Businesses Seek Out Betterworks

The issues of performance in the workplace affects so many individuals. People are concerned theory are not performing correctly at their jobs. Supervisors and managers are cluttered with ways to oversee or check up on workers. Many times the performance of professionals is something that either gets overlooked or not addressed properly.

There are many ways a company can approach this issue. But there happens to be one method that is proving to be very effective. Many medium sized and large organizations have implemented Betterworks into their business. They have done so because Betterworks is very promising. The features of Betterworks promotes communication, organization and the ability to track progress with a digital meter bar and percentages. These features are essential to a positive and productive working environment. Many organizations have been able to view this software provider as an essential tool in the workplace.

This is the continuous talent performance management solution many organizations are choosing. The software provider provides an easy to use interface, privacy, safety and a host of features. For any business owner trying to decide if this software is something that should be used then a business owner should understand that Betterworks is a tool or resource that can be used to direct and oversee the work activities of a group of people.

The growth and demand that Betterworks is experiencing is a sign of their success. Since 2013, the software provider has been aiming to help workers, managers, supervisors and business owners. The people behind the company can surely say now that their business is obviously having great success.

ClassDojo Educational App Is Changing How Teachers Communicate

For parents who have children in elementary or other types of school should give ClassDojo, a very in-demand smartphone app a try. ClassDojo, which was launched in 2009, is a handy software program that teachers, parents, and their child can work with. Parents can be a big part of the classroom that their child is in. The best part about ClassDojo is that it is used both in the U.S. and the world.

Moreover, there are plenty of school teachers who depend on the many essential tools that ClassDojo provides. ClassDojo has been deemed a classroom management tool. ClassDojo also provides a digital form that allows teachers to help their students to improve their behavior — especially if it is something important that needs to be addressed about the child’s actions.

Users of the ClassDojo app add or remove tools to be more effective as parents. The best news is that parents can use ClassDojo when school classes are in session. Parents and teachers alike can use the software app through the whole school day.

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The best news is that a student can take photos as well as send videos to their parent to show the excellent school work that they are doing. Indeed, teachers can use ClassDojo to hatch a schedule of activities. That way, a parent can review this class schedule that the teacher has created along with their child.

ClassDojo mindfulness training event

An article from Fast Company recaps a global event that educational platform ClassDojo held called “Mindfulness Training” to help kids destress from all the schoolwork year round with various breathing exercises and online activities. Other big companies such as Target, Google, and Intel have joined in by teaching their workers meditation techniques to calm down and enjoy life.

A survey showed by ClassDojo shows many children not getting adequate training in meditation or exercises to destress with about 90% of teachers and parents believing it to be very important.

ClassDojo is a platform that allows teachers to communicate with the parents of the students and reward their children for good behavior with points or remove any for bad actions. The company has expanded tremendously to about 180 countries with 95% of kindergarten to 8th grade using the application.

After ClassDojo looked at the results of the survey, they decided to conduct the “Mindfulness training” that was held on May 10. Each day afterward contained 15-minute videos with different exercises for children to learn. Representatives of ClassDojo stated that the event was held to help children calm down and teach them essential skills needed in the future.

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ClassDojo Asks Teachers to be ‘Mindful’

Everyday it seems we’re a little more distracted by little things that steal our attention away from what we should be focusing on. This mass distraction has made its way to our kids and their performance in school is suffering as a result. ClassDojo thinks it has the remedy for that with a series of instructional videos about mindfulness.

Mindfulness is daily mediation meant to make people focus better, and its gained popularity in schools. 90% of teachers ClassDojo surveyed say the practice helps their students perform better, but when they asked parents they learned only 10% of children practice mindfulness regularly.

This May, ClassDojo is asking classrooms to take part in the “Mindful Moment.” This will be a video series that will instruct teachers on how to guide meditation, put together by Marc Brackett, known for his work in opening up the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Brackett speaks of mindfulness as a tool for building emotional intelligence. He’s cited research that shows 75% of students and 80% of teachers in high schools experience negative emotions that limits their performance. With a regular practice of mindfulness, Brackett believes both teachers and students would have the emotional intelligence to refocus and concentrate on teaching and learning.

CEO and co-founder Sam Chaudhary agrees. For Sam, ClassDojo’s main goal is to get kids to love the idea of learning. An online connection between teachers and parents has gone a long way to making sure that studies at home reinforce what goes on in the classroom. But they also need a bit of mindfulness to help them move past distraction and give their educational experience a lasting impression.

ClassDojo in the improvement of education

A school is a place where teaching and learning process takes place. The teacher teaches and thereafter assesses the students to know whether they have grasped what they have been taught. The results of the test are thereafter recorded for the purposes of communicating the students’ progress to their parents or guardians. However, some of the students tend to be mischievous and cook up their results before they reach their parents. The parents end up obtaining false results which are misleading. In addition to that, the teachers may want to communicate with parents about matters arising pertaining to their children and may be unable due to problems in communication.

Fortunately, technology has helped in the innovation of an app known as ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an app that was formed by Sam Choundry and Liam Dion in 2011 for the purpose of facilitating communication in the classroom. The app has been useful in the teaching and learning process whereby it has helped in teachers and parents to share reports about the students’ performance and about everything that is going on in the classroom. The app has been translated to about 35 languages and this has enabled it to help many people in many countries. It is popularly used in most of the schools in the United States.

Because of this unique quality, the app has gained a lot of popularity and appreciation from many people, especially by teachers and parents. ClassDojo has its headquarters located in San Francisco, California. The company has recorded a very fast growth since the app was founded. Months after its formation, the app had already garnered about 3.5 million users from different countries where most of the users where teachers and students. It was soon able to acquire funds that facilitated more growth of the company.

ClassDojo soon became a huge company and soon made a platform that even the people using native languages would be able to use. The app has facilitated the airing of important educational videos which have helped students build up their knowledge. The app also offers a platform for students to interact and learn from each other. It is without a doubt that ClassDojo has really brought a positive impact in education.

Protecting an organization from data breaches by ex-employees

An Employee’s last day at an organization often consists of either a “Well he’s a jolly good fellow” song and a cake, or having an HR Person stand over someone while they pack up their cube into boxes and get escorted out of the building. While the latter is more predictive of someone leaving the organization with a bitter taste in their mouth, both scenarios represent a potential risk to the organization if their departure is not handled appropriately from an Information Technology (IT) perspective.

There are cases of ex-employees reeking serious havoc on their past employers that caused massive financial losses, adverse impact to customers and internal scrambles to rectify the issue. Such examples include OFCOM, the communications regulator in the UK. An ex-employee made the poor decision of sharing over six years’ worth of data with their prospective employer. This was one of the “lucky” cases as the prospective employer chose not to utilize the data. Another well-known example is the Marriott Hotels breach in 2016. A disgruntled ex-employee decided to log into Marriott’s internal systems after being let go, all from the comfort of their own home. Once logged in, the ex-employee began lowering room rates associated with active hotel reservations. This cost Marriott roughly $50,000.

It is mind boggling to think that after an employee leaves an organization over 58% of them still have access to their previous organization’s corporate network. With so much work put into removing their badge so they cannot access the front door, why is the same diligence not put forth to protect an organization’s most valuable assets, their internal data.

An organization must take accountability to eliminate the threat of inappropriate access to internal networks by ex-employees. Human Resources and IT can break down the silos and work together. Companies like onelogin can help your organization be proactive and prevent the intrusions from happening before they cost your organization a security disaster.