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Working Hard For What You Want With Bernardo Chua

All throughout his childhood Bernardo Chua dreamed of being a doctor. He always knew that he wanted to help people. Even though he did not follow through with his dream of becoming a doctor he still helped a ton of people throughout his career. Direct selling is something that does not come easily. You must love people, you must be driven to succeed, and you must not be afraid to work hard. Bernardo knew all of this when he jumped into starting his business called Organo Gold

Organo Gold grew at a pretty fast rate. Bernardo Chua says that his biggest achievement with this company is taking it to the global level. He loves that his company has been able to provide families with financial freedom and given them so much. His main goal in life is not to succeed but to help other people be successful. He had a lot of past experiences throughout his career and his life that helped him to decide that creating Organo Gold was the right step for him. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

Growing up as the youngest of 14 children he always felt like he was trying to please many different bosses. His family was very involved growing up and had a family business going that all of the kids got to help with. This helped him get an idea of the business life at a very early age. Once he took off and went off to college he knew what he wanted to do.

Bernard Chua knows how hard it is to get into the direct selling business but he also knows how successful you can be thanks to Organo Gold. He wants people to know that if they are not afraid to fail things will fall into place. Get out there take a chance and don’t be afraid to put a little work in. Connect:

Brian Torchin Offers Expertise In Staffing

Brian Torchin started his career as a student at University of Delaware. It was there that he earned a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science degree. After receiving his degree, he started working as a chiropractor. He worked in this position for many years.

With many years in the medical field, Brian saw a need in the personnel end of the field. So many times jobs are not easily found in the medical profession because those jobs are not necessarily listed publicly. Brian Torchin founded a staffing company that does just that. In March 2005, he founded HCRC Staffing. This online platform allows medical professionals to find employment much easier. It helps those that are looking for jobs the ability to connect with hospitals, medical offices and other areas in medicine that might have job openings. Visit to find out more jobs opening.

Brian Torchin seems to be the pioneer in Healthcare Recruitment counselors. He has set the standards that show how to provide a professional and detailed solution for both those looking for a medical job, and those that are seeking employees for their medical establishment. He has been consistent in providing quality applicants to those that are looking for help.

Brian has worked with people in many parts of the world, including United States, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe. He collaborates with people in those areas and has a client base of 200. Along with running his company, he also regularly writes for the company blog. His blog is an educational resource where people can read and look for answers to some of their questions about finding employment or how to recruit the best candidates for a job. When people use his services, they are able to save the time it takes to look for and hire new employees, and it is helpful because there is less chance of a bad hire since his staffing office vets the possible future employees.

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Vijay Eswaran Succeed through New Business Model in the Asian Market

Vijay Eswaran was born on the 7th of October 1960 in Penang. Vijay pursued his tertiary education in the UK. He worked as a cab driver to raise school fees and upkeep money. He then graduated with a degree in Economics in 1984 from the London School of Economics (LSE). In 1985, he joined the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) where he learned binary system marketing. He later joined Southern Illinois University to pursue his MBA. It was in the USA that he learned about multilevel marketing. He started practicing multilevel marketing when the COSWAY Group approached him to lead the new branch in the Philippines.

Qi group is a focused e-commerce group of businesses across various niches such as luxury products, travel, telecommunication, wellness, media, training, and corporate investment. Vijay Eswaran co-founded the Qi group in 1998 as a multilevel marketing company. Currently, the group has a presence in 30 countries, including Turkey, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. The headquarters are in Hong Kong.

Vijay Eswaran has a dream of creating a Qi city. The development is underway and is expected to be completed in 2020. The overall cost of the project upon completion I estimated to be $300 million. The city will have a university and a teaching hospital alongside residential and commercial units.

Vijay ensures that any development made by the Qi group is environmentally friendly and incorporates vegetarian policy. He embraces recycling, saving energy, and going paperless. Vijay ensures that no single-use plastic is used in any of the Qi events. He uses his business success to mentor young entrepreneurs and charity. Vijay is the current Executive Chairman of the Qi Group of companies.

As an act of philanthropy, Vijay established the Quest International University Perak (QUIP). It is aimed at providing high-quality and affordable education. It is the fastest-growing tertiary institution in Malaysia. The new headquarters of QUIP will be relocated to Qi city once the development is complete.

In a recent interview with a journalist, Vijay said that an entrepreneur needs to be intuitive and inquisitive. He derives his motivation for the need to solve people’s problems. This determination has seen his group of companies grow to international standards. The 15 story Qi tower in Malaysia won the Green Mark Award for Non-Residential Existing Building embracing environmental design and sustainability. It is the first Green Mark tower in Malaysian soil.

Qi group experienced a lot of challenges in its initial stages. It was difficult for people to accept the new business model that Vijay was introducing to the Asian market: This made it difficult for Vijay to raise enough funds for the business. However, a few partners agreed to invest with him. In two years, they managed to penetrate the Asian market and register positive feedback from customers. Even with business success, some people associate Vijay’s business model of Multilevel Marketing with Ponzi Schemes and frauds. Vijay has managed to clear his name from any allegation thrown at him.

Profile of Fortress Investment Group CEO Peter Briger

Peter Briger is an executive who works at the firm Fortress Investment Group. He currently serves as a board member along with serving as one of its chief executive officers. Briger has worked for this firm since the beginning of the 2000’s. Since joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter was always heavily involved in managing credit backed assets and the staff members who assist clients. Throughout his career, Peter Briger has demonstrated quality leadership skills along with expertise. As a result, Peter established himself as a valuable contributor to every organization that he has been a part of.

Before Peter Briger went into the financial sector, he completed a couple of important educational programs. Peter would attain a a degree from a leading Ivy League university. He would also attend a top business school and complete a MBA degree. His educational credentials would help him attain employment at the firm Goldman Sachs.

When he joined Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger was immediately assigned to oversee the credit division of the firm. He was responsible for managing credit backed assets for the firm’s clients. Peter was also assigned to manage the group of professionals who handle the credit assets and interact with clients. With his proven leadership skills and expertise, Peter would eventually become a partner of the firm in 1996.

After a successful career at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger would join Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Since joining this firm, Peter has attained a few top managerial positions. He has served as a management committee member as well as a principal. While working at Fortress Investment Group, Briger managed the credit asset division of the firm. He currently works out of the firm’s office location in California.

Peter has been very much involved in his community over the past several years. Peter has spent much of his time helping people get better housing as well as a better quality education. Today, Briger sits on the board of an organization that has helped many families get more affordable housing. He is also part of another organization that runs a chain of charter schools. These schools have enabled children from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive a better quality education.

A Year of Monumental Change at Fortress Investment Grou

Tj Maloney Contributions to Corporate Transitions through Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management is, without a doubt, one of the best-performing companies in the world of investment management. The success of this company is a product of different factors, and Tj Maloney has been instrumental in this company. In the past 27 years, he has been part of the company’s growth — both as a member of the management team and as an active professional. Tj Maloney believes that his success in this company signifies his commitment to ensuring that all his clients get what is ideal for them, and more importantly, his interpretation of the trends in this unique industry. Furthermore, Tj Maloney is fortunate to have over four decades of experience.

Apart from being part of the most transformative companies in the world of corporate management, Tj Maloney has been active professionals in different niches. Twelve years ago, he was part of the teaching fraternity but as an MBA lecturer. Although Tj Maloney s no longer part of the teaching world, his time in teaching MBA students helped him in understanding the world of knowledge from a different perspective. Although his primary work during this period was supervising MBA students in their programs, Tj Maloney was interested in understanding how young professionals approach education and knowledge. He is now interested in mentorship programs, where he gives young professionals a chance to interact with the market dynamics.

As one of the most experienced people in this fast-growing market, Tj Maloney is interested in giving clients value for money. In order to give clients and companies value for money, he has embarked on the following activities. First, he has been part of the team that has assisted his company in recruiting the best professionals in the management team. Two years ago, they expanded their management team to accommodate new talents in the world of corporate transitions. While looking for professionals to fill in the gaps in his team, Tj Maloney is keen on identifying professionals that have a similar passion for corporate transitions like his company and more importantly, self-motivated professionals.

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How Nick Sarnicola Rose to Fame with ViSalus

The name Nick Sarnicola may ring a bell if you expressed interest in the company known as ViSalus. The company was first launched by Nick and his friend Blake Mallen in 1997. At the time, both men were distributors for another company known as The Free Network LLC. The company was based out of Michigan, as were the two gentlemen. The company began to experience tremendous growth when Vi, the company they started, was purchased by Ryan Blair, a local wireless internet developer in 2005.

Ryan Blair was looking for an opportunity to invest in. It was with the help of Ropart Asset Management that he was able to acquire Vi. He was working with a private equity firm to make the transaction final. Once the sale was final, Blair asked that Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen stay on board as sales chief, with one holding the position as the CMO. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Within a short time, the company was moved to San Fransisco. It was here that the company would begin to face numerous challenges, including the changes in the economy. It was in 2008 that the economy crashed, and the company was facing filing for bankruptcy. Although the business was holding more than $5 billion in debt, Nick Sarnicola considered selling the company to a similar organization to lift it out of the mire.

Nick Sarnicola has experienced many ups and downs throughout his career with Vi. He believed in the power of good nutrition, and it was through the creation of nutritional shakes, supplementation, and other goods that he was on a mission to help folks lose weight.

It was in 2017 that Nick Sarnicola was named as the new CEO of ViSalus. This would mean that he would need to take on a whole new role for the company to continue to bump it to success.


Toyo and Setal Oil Merge to Form Toyo Setal

Setal Oil is a firm based in Brazil, and it deals with the production of oil and gas. The company is set to partner with Toyo, a company situated in Japan, and it deals with gas and oil production. The partnership between Toyo Setal will focus on the following activities; petrochemical, refining, and marine construction. The partnership will lead to the formation of Toyo Setal, and the company will be based in Sao Paulo. Setal Oil sold 50% of its shares to Toyo. Setal Oil has been focusing on forming a partnership with another company in the oil and gas industry. The partnership would come in handy while enhancing the growth of the firm. Setal Oil and Toyo will begin to work together in July. There will also be joint management. Toyo Setal will also be in charge of the petrochemical projects in areas such as Rio de Janeiro.

The corporation will also focus on the development of EBR– a shipyard based in Brazil. The development of the shipyard will cost at least R $1 billion. The shipyard will also handle a capacity of 110,000 tons annually. Additionally, the shipyard will focus on coming up with platforms that will offer some support to the vessels that are dealing with the oil and gas industry. With regard to the partnership, the main advantage present is that Toyo and Setal oil specializes in handling engineering projects. When both companies unite, Setal Oil will be in a better position to dominate the oil and gas industry in Brazil. Toyo began to operate in Brazil in 1965.

The firm was able to indulge in different projects within the nation. Toyo was in charge of the FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offload) project. Since the government has enforced a policy involving increasing the content rate, Toyo and Setal Oil saw it fit to partner and work together. Toyo Setal is determined to ensure that they have also exploited other markets, including mining, energy, chemical, offshore, and petrochemical sectors. The firm will also utilize state of the art forms of technology. Toyo Setal will also be among the significant contributors to the Brazilian economy. Although the firm will be operating in Sao Paulo, they will also have offices in other areas such as Rio de Janeiro.

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Portland Entrepreneur Nitin Khanna Sits Down with Interview’s George Baker

A 2019 Interview article by George Baker highlights the successes of Merger Tech CEO Nitin Knanna. The Q@A with the Portland, Oregon entrepreneur reveals some of Khanna’s background an strategies for success too.

Khanna has not always been a Portland, Oregon resident. He was born in 1971 in India. Motivated by the entrepreneurial successes of his family members, Nitin Khanna decided to move to the United States of America at the age of 17. He chose to attend Purdue University. At Purdue, Khanna received his undergraduate and master’s degrees. He was in the doctoral program for robotics, when his brother decided to come to the U.S. in 1999. Nitin Khanna left the doctoral program at Purdue that year, and he and his brother formed a company called Saber Software.

Saber Software would grow by leaps and bounds after the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the 20000 election results and concern over fraud. Already providing voter registration support through their company’s software to the election board in Oregeon, Nitin Khanna and his brother would eventually land more than 20 government contracts to modernize state voting platforms.

Khanna would sell Saber and then formed his current company Merger Tech in 2009. The company would set its focus on helping other business startups with their mobile technology. He also founded another company prior to Merger Tech called CuraCann, which is a cannabis oil company. Although he is no longer with CuraCann, Khanna hopes that he left the company able to accomplish their goals for years to come. He still has high hopes for the company.

Focusing on one’s strengths and weaknesses is a key to success, according to Khanna. He admits that one must be realistic and fully aware of their abilities. Nitin Khanna also believes that staying on top of communications is vital for success. The entrepreneur tries to make sure that any communication he receives over the phone or via email is returned within 24 hours.

When not busy with work, Nitn Khanna finds time to DJ and create documentaries.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Continues To Improve The Airline Industry In India Through His Hard Work And Business Skills

Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur who grew up in India. He moved to London when he was a young man and got to work on his career. He has also lived in the United States during his life and graduated from Boston University as well as Harvard Business School. He went to work with JP Morgan in the U.S. and then moved to London where he helped to build C&C Alpha Group, which is a family ran private equity firm. His firm invests in many different business sectors including aviation, real estate, and hotels.

Bhanu Choudhrie is very happy to be a part of Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. (AAG). This venture trains airplane pilots and is known as a leader in the industry. AAG helps to train pilots through its complete training program that is helpful to, both, rookie and veteran pilots. Its success rate is very high, which has helped many pilots to find the success they seek.

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Bhanu Choudhrie has been a part of many different acquisitions in the aviation industry, and one of the most successful one of these was when his company purchased Air Deccan. The airline company was a low-cost provider in India that had just one airplane to its name in 2003. Under his guidance, the Air Deccan now offers 200 flights every day and is able to transport millions of people on a yearly basis. Even though the aviation sector has faced a lot of trouble in India in recent years, due to the price of oil, Choudhrie has managed to continue to grow Air Deccan.

One of the biggest issues that the aviation sector in India has dealt with in the past has been the lack of quality pilots. Instead of trying to get around this issue, Bhanu Choudhrie faced it head-on by recognizing that the infrastructure of pilot training in the country was causing the problems. Since he has been working on the problem, the airline industry in India has improved greatly. Many skilled commercial pilots now come from the Alpha Aviation Group, and this will continue to help repair an industry that might have been on its last leg without the help of Bhanu Choudhrie.

Nitin Khanna and How Results Come To Be

In business, as Nitin Khanna knows, results are the only thing that matters. Of course, results, Nitin Khanna would see, come from a variety of actions that are tied to the company and to the employees.

Results, Nitin Khanna would realize doesn’t just come out of thin air, results would have to come out of clean and correct processes, they would have to come from the right steps taken each day, they would have to come from the right type of culture and they would also come from promoting the right type of behaviors within a company as well.

See, Nitin Khanna would know that results do not exist within a vacuum, they exist within a specific context. That context is what needs to be paid attention toward if one were to succeed.


This aspect is perhaps the most important one of the assessment segments. What’s the most important thing to your organization? Or any organization for that matter?

It’s productivity, of course. The more work you get done, the more beneficial it is for your firm. The less that you get completed, the more you are driven towards losses by each day.

In this aspect, make sure that you are looking for employees who are the most productive for your organization. They could be the best at customer service, they could be highly prolific in sales, or they could be amazingly fast at accounting.

Either way, they prove to be some of the most results oriented names in your organization. And they need to be rewarded for that.

This group could prove to be the team leaders in your organization due to their time-efficiency, production-friendly and self-management skills. Make sure to assess these employees accordingly to show them their true value.

On the other hand, employees who have poor productivity levels should once again be gently reminded of why they had been hired and how their lack of efforts could be affecting the organization. Depending upon the severity of their non-productivity, you could also schedule sessions with HR or training to determine what could be done for them.

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