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Reviews Of Health Advocate, Entpreneur & Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

What does one look for in a plastic surgeon? Do they search reviews online? Do they search for someone in the community? They must search for someone who has been trained to perform such complex procedures. Do they seek out the means to travel long distances to be worked on by the best? The answers to these questions differ on who you ask. But for patients of Dr. Jennifer Walden they always read her remarkable reviews, know she’s one of the best in the Austin, Texas community, know she’s a trained a doctor and surgeon and are willing to travel to be worked on by her.


Dr. Jennfer Walden is board certified. She gained her boarded certification and then went onto to get additional training at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hosptial. After leaving New York City, she settled in Austin, Texas. To this day she still receives clients and business from Manhattan. Her training and expertise include her cosmetic artistry, techniques and commitment to care for patients at her practice.

The surgeon has become so well known in the Austin area because of the many places she practices cosmetic surgery. Patient reviews reveal she has conducted procedures at her own clinic called Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is, Seton Hospital, Westlake Medical Center and Hill Country Memorial Hospital. She has been able to use her gift for helping people with their appearance to help them with also self-esteem. She cares about the health and safety of her patients. Reviews online reveal how this surgeon wants patients to take care of the inside and outside of their bodies.

Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews reveal that she is one a kind surgeon, entrepreneur and health advocate for her patients. She has transformed her practice into being a place where people can get cosmetically transformed into whatever they want. Reviews reveal the surgeon is safe, careful, reliable and knowledgeable about surgical procedures. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews clearly give a person a look into what the surgeon does for patients, her clinic and her care for the health of people’s inner and outer appearance.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Starts Up Businesses

Dr. Mark McKenna was attending Tulane Medical School when he realized that it would be difficult to make a good income as a physician. Instead of pursuing a career as a physician long term, Mark looked to build a real estate business in New Orleans. While the venture was very prosperous for a number of years, the business lost millions of dollars immediately due to Hurricane Katrina. After the storm, he would rebuild his company but then dissolve it within a year. Mark would then move to Atlanta, Georgia where he would start up a new company called ShapeMed. This company provides a number of services such as nutrition and weight counseling, laser hair removal and Botox injections. He later sold that company and then started up a new one called OVME which will be a chain of cosmetic medical offices with an app. The company will serve as an UBER for Botox patients.

Dr. Mark McKenna chose business over medicine due to a number of reasons. With insurance reimbursements, he realized that it would be difficult for physicians to make a sufficient income. He found this out when he was working with his father who was also a physician. Instead of being a physician, Mark decided to get into real estate investing. While he was in medical school, he would perform physicals for prisoners for $50 per hour. This gave him the funds to acquire investment properties. With a number of properties, Mark was making over $500,000 per year and had up to $5 million worth of properties. However, Hurricane Katrina would cause Mark to lose millions of dollars. However, he would recover by acquiring distressed properties, fixing them and selling them. He would also move to Atlanta to start up OVME in order to meet the growing demand for services offered through apps.

In March, Dr. Mark McKenna opened up OVME which is his newest medical aesthetics company. He will serve the Buckhead area in Atlanta which will provide a number of minimally invasive medical procedures that will help people improve their appearance. The new company developed by Dr. Mark McKenna will consist of individual consultations along with procedures such as Botox. As well as offering beneficial medical services, Mark will create this business through an app which can allow patients to request appointments and procedures on demand from their phone.

Dr. Walden-You are in Good Hands

Dr. Jennifer Walden received her undergraduate degree form the University of Texas and graduated with Honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Dr. Walden had practiced in New York after her training before relocating to Austin, Texas, so that her boys could grow up closer to family.


Dr. Walden runs the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center and has her own office operating suite at Westlake Medical Center. She is also authorized to practice at Seton Hospital, Westlake Medical Center, and Hill Country Memorial Hospital out of Marble Falls. She attended in Plastic Surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat and Lenox Hill Hospitals.


Dr. Walden is experienced in soft tissue injectables, mommy makeovers, teenage plastic surgery, celebrity plastic surgery, breast implants, minimally invasive procedures, and lasers. Dr. Walden even developed her own instruments for breast surgery that is now available for surgeons to use internationally.


Dr. Walden is an established author and has taught at many conventions. She has also co-authored an award-winning textbook titled Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is one of the Texas Super Doctors, as found in Texas Monthly an she was honored with membership to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. Harper’s Bazaar appointed her as one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in the States as well. Many magazines have included her in their pages such as Self, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Absolute Magazine, Bridal Guide, and New York Magazine. She was also featured in Health, Dallas/Fort Worth’s Indulge, and the New York Sun.