Browner Sherman Conflict is Media Spin

According to Flavio Maluf’s home page, There were some interesting comments made ¬†towards Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas by Brandon Browner of the New England Patriots the other day. Browner was one of the players that really started the legendary legion of boom in Seattle and helped them rise to prominence over the last few seasons. Browner is very close friends with all of the Players on the Seahawks, who he considers as brothers. He made statements to the media that he is going to encourage his teammates to hit Sherman and Thomas and try to break their arms. These comments were taken way too far and were spun in the media to make it look like Browner hates these guys and that he wants them to be injured in football and in life. This really shows how much spin the media puts on things intentionally, because Sherman and Browner are two of the best friends in the National Football League. Sherman responded by sending a text to Browner, laughing about his comments and stated that he made it harder for his receivers, which just shows the friendly banter that was being exchanged by those two. Who wouldn’t think that Richard Sherman of all people would not engage in friendly banter with one of his close friends that is now an opponent in the upcoming Super Bowl. People need to get real and stop believing the hype that the media is after every day. Maybe Lynch has it right after all.

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