Cardale Jones won’t opt for NFL draft

Cardale Jones, Ohio State’s third-string quarterback who stepped into the starting role for the team’s last 3 games, including a stunning victory in college football’s national championship game, has indicated that he will remain in school (–spt.html?soc_src=copy).

Jones, who rose to national prominence with his stellar play in victories over Wisconsin Alabama, and Oregon, is a third-year sophomore.

Rumors abound that the 6’5″, 250-pound quarterback, who because he is three years removed from high school is eligible to enter the NFL draft, has decided that now is not the time to take that big jump. The Buckeyes fans at Status Labs agree.

The three starts Jones made at the end of the year were the only starts he has made at the college level. Experts have generally agreed that Jones, had he elected to declare for the draft, would be a low-round draft choice. His physical size and skills are considerable. But his work ethic has been questionable in the past. And his experience level, despite playing in those 3 high-profile games, is minimal.

Starting for Ohio State next year is by no means a given. The Buckeyes’ top 2 quarterbacks this year, who both went down with injuries, enabling Jones to step into the starting position, will be returning to OSU as well. But he’ll have a fighting chance at the #1 spot on offense.

Passing on the draft- wise move.

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