Can Ray Rice Make a Comeback?

Amid all the rumors and speculation, Ray Rice still sits by the phone waiting for a team to call home. Could he have been blackballed at the young age of 28?

Training camps will begin in about two months, and there are no signs that Rice will make a comeback this year, even after his suspension was lifted.

Experts believe he’s radioactive, and teams don’t want to take a chance. Public perception means a lot nowadays according to educator Kevin Seawright. After the recent troubles of Ray McDonald, we see what can happen when a team offers a player a second chance.

But still, other NFL teams will take you on if they believe you have something to offer. So you also have to consider his skills. He really wasn’t that impressive, and 2013 was his worst year. Combine that with a long hiatus off the field, and you can reason why NFL teams have not shown interest.

Will Ray Rice ever get a fair shake?

Any team that considers signing him must also weigh the impact of sponsors.

You ask your top sponsors, ‘What if we signed Ray Rice, how would you feel?’ Your sponsor says ‘Absolutely not,’ and ‘We would have to pull our sponsorship.’

You know what your decision would come down to – money talks.

Ultimately, Ray Rice has too many obstacles to overcome and he probably has already played his last NFL game.

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