A Discussion On Leadership and Gold Market And Gold Held By Philip Diehl And Eric Dye.


Philip N. Diehl, the former director of U.S Mint and the current president of U.S. Money Reserve is a very skillful business person. Most of his business successes and achievements were revealed during his interview with host Eric Dye on Enterprise Radio. It looks like Dye was prepared to unmask Philip Diehl career history has he had a number of questions that really dug deep and cut across Diehl’s career.


They started on Diehl’s leadership background. Eric Dye wanted to know how being the Director of the U.S. Mint lead Philip Diehl to the presidency of U.S. Money Reserve? It was all about Philip Diehl’s success as the director of U.S Mint. The good work he did at this company as the director put him on the watch list of the best managers in the history of United States organizations. He was the 35th director of U.S Mint and surely he did a lot for the company.

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Eric Dye then moved on to ask Philip Diehl how he viewed his effectiveness leader at U.S. Money Reserve. From what history has taught us, Philip Diehl is an effective leader, has always been an effective leader and will always be an effective leader. Philip Diehl always does more than what we expected of him at any responsibility he is given. Looking at the time, he has been the president of the U.S Money Reserve he has already bore fruits. He has been able to put forward some of the biggest sales. He says the most rewarding aspect of his job is seeing that customers are satisfied and that the firm always succeeds. The challenges that his job passes to him on a daily basis is what motivates him.

Dye went ahead to ask Philip Diehl about what products the U.S. Money Reserve offers to its clients. Since it has been contracted by the U.S government to issue its gold, silver and platinum coins, Philip Diehl advises investors on investing in this coins. He says that gold coin investment is the best type of investment due its potential high-profit turnover. More-so, investments in precious metals are much better than keeping paper money which is subject to inflation and loss of value.

He says it is better to own US Government issued gold and silver coins since they are protected and you help in their management. Apart from this, the general world market for gold will be monitored for you and you will be helped dispose the gold at the most profitable time. This is my government gold coins are better than just owning gold bars or gold bullions privately.


Loving Life the Jon Urbana Way

Mr. Jon Urbana hails from Denver, Colorado and is a former two-time All American honoree for Villanova. This led to his co-founding Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which will be held in Vail in 2016, to educate young lacrosse players. On paper Jon is a very successful and motivated entrepreneur, sportsman, and philanthropist for green causes, but taking a look at his videos gives you a greater insight into what Jon Urbana deeply cares about.

Jon Urbana’s Twitter thoughts speak volumes about his pursuits and passions in life. Through his videos you can clearly see his love of travel, nature, adventure, art and enjoyment of life. His photographic skills are on display at Instagram, and also in one of his latest videos entitled “Jon Urbana Photography”. The video showcases his varied interests, such as unique art sculptures, the Great Wall of China, nature, beautiful animals and he ends it all with some laugh out loud images of a white dog posed in front of a several different drawings that make him look like he is taking a shower, singing loudly into a microphone and flexing his muscles. You can also see more of Jon’s love of humor in the video “When Giraffes Bump Heads, Here’s What Happens”.

Jon shows his love of animals in his CrowdRise accomplishments and many of his videos, but most notably in the “Beautiful Black Cat, a tribute to ARAS” video, his support of the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is only one of his many charity outreach programs. He also supports Earth Force, a local community charity in Denver, Colorado that helps to educate youths about environmental awareness and clean energy. You can see from his video and the description that Jon has started a GoFundMe campaign to support this charity with a goal of raising $1,750 dollars. 100% of the proceeds from Jon Urbana’s campaign will go to Earth Force, a cause this is clearly near and dear to not only to his heart but also the Lacrosse campers he has inspired. You can make a donation to his campaign at Check out more of Jon’s amazing and inspirational videos here:

Quarter final victory sees Notre Dame’s Matt Landis rewarded with weekly and season awards

In college lacrosse it is rare for a defensive player to receive Epoch/LM Player of the Week recognition, but when Notre Dame defender Matt Landis silenced Lyle Thompson he became the first defensive player to receive the award this season. The Notre Dame Junior had a double reason to celebrate when he was named to the USILA all-American first team for the season, LAX Magazine reports. 

matt landis playoffs
Landis has been a regular in the Notre Dame defense since his sophomore season and has this year seen his play rewarded with a breakout season that has seen him feature in every game through the NCAA tournament quarter-finals. The 14 games played by Landis this season have resulted in 12 forced turnovers and he has been nominated for a number of awards as the season has worn on. Notre Dame saw three players join Landis in the All-American first team to lead the nation with the number of players rewarded. The Fighting Irish remain the number one seed in the tournament and based their latest victory over Albany on a strong defense led by Matt Landis.

Player of the week awards are normally given to players who feature in the scoring and assist charts, but by nullifying the threat of fellow All-American Lyle Thompson the Notre Dame standout became the EPoch/LM player of the week. Following the quarter-final victory Landis was quick to praise his teammates and stated those who had mimicked the play of Thompson in practice deserved their share of the credit for the 14-10 victory.