$12 mill a year

The Greatest Entrepreneur Secret by William Saito

People view entrepreneurship as hard and almost impossible. This is because of the failure and challenges that you have to overcome to get to the top. However, the view of the business life of William Saito is a bit comforting and one that will give you the courage to start your business, and keep trying until you get it right.

William Saito is a voice that is worth listening to because he has his share of successes in the industry. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Intecur. He was named as the “100 Most Influential People for Japan,” by Nikkei. William Saito is a software engineering guru. He began pursuing his dream back in elementary school and started his company while still in high school. In 1998, he was named by multiple organizations as the entrepreneur of the year. This is because of his knowledge in cybersecurity, biometric authentication, and encryption.

He founded Intecur after selling his products to Microsoft. The Intecur Company identifies the young talent in the market, and help the startups. They advise the investors and help them become successful. Saito also encourages other organizations in the nation. He has also served with the government in several capacities. In 2011, he was nominated to the council on national strategy and policy, where he reported directly to the Prime Minister in Japan. William Saito is indispensable to anyone who is trying to think of the possible ways of making it in business. He gets his decisions from the advancing technology and the changes in the global market.

The way you plan your day on a daily basis affects how your career unfolds. Many successful people have a daily routine that they follow. Saito spends his day talking to the investors helping them figure out what their problem is, and how they could solve them to get their breakthrough.

Bringing ideas to life is one of the most critical factors in the business world. A great idea is only a great idea if it is evaluated. People have different ways of actualizing their ideas. William Saito says that he uses what he refers to as “Design Thinking.” He explains the methodology saying it involves failing fast, often and failing forward. One of the habits that have helped him is understanding that failure is not the end of the entrepreneur process, it is part of the process. That is probably greatest lesson we can learn from Saito; finding leverage in our failures.


Dez Bryant Will Sit out Games

Not all is well for the Dallas Cowboys these days. Star Wide receiver Dez Bryant said last week that he is willing to sit out Dallas’s home opener if he does not get a new contract. Bryant was absent the first day of mini-camp and his agent Tom Condon stated that Bryant is not kidding. Condon was on Sirius XM NFL Radio recently and said that Bryant indicated during conversations with him that he is willing to sit out.

The deadline for Bryant to sign his franchise tag offer is July 15th. The offer would guarantee him $12 million for the year. Bryant is not currently under contract and won’t be until he signs it and if he doesn’t then he is not required to show up for mini-camp which is required for all other players. Negotiations with the Cowboys have gone stale and talks have not happened for some time now. Condon believes that the Cowboys simply want Bryant to sign the franchise tag rather than offer him a new contract. Stephen Jones, Cowboys executive vice president stated on Tuesday that Bryant’s willingness to miss games does not motivate the team to work out a new contract. Luxury Living experts at the Aspire New Brunswick mention that Bryant is currently the second highest paid wide receiver in the league. There are no scheduled conversation set between the Cowboys and Bryant’s agent. Condon stated that the deadline is still far away and hopes something will get done before that.