Andrea McWilliams: When They Made Andrea McWilliams–They Threw Away the Mold:

Andrea McWilliams is the well-reputed political strategist and adviser of the influential. She is, also, much revered within the Austin Business Community. She presents her outstanding presence in the way of providing lobbying efforts on the part of her influential client base. When Andrea becomes involved in lobbying, many times, the political game changes.

McWilliams is a truly, dedicated businesswoman. She has established herself with the Chamber of Commerce and even the Girl Scout’s organization. There are a good deal more Austin organizations that have recognized McWilliams’s talents as a good business leader.

Andrea McWilliams has been reported, upon, within the national media, too. In example, FOX News has reported on McWilliams’s political activities. Other prestigious organizations include ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and ‘Newsweek’.

It is true, McWilliams remains an inspiration to everyone: it is not difficult for McWilliams to “get her name out and her objective known, within the public media.” She knows, in so doing, she achieves her objective, for her client. She is also, as stated above, a most welcome businessperson, within the Austin community. Her level of achievement, as a political consultant, is widely known and well-received.

When Andrea puts her foot forward, everything goes on “overdrive”–so to speak. She has won many outstanding business awards, within the Austin community.

The Austin Community appreciates Andrea and the efforts she puts forth: with regard to the not-for-profit sector, and the corporate world. It is businesspersons–like Andrea McWilliams–that make the world a better place to live and work: this is an absolute–and goes without saying.


Jeffrey Schneider is a Man of Passion

Jeffrey Schneider is an Austin, Texas resident and a mover and shaker in the financial world, particularly the investment industry. His background also includes employment opportunities with Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management, as well as Smith Barney, Alex Brown and Merrill Lynch. He gained much experience in the alternative investment industry through his work with these companies.


Along with a degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, his extensive and varied background prepared him well when he established Ascendant Capital, LLC. He took the company from two employees to more than 30 in a few short years. The company is a boutique investment company where they raise funds for emerging and established alternative asset fund sponsors. Ascendant works with a network of registered investment advisors, private banks, broker/dealers, and family offices for the purpose of distributing public and private offerings around the world.


Mr. Schneider provides the leadership to keep the company on the cutting edge of alternative investments. The company has raised more than one billion dollars on behalf of several managers. The capital has been used to purchase technology companies, auto dealerships and real estate, to name just a few of the uses. Schneider and his inspired and talented team are always looking to the future and have set their sights on raising as much as fifty million dollars a month.


In addition to his passion for the investment industry, Schneider has a passion for physical fitness. He stays fit by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly and vigorously. He has participated in many iron man and half iron man events, as well as marathons. He is a man who also likes to travel and explore other countries and cultures around the world. He has spent a great deal of time traveling to worldwide places including Europe, Asia and South America.


Jeffrey Schneider is also a man of compassion and helping others. To that end, he supports several charitable organizations such as Wonders and Worries, the Home for Cherokee Children, God Loves We Deliver and the Gazelle Foundation. It is important to Mr. Schneider to give back to his community and the world and offer others some of the success he has achieved throughout his life.