Some men and women have experienced a tumultuous life and choose to tell their stories in books called autobiographies. There are others who walked the earth and died, and others saw a chance to say to the world about them in books called biographies. The dead tell their stories from the grave. They cannot defend themselves so; readers read their stories and hope they had the best way they could. Then there are real-life stories of legends and events that impacted the world forever. Sean Penn stepped into the picture bringing on board a fiction novel and named it ‘Bob Honey Who Do Stuff’.

People read fiction to enjoy stories from the imaginations of authors. ‘Penn’s’ fiction’ is his first book and so controversial, it is the talk of America. It has received attention and has lovers and haters in equal measure. Penn does not take it personally, after all, there is no such thing as bad publicity. He began writing the book to fill the time on his hands and though he expected an excited audience. He was not quite prepared for the backlash and immense interest it received.

Bob Honey Who Do Stuff is a fiction novel, describing the state of the American nation. It is so on point that people have compared the one character to the current president. While it has angered some, the author feels that the American population needs to examine themselves if they are to understand the book that is about them.

The central themes in the book reflect an America so consumed with self that it does not notice innocent deaths, race inequalities, neglected regions and people, as well as other vices. Bob Honey Who Do Stuff is not everyone’s cup of tea. Readers that choose it have to have a strong stomach and an open mind. It is enthralling in its own right.

More about Sean Penn and Bob Honey Who Do Stuff

Sean Penn is also an actor but is considering quitting due to age and falling in love with writing. Though he has written before, it was for films. Bob Honey Who Do Stuff is a creation of his mind and his first novel in print. It was once an audiobook.