Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur who grew up in India. He moved to London when he was a young man and got to work on his career. He has also lived in the United States during his life and graduated from Boston University as well as Harvard Business School. He went to work with JP Morgan in the U.S. and then moved to London where he helped to build C&C Alpha Group, which is a family ran private equity firm. His firm invests in many different business sectors including aviation, real estate, and hotels.

Bhanu Choudhrie is very happy to be a part of Alpha Aviation Group Ltd. (AAG). This venture trains airplane pilots and is known as a leader in the industry. AAG helps to train pilots through its complete training program that is helpful to, both, rookie and veteran pilots. Its success rate is very high, which has helped many pilots to find the success they seek.

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Bhanu Choudhrie has been a part of many different acquisitions in the aviation industry, and one of the most successful one of these was when his company purchased Air Deccan. The airline company was a low-cost provider in India that had just one airplane to its name in 2003. Under his guidance, the Air Deccan now offers 200 flights every day and is able to transport millions of people on a yearly basis. Even though the aviation sector has faced a lot of trouble in India in recent years, due to the price of oil, Choudhrie has managed to continue to grow Air Deccan.

One of the biggest issues that the aviation sector in India has dealt with in the past has been the lack of quality pilots. Instead of trying to get around this issue, Bhanu Choudhrie faced it head-on by recognizing that the infrastructure of pilot training in the country was causing the problems. Since he has been working on the problem, the airline industry in India has improved greatly. Many skilled commercial pilots now come from the Alpha Aviation Group, and this will continue to help repair an industry that might have been on its last leg without the help of Bhanu Choudhrie.