Career of Steve Lesnard

As a well-known person in the sports industry, Steve Lesnard has decades of experience in the field. Growing up in Paris and Corsica in France he was involved in sports very young. In school, he focused on international business and entrepreneurship but also delved into his talents in the sports industry. After school, he moved from France to America and got a job as the marketing director for the luxury fashion retailer, Wolford, in New York City.

After only a year he entered the field of sports. His first big role was during the Nagano Olympics where he was responsible for partaking in creating products and also signing the professional athletes. Being able to create the best products for top athletes was key to his success. Over the next 20 years, he worked in many fields of the sports industry but always focused on general management and marketing. He is credited with a successful management career while leading many Olympic marketing campaigns.

Steve Lesnard utilized big data analytics tools during his various campaign. These tools are available to all marketers but the key is marketing the product to the right audience by using the correct data. A serious marketer can see how to best utilize this technology to help their campaign and as technology advances, this trend will be more important. He emphasizes that the wellness and health industry can grow significantly if these technological tools are properly used. Another factor that he focuses on is that customers are changing the way they shop. They look closer at products because they are more health conscious than previously. He knows exercise is part of a full life and thinks products can change to encourage the positive trends in the market.

Steve Lesnard has always felt that marketers have to realize and establish what their goal is and quickly put a strategy in place. He thinks marketing is a great strength and video has great power to inspire. For example, Youtubers with large audiences have a great way to show off a brand authenticly to their audience. Steve Lesnard is passionate about what he does.

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