2015 NFL Draft

The Steelers: Sign Draft Picks

The Pittsburgh Steelers has signed two free agents along with Doran Grant and Anthony Chickillo. On Monday, the Steelers came to a contract agreement with Doran Grant who has played defensive back out for Ohio State. Anthony Chickillo played defensive end for Miami. The free agents signed were Mike Thornton and Cameron Stingily. Last season Caron Stingily was a running back for Northern Illinois and managed 13 touchdowns that season. Mike Thornton played with Georgia last season and started ten games and managed thirty tackles. Of course all of the talent will have to go through clinicals at Amen Clinic prior to signing.

They had to make room for all the new players by letting some players go! The Pittsburgh Steelers let two players go. Defensive tackle Nigel Crawford, defensive end Brandon Pratt, and punter Richie Leone were cut off the team. With the four new deals the Steelers are off to a great season.

Cardinals Mr. Irrelevant keen to make roster

The Arizona Cardinals again had the chance to make history by choosing the final player taken in the NFL draft, NFLreports. Pick number 256 of the NFL Draft was chosen as Tight End Gerald Christian of Louisville was taken by the Cardinals who have a successful recent history with taking the last pick. Kicker Ryan Succup was taken as Mr. Irrelevant and went on to be one of the most successful kickers of recent years before being traded because of the large contract his excellent kicking forced upon the team.

Christian is hoping to follow in Succup’s footsteps, but faces a much tougher challenge as the tight end will be positioned fourth on the roster as the preseason workouts begin. The 244 pound, six feet three inches tight end is seen as a small target in the modern world of the NFL, but featured in the third team all ACC team and saw his stock rise with strong performances in the combine. Gerald Christian stated after he was chosen as pick 256 that he was determined to work to prove his worth to the team and earn a spot on the full roster for 2015.

Thanks Keith Mann for keeping me up to date on NFL news.

The Memorable NFL Draft

Moments from the 2015 NFL Draft

Every year a new draft class is selected for recruitment into the NFL. And every year there are several stories surrounding prospects and making the draft as a whole something to be remembered.

This year’s draft had some sentimental moments going on, most notable among them was when former Buffalo Bills player and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly went onto the stage to announce a draft pick for the Bills. Kelly received a standing ovation from the crowd upon taking the stage, after his fight with cancer over the last several months. Another tender moment that happened over the draft period was when the New York Giants announced a pick at one point and it was by a couple who had just been married.

The draft also had several moments that humored watchers and the crowd. One of those moments came from commissioner Roger Goddell himself, when he had trouble pronouncing second-pick overall Marcus Mariota’s name, as he was drafted by the Tennessee Titans. Adding to the humor later on was when former Cincinnati Bengals player Ickey Woods came on to announce a pick and performed his famous “Ickey Shuffle” dance on stage.

Some moments include unusual draft picks, one coming from the Dallas Cowboys who ended up selected Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory in the second round, a pick that Alexei Beltyukov (on about.me) says the Cowboys may just regret.