his life at Academy of Art. He felt that Academy of Art was a “Community ” and a place he felt “comfortable fitting in.”

Being an Art major may be an intimidating choice. Bear comments that his “professors helped find viable career options.” Bear also states that “the courses are challenging.”

Some of the inviting and named features found at Academy of Art were state-of-the-art production equipment, numerous libraries, comfortable lounges and restaurants,and collaborating student sessions—to bring out the best and unique ideas from all students.

Finally, the ultimate gem of being a student at AAU, according to Sam Bear, are the “friendships” formed. He likes knowing he has been challenged in his field and has formed colleagues to collaborate with in the future.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Wants AAG to be the Best Flight School in Asia

When Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie founded Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) 13 years ago, he hoped that it would become a world-class flight school. Today after graduating 900 pilots from over 40 different countries, AAG is recognized as the finest aviator training academy in the Philippines.

Visiting AAG’s campus in Pampanga province, 50 miles north of Manila, you will find an active batch of cadet pilots. The cadet corps has access to top-notch instruction as well as state of the art equipment. That includes a brand-new A320 flight simulator. Bhanu Choudhrie has little doubt the new simulator is worth the $11 million investment.

One thing is certain, it will be put to good use as enrollment ramps up to keep pace with ever-increasing demand for new pilots. Boeing estimates that the demand for more pilots will result in slots for 200,000 new commercial aviators in Asia by 2038.

The developing pilot shortage has led many commercial carriers throughout Asia to start their own academies. Others have made arrangements with AAG for the training of their new pilots. AAG has worked with the biggest names among airlines flying in the Philippines, such as Philippine Airways, Cebu Air, and PAL Express among others.

The pilot shortage is getting worse, according to Bhanu Choudhrie, because of the exclusive gender notions many people have about the profession. For instance, in the Philippines, aviation is considered men’s work. As a matter of fact, worldwide 97% of all pilots are men. Bhanu Choudhrie authoritatively declares that the future of aviation will demand that women have a seat in the cockpit. There just are not enough men to supply the number of pilots needed by the airlines.

Consistent with Mr. Choudhrie’s view, the cadet corps at AAG is 20% female. He attributes that to the efforts made by the school at recruiting women.

Female pilots representing AAG visit universities around the Philippines where they give presentations. During these interactions many of the misconceptions regarding gender and aviation are dispelled from the minds of viable candidates.

Now that AAG has become the preeminent flight school in the Philippines, the work has begun to make it number one throughout Asia. Want to learn more about Bhanu Choudhrie, visit at

James Dondero: A Giving Heart With An Eye For The Right Investment

Most business owners believe in being involved in the communities they serve. This is an ethical practice. Some just love to give. It’s what they are about to show they care because their customers come from these areas. They are holding on to personal values that were instilled in them long before that business was even started. Regardless of why they decide to donate and make philanthropy a big part of their of the businesses, they are making an impact where it is needed. James Dondero is one such person. He is a co-founder of Highland Capital Management and loves to give. He spots certain organizations that he knows will benefit greatly from his donations, and that’s where he puts his heart. It never fails that when he does this, that nonprofit ends up flourishing as a result.

James Dondero loves to contribute and is glad to help when he truly can. He’s not just doing it for ethical reasons either. He is a man that believes in putting his heart into it. Jim loves being able to see his contributions make a difference just like in the investments he makes. There is nothing wrong with having a heart of gold for the community which you serve. In his case, it’s his beloved city of Dallas. The zoo there can attest to the mark that was left due to his donations for the Hippo enclosure.

James Dondero is a is a man of greatness. Giving will always be in his blood. We all could learn how to put philanthropy as a top priority if we take a lesson from him. It’s not always about profit. We need to step up and do what Jim has done. There will never be another true giver like James Dondero.

The Professional Career and Work of TJ Maloney

TJ Maloney is an investment professional who has decades of experience. He joined the Lincolnshire team in 1993 and is currently the CEO and chairman of the company. Throughout his career, he has made it his mission to improve investments for entrepreneurs and individuals who need financial assistance. Before joining the Lincolnshire team, he worked as an investment expert in New York City. This gave him the edge he needed to improve his career and help the people who were coming to him for assistance. By working with experts, he was able to improve the services that he offers and allow other people to see the true potential in their own investments.

TJ Maloney is the formed chairman of the Boston College Wall Street council and has served on many boards to help people to benefit from the work that he has done. Along with having an extensive career within the investment industry, he is also highly educated when it comes to business. He graduated from Columbia University and has received many awards for his work within the field. Because of his extensive experience and education, TJ Maloney is able to offer his services to people all throughout the world. Despite working with Lincolnshire Management, he continually works with entrepreneurs and helps them to see the true potential in the type of work they are doing.

Lincolnshire Management is a firm that was established over two decades ago. Since its inception, it has become one of the most highly sought-after investment firms in the world and is working with people of all backgrounds. They take a more creative approach when it comes to helping people with their investments, which is allowing them to achieve the goals that they have and finally create the company that they have always wanted for themselves.

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Sheldon Lavin’s High Priority for Sustainable Food

Sustainable food may not have always been a high priority for Sheldon Lavin. After all, he was once a college student at the University of Illinois and at Northwestern University who was more interested in eating food. He graduated with a degree in accounting and finance. Sheldon Lavin also attended Roosevelt University and got a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in business.

Sheldon Lavin’s first business experience had nothing to do with food production. He got his start as a banker and financier, but that was all about to change in the 1970s. He got involved indirectly with the growing phenomena of Mcdonalds Restaurants. One of Mcdonald’s main suppliers of hamburger was Otto and Sons. As McDonalds popped up all over the midwest, Otto and Son’s business grew. To sustain that growth, Otto and Sons worked with Sheldon Lavin to finance new processing facilities. To learn more about Sheldon Lavin visit at

Otto and Son’s was so impressed by Sheldon Lavin’s performance that they made him a consultant. In the 1970s McDonald’s was expanding into international markets and Otto & Sons felt the need to do the same. Again, Sheldon Levin came to the rescue, assuring that Otto & Sons would now become an international business under the new moniker, OSI Group. For this fantastic work, Lavin was awarded a full partnership and shortly after he committed full time to OSI Group when he became chairman and CEO.

With this exponential growth of his business, food sustainability became very important to Sheldon Lavin. He brought on a new person into the corporate suite of OSI to oversee sustainability efforts. Her name was Nicole Johnson-Hoffman and her title was Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). Investments have been made in research facilities in the United States and China to do nothing but investigate sustainability best practices that can be rolled out in the organization.

The commitment to sustainability can be seen in the awards OSI facilities throughout the world consistently win. India is a country with eight OSI facilities and was so impressed by OSI sustainability practices that the nation awarded OSI its global Visionary Award for sustainability practices. Learn More:

Smita Shah is a Female CEO that wants Women to Succeed

Being a CEO is hard work for anyone. However, it can be more difficult for a woman to head a company than a man. Many female CEOs who run major organizations still are not being treated on the same level as men. This has to change. Many women want things to change. Especially females in the CEO position. Smita Shah is a female that wants females to succeed. 


Smita Shah is the CEO and president of Spaan Tech. This organization is a developer within the Chicago area. They help needy communities by improving their communities with sustainable housing and public works. Smita Shah knows how important her work is. This is why she started this company. She wants to see people live better since their environment plays a role in their overall quality of life. 


Smita Shah is adamant about women’s success. So many women are being deprived of their opportunities to prove themselves in the business world. Part of the problem is that women are not prepared for their success. Females must be ready to take on the challenges and issues that impact their gender in the sphere of business. 


American culture influences how women are treated in the workforce. The United States has a long history of treating women in a subpar way when it comes to work. Women are generally seen as subservient individuals. Smita Shah knows that this is not true. While it is a fact that females traditionally tended the home and cared for children; that doesn’t mean that they did not (or could not) perform important functions outside of the home. Learn more:


Women are capable of working in many different fields just like men. They need education, training, and wisdom. Smita Shah wants females to know that they should get as much training as possible and be competent about whatever field they choose to work. This way, they will be able to effectively compete with men at a greater degree.


Remember that female CEOs have come a long way. However, they still only account for up to 10% of all company heads. Females have a long way to go to gain mainstream acceptance as business leaders and head figures within organizations. 


However, that does not mean that they cannot achieve this goal. The main thing for a female to remember is that she must work hard and not allow social norms and values to define her work life. Ultimately, a woman can be an effective leader like any man.

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The Salle Family – Brian and Karen Salle North Carolina Entrepreneurs

Brian Salle founded The Salle Group in 2015. He proposed the idea after being dissatisfied with the lack of online marketing resources available for ordinary business owners. With 40 combined years of business experience, the Salle Group facilitates web design and online marketing techniques in a time where it is most needed.

New services open to small firms include information technology support and web development. Additional features may also range from integrated SEO to a custom-built online store, complete with a landing page. The Salle Group promises to deliver pure quality design solutions with its expertise in multiple programming languages.

Brian Salle is also the founder of Highland Legacy Farms as well as Principal Director of IT at Florida Property Network.

Brian Salle’s wife Karen is the founder of real estate developer, Blackpoint. In January 2018, Southern Avery County was granted access to the high-speed network through the collaborations of Blackpoint at Linville Falls and SkyLine, a telecommunications firm.

The project’s tasks included the installation of 12 miles of high-speed fiber-optic. Blackpoint contributed around $350,000 for the groundwork construction. SkyLine was responsible for covering the rest of the cost. In terms of high-speed connection in the High County, SkyLine is unmatched. SkyLine’s company reaches into communities such as Avery, Watauga, and Johnson counties.

The places in need of service are rural areas, most notably in the Appalachia. Nearly 35 percent of Avery residents lacked high-speed internet.

Installation is necessary for the local economy to run better. In this day and age, paper job applications are constantly being replaced by online applications, and that is something that Blackpoint and SkyLine understand. The same thing could be said about the current educational system, requiring students to complete assignments with a mouse and keyboard. Karen Salle mentioned the necessity of high-speed internet, saying it was “absolutely vital to our community’s success.”