Marcio Alaor Explains David Neeleman’s TAP

The Portuguese airline, Transportes Aereos Portugueses (TAP), was wholly owned by the government of Portugal until David Neeleman bought a 61% share of it in 2015. He announced plans to complete a buyout of the airline from Portugal by 2018. Marcio Alaor, the CEO of BMG bank released a favorable report about the amazing Mr. Neeleman and his adventurous exploits. He notes that David Neeleman has had a very creative, innovative, and successful career in spite of a sometimes debilitating problem with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

As Mr. Alaor explains his interest in investing in the newly privatized airline, he outlines how the deal came out of a partnership between David Neeleman and Humberto Pedrosa, a prominent Portuguese businessman who owns the Barraqueiro Group. The two formed Atlantic Gateway, the consortium that dealt with the Portuguese government. David Neeleman is also the owner of WestJet in Canada and both JetBlue and Morris Air in the United States.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1959, David Neeleman is of American and Dutch descent. His family moved to the United States in 1964. Marcio Alaor finds the man quite a curious genius in aviation. This is because the man has always battled with problems caused by his ADD. Mr. Neeleman has always had problems studying books and learning in the traditional, linear manner. His grades in school were at best middling. He dropped out of the University of Utah after struggling there for 3 years, according to Mr. Alaor. Mr. Neeleman refuses to take ADD medication because of the negative side effects. Nevertheless, David Neeleman has steadily worked to overcome the debilitating effects of ADD to become a major player in the world airline industry.

Mr. Neeleman started his high flying airline experience with the founding of Morris Air in 1984 on a “no frills” low-cost model. The first flights were only made to Hawaii, followed by new routes to Los Cabos, Cancun, and Orlando, Florida. He sold the airline in 1993 for $130 million dollars to Southwest Airlines, which also practiced “no frills” to keep passenger ticket prices low.

Marcio Alaor has applied his own innovations to BMG that have grown the bank to become a prime institution in Brazil and throughout South America. Part of this success came from his understanding of new banking technologies that he has leveraged to lead BMG into the market areas of the 21st century. He has done this while also keeping to the traditions that have made BMG a great bank in the past.

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Ricardo Guimarães Makes Deal With Marcelo Melo Though BMG Bank



BMG bank has made its announcement of its newest sponsored the tennis player, Marcelo Melo. The company pointed out that it had entered into a commercial agreement with the athlete, who occupies the number one position in the world ranking of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) in the dual sports category. According to Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG, the Minas Gerais Bank logo will be displayed on the sleeves of the uniform during games and training, as well as other materials belonging to Marcelo.


On the established contract, Melo said that their support will assist the athlete in preparing to compete at the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, next year. This partnership with BMG will be of great importance to the athlete. BMG bank, under the presidency of Ricardo Guimarães, will bolster Marcelo. “We want to enhance further their projects to achieve new titles, as well as a better preparation for the next world sporting event. The partnership signed in early November brings a wealth of nuance regarding this deal, something that befalls any investor.” quotes the president of Banco BMG Ricardo Guimarães, as Marcelo Melo arrived in Brazil with celebrating a new conquest.


This week, the trophy will be among their luggage, from the doubles championship triumph in 1000 Master of Paris, obtained together with the court partner, Ivan Dodig. This was the fourth consecutive time the Brazilian gained victory. Apart from this win, this year alone, the tennis player has won the ATP’s 500 Acapulco, the Tokyo and Vienna, in addition to the Master 1000 Shanghai and Roland Garros. BMG bank holds the tradition in valuing the talents of the athletes from the state of Minas Gerais and Brazil promoting sponsorships in various categories.


According to Ricardo Guimarães of Banco BMG, it is also important to support athletes who are professionally dedicated, disciplined and committed to their goals, values that are highly esteemed by BMG. “And this is the case with Melo,” according to the executive. Ricardo Guimarães reiterates that this partnership aims to present, again within the sport, the name of this very important company.


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