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Niranjan Shah

It is difficult to understand the struggle of an Indian immigrant who comes in search of a better life. It is very difficult and takes a great deal of perseverance. Determination is what got Niranjan Shah to his position today.

Early Life

It is true that Niranjan Shah has great wealth and power today but that is not how he started out. He started poor in a small village without any running water. The lack of electricity also didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. Working hard in school, he earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Birla Engineering College at Sardel Patel University in India. From there, he didn’t stop.

Moving to the states he then obtained his masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Mississippi on a full scholarship. He didn’t stop there. He also established Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974 and received management training at Harvard Business School.

Life Today

Today Niranjan Shah has been in a guest in the white house six times and is the head of his consulting engineering and construction management firm in Chicago. He is also a known Democrat, having helped with a major fund raiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy in 2016.

He is a great philanthropist and helps the community of both the United States and India when he can.

The Rise of Indian Culture

Migration has been hard for any immigration, but starting from the ground up, literally, Niranjan Shah is now known as one of the richest foreign-born people in the United States. Many Indian nationals have created businesses all over the United States, and some have expanded globally. Some statistics of Indian greatness in the United States include:

  • Accounting for about 4% of America’s doctors
  • About 2% of consulting staff worldwide
  • Own and operate about 40% of all United States Motels

There are more that Indians provide not only the American people, but the world. Niranjan Shah being such a prime example that he received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for his philanthropy and community outreach.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Wants to Help Kids

Like many other places in the United States, the Akron, Ohio region is home to many people in need. Sometimes, life proves to be a struggle, and having a decent meal isn’t something everyone can do. Small children may go to bed hungry, which is a shame. Thankfully, some caring people do their part to help needy persons out. The attorneys and staff at the law firm of Kisling, Nestico & Redick want to raise $25,000 for the local food bank. The way they intend to do so sends chills up and down people’s spines, literally. The team intends to take part in the 16th Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump.

The event involves jumping into the frigid waters of the local lake. The activity isn’t for everyone, but some people do love the thrill and challenge of swimming in freezing water. The KNR law firm sees the jump as a great way to raise awareness about and money for the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank. The KNR firm has a track record for doing well at the Polar Bear jump. In 2018, the firm’s activities helped raise around $26,000 for the cause. Kisling, Nestico & Redick specializes in personal injury cases. Personal injury can involve several liability-related claims. At KNR, the team of attorneys possesses the experience necessary to handle a wide range of cases.

The attorneys also understand how insurance companies and settlements work, which can prove helpful when litigating. The firm also puts great effort into addressing the rights of children who suffer from bullying, KNR works hard to raise awareness about bullying prevention. The firm can also represent parents whose children suffered physical or emotional harm from bullying. Kisling, Nestico, & Redick also runs a campaign known as KNR Cares About Kids. The firm does put a lot of emphasis into local philanthropic work.

McDonald’s Likely to Offer Veagn Burger to American Market Next Year

American vegetarians have been wishing for it for years. They want McDonald’s restaurants to come out with a meatless burger for the millions of vegans in the U.S. who want a convenient, fast-food option which also delivers that special McDonald’s taste. Now all signs point to the possibility it will happen sometime next year. OSI Group McDonalds recently rolled out a vegan burger in Canada. Company executives are treating the Canadian effort as a major test market. If a Golden Aches vegan burger can make it in the Great White North, it will probably have legs in the U.S. market as well. It is significant to note that McDonald’s is already finding considerable success with vegan burgers in Europe. The McVegan, rolled out in Finland and Sweden, is selling fast in those two Nordic nations.

But it’s not just consumer demand that goes into a major decision like this for McDonalds executives. There are huge supply chain factors to resolve along with matters of logistics, manufacturing and distribution. To that end, it’s likely that McDonald’s will lean heavily on its historic partner, OSI Group, the suburban Chicago-based meat processing giant it has been contracting with since the mid-1950s. In fact, OSI Group recently inked a deal to manufacture the world’s hottest no-meat patty – the Impossible Burger created by Impossible Foods of Redwood City, California. A major competitor of McDonald’s, Burger King, is already selling the Impossible Burger in 8,000 locations.

White Castle is also selling them at a rapid clip. The Impossible Burger is currently available in some 17,000 restaurants. This certainly has not gone unnoticed by McDonald’s. Will the Golden Arches opt to source Impossible Burgers via manufacturing by its most trusted supplier, OSI group? That remains an unknown. The Canadian veggie burger campaign features the Impossible Burger’s competitor, the Beyond Burger. The veggie burgers in Sweden and Finland are made by yet another company. Whatever the case, it looks increasingly clear that American vegans can soon rejoice. McDonald’s is likely to begin offering a meat-free burger by the middle of 2020, according to industry insiders.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Wants AAG to be the Best Flight School in Asia

When Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie founded Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) 13 years ago, he hoped that it would become a world-class flight school. Today after graduating 900 pilots from over 40 different countries, AAG is recognized as the finest aviator training academy in the Philippines.

Visiting AAG’s campus in Pampanga province, 50 miles north of Manila, you will find an active batch of cadet pilots. The cadet corps has access to top-notch instruction as well as state of the art equipment. That includes a brand-new A320 flight simulator. Bhanu Choudhrie has little doubt the new simulator is worth the $11 million investment.

One thing is certain, it will be put to good use as enrollment ramps up to keep pace with ever-increasing demand for new pilots. Boeing estimates that the demand for more pilots will result in slots for 200,000 new commercial aviators in Asia by 2038.

The developing pilot shortage has led many commercial carriers throughout Asia to start their own academies. Others have made arrangements with AAG for the training of their new pilots. AAG has worked with the biggest names among airlines flying in the Philippines, such as Philippine Airways, Cebu Air, and PAL Express among others.

The pilot shortage is getting worse, according to Bhanu Choudhrie, because of the exclusive gender notions many people have about the profession. For instance, in the Philippines, aviation is considered men’s work. As a matter of fact, worldwide 97% of all pilots are men. Bhanu Choudhrie authoritatively declares that the future of aviation will demand that women have a seat in the cockpit. There just are not enough men to supply the number of pilots needed by the airlines.

Consistent with Mr. Choudhrie’s view, the cadet corps at AAG is 20% female. He attributes that to the efforts made by the school at recruiting women.

Female pilots representing AAG visit universities around the Philippines where they give presentations. During these interactions many of the misconceptions regarding gender and aviation are dispelled from the minds of viable candidates.

Now that AAG has become the preeminent flight school in the Philippines, the work has begun to make it number one throughout Asia. Want to learn more about Bhanu Choudhrie, visit at

ClassDojo Offers Empathy Training To Help Kids Cope With Anxiety

Teens and young children around the world are experiencing anxiety at a higher rate than ever. In 2011, 8.4 percent of them had received an anxiety diagnosis by a therapist. Many experts believe that about one out of three have regular bouts of anxiety. ClassDojo teamed up with other organizations and schools to teach mindfulness training to students in grades K-8. They created “The World’s Most Mindful Moment,” which lasts six days of training. Each day, students spend 15 minutes learning about mindful meditation such as mindful breathing, mindful listening, body scan, and focused feet.

The lessons are taught by two cheerful hosts, Mojo and Caitlin. They are taught using simple instructions. Students receive lots of positive feedback from this program. Each session is designed to be short and relaxing. ClassDojo’s lessons were taught in 90% of schools in 2016, a number that has now risen to 95%. One of their partners on this project was Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma. This is a United Kingdom nonprofit that raises awareness about mental health issues among children and teens.

ClassDojo also partnered with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to create the program. Two out of three children in the UK have anxiety due to issues such as bullying, a lack of friends, homework, and school lessons. Nearly one out of three parents in the UK are more focused on helping their children manage anxiety rather than placing an emphasis on their success at school. Teachers are also concerned about the number of students who have anxiety issues.

The Professional Career and Work of TJ Maloney

TJ Maloney is an investment professional who has decades of experience. He joined the Lincolnshire team in 1993 and is currently the CEO and chairman of the company. Throughout his career, he has made it his mission to improve investments for entrepreneurs and individuals who need financial assistance. Before joining the Lincolnshire team, he worked as an investment expert in New York City. This gave him the edge he needed to improve his career and help the people who were coming to him for assistance. By working with experts, he was able to improve the services that he offers and allow other people to see the true potential in their own investments.

TJ Maloney is the formed chairman of the Boston College Wall Street council and has served on many boards to help people to benefit from the work that he has done. Along with having an extensive career within the investment industry, he is also highly educated when it comes to business. He graduated from Columbia University and has received many awards for his work within the field. Because of his extensive experience and education, TJ Maloney is able to offer his services to people all throughout the world. Despite working with Lincolnshire Management, he continually works with entrepreneurs and helps them to see the true potential in the type of work they are doing.

Lincolnshire Management is a firm that was established over two decades ago. Since its inception, it has become one of the most highly sought-after investment firms in the world and is working with people of all backgrounds. They take a more creative approach when it comes to helping people with their investments, which is allowing them to achieve the goals that they have and finally create the company that they have always wanted for themselves.

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Sheldon Lavin’s High Priority for Sustainable Food

Sustainable food may not have always been a high priority for Sheldon Lavin. After all, he was once a college student at the University of Illinois and at Northwestern University who was more interested in eating food. He graduated with a degree in accounting and finance. Sheldon Lavin also attended Roosevelt University and got a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in business.

Sheldon Lavin’s first business experience had nothing to do with food production. He got his start as a banker and financier, but that was all about to change in the 1970s. He got involved indirectly with the growing phenomena of Mcdonalds Restaurants. One of Mcdonald’s main suppliers of hamburger was Otto and Sons. As McDonalds popped up all over the midwest, Otto and Son’s business grew. To sustain that growth, Otto and Sons worked with Sheldon Lavin to finance new processing facilities. To learn more about Sheldon Lavin visit at

Otto and Son’s was so impressed by Sheldon Lavin’s performance that they made him a consultant. In the 1970s McDonald’s was expanding into international markets and Otto & Sons felt the need to do the same. Again, Sheldon Levin came to the rescue, assuring that Otto & Sons would now become an international business under the new moniker, OSI Group. For this fantastic work, Lavin was awarded a full partnership and shortly after he committed full time to OSI Group when he became chairman and CEO.

With this exponential growth of his business, food sustainability became very important to Sheldon Lavin. He brought on a new person into the corporate suite of OSI to oversee sustainability efforts. Her name was Nicole Johnson-Hoffman and her title was Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). Investments have been made in research facilities in the United States and China to do nothing but investigate sustainability best practices that can be rolled out in the organization.

The commitment to sustainability can be seen in the awards OSI facilities throughout the world consistently win. India is a country with eight OSI facilities and was so impressed by OSI sustainability practices that the nation awarded OSI its global Visionary Award for sustainability practices. Learn More:

New Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Brings Unique Background to the Table

Several decades ago, it was common for hardworking individuals to work for the same company for most or all of their professional career. Climbing the corporate ladder specifically meant that the worker had to excel in his or her current position before stepping up to a new level. In today’s business environment, workers commonly gain experience in one position before advancing to a higher level at a different company. While the traditional method of climbing the corporate ladder has mostly fallen to the wayside, it has proven to be a successful and lucrative path for Steve Ritchie, who is now the CEO of Papa John’s.

Steve Ritchie started working for Papa John’s as a young adult in an entry-level position. Specifically, he made $6 per hour in a customer service position at a local store. Initially, Ritchie had no plans to make a career out of his job at a pizza delivery company, but this quickly changed.

Most Papa John’s employees are aware of its mission to put people first. From one perspective, this describes the company’s passion for providing delicious pizza with great customer service. In fact, this may be one of the reasons why Papa John’s regularly ranks at the top of customer service satisfaction surveys against other pizza delivery companies. The mission is also evident in internal culture. Papa John’s trains its employees so that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to advance to the next level.

Because of this corporate mentality and through Ritchie’s solid work ethic, he moved from his starting customer service position to the role of Assistant Manager of his store within a few months. This was followed by another promotion to the store’s manager a few months later. When Ritchie was 21 years old, with less than a year working for the company and without a college degree, he was managing his own store.

For the next several years, Ritchie continued to learn the ropes in different positions while benefiting from the training that Papa John’s provided to him. After working as a store manager for approximately a year, he worked in various areas of regional operations and management. In 2006, he took a break from working for Papa John’s, but he continued to gain professional experience under the company’s umbrella. He purchased a franchise, and he attained a profound amount of business ownership experience over the next four years. When he was ready to return to the corporate world in 2010, Ritchie had entry-level and managerial experience at the store level. He had regional management expertise as well as a unique understanding of the franchisor and franchisee relationship.

When he stepped back in the corporate office at Papa John’s, his exceptional experience qualified him for the role of Vice President of Global Operations. He spent the next few years gaining expertise as Vice President or Senior Vice President for North America, for Latin America and for global ops overall. This exceptional executive-level experience within the organization provided the qualifications and experience he needed to step up to the role of President, Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Executive Officer.

While Ritchie’s path to the top echelon of Papa John’s hierarchy is no longer a common professional path that today’s CEO’s take, it has provided him with unique experiences as well as an in-depth understanding of all aspects of operations. Given Steve Ritchie’s robust and well-rounded background that is entirely based in the company, he has the knowledge and passion to carry Papa John’s boldly forward.

Nitin Khanna Continues To Do What He Loves In Life By Remaining Active In The World Of Business

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur who has enjoyed the types of professional successes that are the envy of all business-oriented individuals who are looking to make a significant mark on the world of commerce. The career that the Indian-born, USA-based businessman has enjoyed is one that has seen him find success academically, as a founder of businesses, and as a shrewd investor who has consistently made the right choices when it comes to his investments. Nitin Khanna is a forward-thinking entrepreneur who comes from a family background that values business and he has used his progressive way of thinking to help launch him into ventures such as the quickly expanding cannabis industry. He is also well-known for the run he had is serving as Chief Executive Officer with Mergertech. This is a company that he created during 2009 in the wake of the sale of a previous business he founded called Saber Software. Nitin Khanna led the mergers and acquisitions firm with great distinction during his tenure as CEO and set it on the right path. These are just a few of the major accomplishments in a career that goes back to the early part of the decade of the 1990s.

There was a great amount of inspiration that Nitin Khanna was able to derive from his family during his upbringing. Engaging in business was always a big part of the family and something that was highly encouraged. As a young man, Nitin was also able to look up to the distinguished accomplishments of his father who served his country of India as a member of its armed forces and achieved the status of Colonel. During his early years, Nitin would study hard so that he had strong college options upon coming of age. When he reached seventeen, he landed in the United States where he started a course in engineering studies at Purdue University. This educational background played an essential role in the things that would come next to Nitin. He knew that this was a major that would offer him a great deal of employment promise and so he also obtained his Master’s Degree in the topic.

The next stops along the life path of Nitin Khanna included holding down several work positions in the early 1990s that provided him with a valuable set of experiences. He started in the paper industry with International Paper and put his engineering degree to use as one of the company’s manufacturing engineers. Another valuable bit of experience was his time working with Oracle. These pieces of experience led to Nitin Khanna feeling confident about setting off on his own and creating his own business in the late 1990s.

This business that Nitin Khanna created would go on to make him massively successful. It was called Saber Software and it is a firm that quickly made an impact on the world of voting management by way of its innovative software. This was soon adopted across much of the USA. The growth and success at Saber Software have served as a springboard to allow Nitin Khanna to continue to pursue many business interests and investments since that time.

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Working Hard For What You Want With Bernardo Chua

All throughout his childhood Bernardo Chua dreamed of being a doctor. He always knew that he wanted to help people. Even though he did not follow through with his dream of becoming a doctor he still helped a ton of people throughout his career. Direct selling is something that does not come easily. You must love people, you must be driven to succeed, and you must not be afraid to work hard. Bernardo knew all of this when he jumped into starting his business called Organo Gold

Organo Gold grew at a pretty fast rate. Bernardo Chua says that his biggest achievement with this company is taking it to the global level. He loves that his company has been able to provide families with financial freedom and given them so much. His main goal in life is not to succeed but to help other people be successful. He had a lot of past experiences throughout his career and his life that helped him to decide that creating Organo Gold was the right step for him. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

Growing up as the youngest of 14 children he always felt like he was trying to please many different bosses. His family was very involved growing up and had a family business going that all of the kids got to help with. This helped him get an idea of the business life at a very early age. Once he took off and went off to college he knew what he wanted to do.

Bernard Chua knows how hard it is to get into the direct selling business but he also knows how successful you can be thanks to Organo Gold. He wants people to know that if they are not afraid to fail things will fall into place. Get out there take a chance and don’t be afraid to put a little work in. Connect: