As the Farvahar Partners Chief Executive and founder, Omeed Malik has established a strong professional reputation in the global banking and hedge fund industries. Omeed’s experience leading up to the creation of his firm is quite impressive. He has previously served as at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the firm’s Global Head for its Hedge Fund Advisory.

Malik also accomplished some impressive feats in the Global Equities business when he founded the Emerging Manager program. During his involvement with this program, Omeed Malik was responsible for duties that included choosing hedge funds that would make valuable partners. These funds range from both established entities and newly formed ones. These formative experiences had a significant impact on helping Omeed to build up a wealth of knowledge that has helped him in his work with Farvahar Partners.

Omeed Malik recently spoke candidly about the topic of new hedge funds. His commentary was specifically related to the topic of trading before an initial public offering. The impressive empire of business success that Omeed Malik has developed over his career has made him an individual that others will seek out on advice regarding these types of topics. He has garnered significant respect based on a combination of integrity, intuition and shrewd business sense.

Farvahar Partners has built a well-earned reputation for its strategic investments in both the public and private sectors of business. Omeed Malik has provided critical guidance regarding the investment choices that have been made. One of the things that Omeed points out is the emergence of pre-IPO trading, particularly in the area of securities.

This phenomenon has allowed firms to stay within the private realm and to attain liquidity status before the launch into the marketplace on a public level. These companies may have simply gone public outright in market conditions that have existed in the past but the current market allows for this new strategy. This is just one of the insights that Omeed Malik recently elaborated on. Read This Article for additional information.