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Niranjan Shah

It is difficult to understand the struggle of an Indian immigrant who comes in search of a better life. It is very difficult and takes a great deal of perseverance. Determination is what got Niranjan Shah to his position today.

Early Life

It is true that Niranjan Shah has great wealth and power today but that is not how he started out. He started poor in a small village without any running water. The lack of electricity also didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. Working hard in school, he earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Birla Engineering College at Sardel Patel University in India. From there, he didn’t stop.

Moving to the states he then obtained his masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Mississippi on a full scholarship. He didn’t stop there. He also established Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974 and received management training at Harvard Business School.

Life Today

Today Niranjan Shah has been in a guest in the white house six times and is the head of his consulting engineering and construction management firm in Chicago. He is also a known Democrat, having helped with a major fund raiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy in 2016.

He is a great philanthropist and helps the community of both the United States and India when he can.

The Rise of Indian Culture

Migration has been hard for any immigration, but starting from the ground up, literally, Niranjan Shah is now known as one of the richest foreign-born people in the United States. Many Indian nationals have created businesses all over the United States, and some have expanded globally. Some statistics of Indian greatness in the United States include:

  • Accounting for about 4% of America’s doctors
  • About 2% of consulting staff worldwide
  • Own and operate about 40% of all United States Motels

There are more that Indians provide not only the American people, but the world. Niranjan Shah being such a prime example that he received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for his philanthropy and community outreach.

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Kushy Punch Could Grow and Expand

Expansion emerges as a top priority of many small businesses. Look at the many local products that initially served one area and now boast about nationwide distribution. With Kushy Punch, the product won’t appear in all 50 states any time soon, but expansion does rank as a top priority. The California company sells a unique brand of cannabis products that helped it become a top name in the Golden State. Both the company’s THC and CBD products have their loyal customers. And the number of customers continues to increase. Recently, the company started selling its flavored gummy selections in Michigan. Sales figures in Michigan are spectacular. The first day products bearing the Kushy Punch name hit the market, everything sold out. Incredibly, the sellout occurred within four hours.

Kushy Punch has a reputation for providing some of the most potent edibles available. The company’s T.K.O. gummy bar comes with 200mg of THC. That’s far higher than what most edible products offer. 60mg to 80mg are the commonly expected levels. Kushy Punch also produces several CBD products. The Kushy Punch 100mg CBD Gummy comes in award-winning sweet peach flavor, and it is not the only CBD option available. Customers can go with everything from capsules to sprays to more. No matter the specific CBD product, Kushy Punch serves up an all-natural offering.

The full-spectrum oil-infused gummies and CBD products seek to deliver what CEO Ruben Cross calls “Nature’s remedy.” At present, California and Michigan are the only two states where retailers sell Kushy Punch products. Plans involve expanding into Nevada and Arizona. Las Vegas, NV, in particular, could be a lucrative territory for the brand. Las Vegas remains a top destination for tourists, and they could become new customers for the brand. Maybe the full-spectrum oil process could win some new fans from around the globe.

Dr. Jejurikar Medium, Dallas MD

Dr. Jejurikar Medium is a well-known medical doctor. She currently practices in Dallas, Texas, and she specializes in hair restoration. Dr. Jejurikar Medium has been practicing medicine for several years now. She has earned a reputation for being one of the best hair restoration doctors in the Dallas area. In addition to helping his customers with hair restoration, Dr. Jejurikar Medium also specializes in helping his clients alter their nose, body, breast, and button with plastic surgery.

Throughout the years, she has received tons of great views on his procedures and bedside manors. According to Dr. Jejurikar Medium, one of the main causes of hair loss in women is due to medication. Some medications alter the hormones in the female body which can result in hair loss. For many women, hair loss can be devastating. Dr. Jejurikar Medium helps his patients restore their hair with hair graft implantation services.

Hair graft implantation is one of the most popular methods to restore hair loss because it is a quick procedure that does not inflict pain. Hair graft implantation has also become popular because it requires little to no time. Some patients may or may not experience soreness and or redness after the implantation. If a patient happens to experience this, it is a short-lived feeling that will go away within days. Hair graft implantation can be done on both women and men. Overall, Dr. Jejurikar Medium is an amazing doctor. He does a great job explaining medical terms, conditions, and procedures.

The Real Real Shopping Experience

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Peter Briger’s Role in Business World

Peter Briger is one of such people who have made a big name in the world of real estate and business. These type of people are trying to make their impact in their businesses as well as in other areas of life. Therefore, it is important for us to know how such people could be considered to be playing a big part in others’ wellness. Thus, people like Peter Briger are doing their best to perform their services for the people. It is important to mention that Peter Briger is leading a big investment company by the name of Fortress Investment Group. This company is trying to make its place in the life of others who do not find it easy to invest in some areas. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this company when one is trying to invest somewhere.

However, one should try to understand how this company could become helpful in other ways. Peter Briger being the leader of this company which is playing its role in changing the lives of many others, find it useful to follow some rules. He has tried to make himself clear about the several rules which make things easier for him and others. He believes in commitment and tries to deal with others in a highly professional way. It cannot be underestimated about Peter Briger the way he is trying to make his place in the life of others. He has struggled hard to make his place so that he could engage others to invest in various areas and aspects of life.

He is trying to make people understand the best ways to make investments in certain areas.It cannot be ignored that he is certainly trying to help others out through his investment plans and programs. These programs he has designed for the people who want to learn from his example. Nevertheless, he has a big role to play in helping people understand how business works. He has adopted investment as a business after carefully considering various aspects about it. Thus, one should always try to look at his example if one is willing to look for better opportunities in his life no matter what. Learn More.

Getting More Out of Performance Reviews with Betterworks

Performance reviews no longer need to strike fear in the hearts of employees or supervisors. Employees generally express anxiety of the unknown when anticipating a performance review. They are either worried that they will receive negative feedback from a superior or will not be able to implement the recommended corrections. Supervisors often make the mistake of waiting until a performance review to provide guidance on issues that an employee could have been taking steps to correct all along. The same is true for positive feedback. There is no need for an employee to wait for months to receive credit for a job well done.

These issues can be fixed by using the Betterworks Continuous Performance Management® solution.

Betterworks established a Continuous Performance Management® solution for companies to set goals for employees to achieve and manage their progress along the way. It is a way for busy supervisors to instantly check in on how their employees are doing so that they can more effectively advise them on how to overcome obstacles or reward them for excellent work.

Eliminate the stress over infrequent and vague performance reviews by implementing this cost-effective and streamlined Continuous Performance Management® solution from Betterworks. Employees will feel more engaged and be less likely to cite a lack of communication with their supervisors as a challenge because they will provide regular updates and receive more immediate responses using the Betterworks Continuous Performance Management® solution.