The Atlanta Falcons cut ties with linebacker Prince Shembo after he was arrested on Friday for killing a dog. An ex-girlfriend of Shembo, Denicia William, called police in Atlanta on April 19 to report that he had killed her dog. She told police that she went to visit Shembo at his apartment on April 15th and took her dog Dior with her. She stated that she left Dior, a Yorkie, alone with Shembo and when she returned some time later she found the dog unresponsive.

An investigation into the allegations was concluded on Thursday and was found that the dog died from blunt force trauma. Shembo is being charged with Felony aggravated cruelty to an animal. The Flacons quickly released Shembo after learning of his arrest. Coach Dan Quinn stated that he believes the Atlanta Falcons made the right decision to waive Shembo. The Atlanta Falcons are all too familiar with animal cruelty. One time Falcons star quarterback Michael Vick was served 18 months in a federal prison eight years ago for running an illegal dog fighting ring. The incident involving Vick created a national uproar. Also in 2007, Jonathan Babineaux, Falcons defensive tackle was arrested for allegedly being involved in the death of his girlfriend’s dog. The charges against Babineaux were later dropped. One thing apparent though, the Falcons are taking animal abuse and cruelty seriously, which is a good thing for the organization to do.

Thanks to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for showing me this!